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Ranking of Top United States Companies with the Most Debt

In this article, you will have access to the top United States Companies with the most debt. The provided list by the end of the article is updated daily to ensure the information you're reading is updated and accurate.

It is important to note that debt can be a helpful tool for companies to grow and expand, but it can also be a significant risk. High debt levels can increase a company's financial obligations and lead to financial difficulties if not appropriately managed. Additionally, many of these companies have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put pressure on their balance sheets.

In addition, It's also important to keep in mind that a company's debt level is just one aspect of its financial health and should be considered in the context of its overall financial performance and industry trends.

Ranking of the Most Indebted Companies in the United States [Top 15]

  1. Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)
  2. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FMMC)
  3. JP Morgan Chase & CO. (JPM)
  4. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc (GS)
  5. Citigroup, Inc (C)
  6. Bank of America (BAC)
  7. Morgan Stanley (MS)
  8. Wells Fargo & Company (WFC)
  9. Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)
  10. Cobank ACB (CKNQP)
  11., Inc (AMZN)
  12. AT&T Inc (T)
  13. Apple Inc (AAPL)
  14. Ford Motor Company (F)
  15. Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRK-A)

Companies with the Highest Debt by Sectors [Finance /Technology/ Healthcare]

Most indebt companies are in the Finance Services sectors, such as Federal National Mortgage Assoc and Federal Home Loan Mortgage, with debt over 3.1 trillion. Following these, we have JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Bank of America, with a debt of over 500 billion dollars.

Chase Center building during daytime
JP Morgan Chase - Indebt Companies USA

Companies with the most debt: Finance Services

  • Federal National Mortgage Assoc. : $ 4.208 trillion / Ranks #1
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage: $ 3.138 trillion / Ranks #2
  • JP Morgan Chase: $ 652.294 billion / Ranks #3
  • Goldman Sachs: $ 583.748 billion / Ranks #4
  • Bank of America Corporation: $ 572.822 billion / Ranks #6

In addition to the financial services sector, the most indebted companies are in the Communication services, with over 100 billion dollars. Some companies in this sector include Verizon Communications, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

cars parked in front of store during daytime
Verizon Communications Inc - Indebt Companies USA

Companies with the most debt: Communication Services

  • Verizon Communications Inc: $ 178.638 billion / Ranks #9
  • AT&T Inc: $ 160.595 billion / Ranks #12
  • T-Mobile US, inc: $ 114.163 billion / Ranks #17
  • Comcast Corporation: $ 97.622 billion / Ranks #19
  • Charter Communications, Inc: $ 97.322 billion / Ranks #20

Companies like Ford, General Motors (GM), Home Depot, and McDonald's belong to the Consumer Cyclical sector and are among our top United States Companies with the highest debt. These companies have a debt between 47.3 to 164.4 billion dollars.

McDonald's Corporation - Indebt Companies USA

Companies with the most debt: Consumer Cyclical

  •, Inc: $ 164.333 billion / Ranks #11
  • Ford Motor Company: $ 129.764 billion / Ranks #14
  • General Motors Company: $ 115.439 billion / Ranks #16
  • Home Depot, Inc: $ 49.713 billion / Ranks #42
  • McDonald's Corporation: $ 47.379 billion / Ranks #46

In the technology sector, US companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and International Business Machines can be found on our list with between 50 to 90 billion dollars in debt - significantly smaller debts compared to the finance and communication sectors.

microsoft store sign
Microsoft Corporation - Indebt Companies USA

Companies with the most debt: Technology

  • Oracle Corporation: $ 90.919 billion / Ranks #21
  • Microsoft Corporation: $ 77.136 billion / Ranks #22
  • International Business Machines: $ 53.825 billion / Ranks #38
  • Broadcom Inc.: $ 39.978 billion / Ranks #56
  • Intel Corporation: $ 39.523 billion / Ranks #57

Last but not least, another industry having debts is healthcare. Companies such as CVS, ABBVIE, and UnitedHelp present an average of debts between 39 to 75 billion dollars.

CVS Health Corporation - Indebt Companies USA

Companies with the most debt: Healthcare

  • CVS Health Corporation: $ 71.071 billion / Ranks #24
  • ABBVIE Inc: $ 69.999 billion / Ranks #26
  • UnitedHelp Group Incorporated: $ 48.667 billion / Ranks #43
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company: $ 40.171 billion / Ranks #55
  • HCA Healthcare, Inc: $ 39.472 billion / Ranks #58

The top US companies with the most debt are from various industries, including technology and healthcare. Debt levels vary greatly, with some companies owing more than $164 billion and others owing less than $50 billion. It is critical to remember that a company's debt level is only one aspect of its financial health and should be viewed in light of its overall financial performance and industry trends.

πŸ”Ž See below for and complete and up-to-date list of the top US companies with the most debt.

List of the largest companies from United States country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
Four Trillion Two Hundred Twenty Two Billion Fifty Five Million Eight Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Five Hundred Sixty
$1.075 trillion more than FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORP
more by 34.18%
Financial Services
Three Trillion One Hundred Forty Six Billion Five Hundred Eighty Nine Million Nine Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Two
$2.525 trillion more than JP Morgan Chase & Co.
more by 406.34%
Financial Services
#3JP Morgan Chase & Co.Symbol: JPM$ 621.439 billion
Six Hundred Twenty One Billion Four Hundred Thirty Nine Million Twenty Five Thousand One Hundred Fifty Two
$37.300 billion more than Citigroup, Inc.
more by 6.39%
Financial Services
#4Citigroup, Inc.Symbol: C$ 584.138 billion
Five Hundred Eighty Four Billion One Hundred Thirty Eight Million Thirty One Thousand One Hundred Four
$21.987 billion more than Bank of America Corporation
more by 3.91%
Financial Services
#5Bank of America CorporationSymbol: BAC$ 562.151 billion
Five Hundred Sixty Two Billion One Hundred Fifty One Million Thirty Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Four
$42.141 billion more than Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The)
more by 8.1%
Financial Services
#6Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The)Symbol: GS$ 520.010 billion
Five Hundred Twenty Billion Ten Million Six Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Eight
$152.545 billion more than Morgan Stanley
more by 41.51%
Financial Services
#7Morgan StanleySymbol: MS$ 367.465 billion
Three Hundred Sixty Seven Billion Four Hundred Sixty Five Million Five Thousand Fifty Six
$116.900 billion more than Wells Fargo & Company
more by 46.65%
Financial Services
#8Wells Fargo & CompanySymbol: WFC$ 250.565 billion
Two Hundred Fifty Billion Five Hundred Sixty Five Million One Thousand Two Hundred Sixteen
$69.508 billion more than Verizon Communications Inc.
more by 38.39%
Financial Services
#9Verizon Communications Inc.Symbol: VZ$ 181.056 billion
One Hundred Eighty One Billion Fifty Six Million Nine Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Eight
$5.292 billion more than COBANK ACB 6.20% FIXED FLOAT NO
more by 3.01%
Communication Services
#10COBANK ACB 6.20% FIXED FLOAT NOSymbol: CKNQP$ 175.764 billion
One Hundred Seventy Five Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Four Million Two Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Forty Eight
$5.826 billion more than, Inc.
more by 3.43%
Financial Services, Inc.Symbol: AMZN$ 169.937 billion
One Hundred Sixty Nine Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Seven Million Nine Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Eight
$5.564 billion more than AT&T Inc.
more by 3.39%
Consumer Cyclical
#12AT&T Inc.Symbol: T$ 164.373 billion
One Hundred Sixty Four Billion Three Hundred Seventy Three Million Four Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Eight
$23.898 billion more than Ford Motor Company
more by 17.01%
Communication Services
#13Ford Motor CompanySymbol: F$ 140.474 billion
One Hundred Forty Billion Four Hundred Seventy Four Million Seven Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Two
$12.791 billion more than Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
more by 10.02%
Consumer Cyclical
#14Berkshire Hathaway Inc.Symbol: BRK-A$ 127.683 billion
One Hundred Twenty Seven Billion Six Hundred Eighty Three Million Two Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Eight
$11.770 billion more than General Motors Company
more by 10.15%
Financial Services
#15General Motors CompanySymbol: GM$ 115.912 billion
One Hundred Fifteen Billion Nine Hundred Twelve Million Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Twelve
$4.121 billion more than T-Mobile US, Inc.
more by 3.69%
Consumer Cyclical
#16T-Mobile US, Inc.Symbol: TMUS$ 111.791 billion
One Hundred Eleven Billion Seven Hundred Ninety One Million Nine Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Eight
$682 million more than Apple Inc.
more by 0.61%
Communication Services
#17Apple Inc.Symbol: AAPL$ 111.109 billion
One Hundred Eleven Billion One Hundred Nine Million Nine Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Five Hundred Forty Four
$4.344 billion more than Comcast Corporation
more by 4.07%
#18Comcast CorporationSymbol: CMCSA$ 106.765 billion
One Hundred Six Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Five Million Seven Hundred Four
$4.726 billion more than MetLife, Inc.
more by 4.63%
Communication Services
#19MetLife, Inc.Symbol: MET$ 102.038 billion
One Hundred Two Billion Thirty Eight Million Three Thousand Seven Hundred Twelve
$3.057 billion more than Charter Communications, Inc.
more by 3.09%
Financial Services
#20Charter Communications, Inc.Symbol: CHTR$ 98.981 billion
Ninety Eight Billion Nine Hundred Eighty One Million Three Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Four
Communication Services