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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in United Kingdom country

List of the largest companies from United Kingdom country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1Royal Dutch Shell PLCSymbol: SHEL$ 384.069 billion
Three Hundred Eighty Four Billion Sixty Nine Million Nine Thousand Four Hundred Eight
$137.374 billion more than BP p.l.c.
more by 55.69%
#2BP p.l.c.Symbol: BP$ 246.695 billion
Two Hundred Forty Six Billion Six Hundred Ninety Five Million Two Thousand One Hundred Twelve
$164.318 billion more than TESCO PLC
more by 199.47%
#3TESCO PLCSymbol: TSCO.L$ 82.376 billion
Eighty Two Billion Three Hundred Seventy Six Million Four Hundred Forty One Thousand Six Hundred Twelve
$17.728 billion more than Unilever PLC
more by 27.42%
Consumer Defensive
#4Unilever PLCSymbol: UL$ 64.648 billion
Sixty Four Billion Six Hundred Forty Eight Million One Hundred Thousand Six Hundred Forty
$6.062 billion more than HSBC HOLDINGS PLC
more by 10.35%
Consumer Defensive
#5HSBC HOLDINGS PLCSymbol: HSBA.L$ 58.586 billion
Fifty Eight Billion Five Hundred Eighty Six Million One Thousand Four Hundred Eight
$3.032 billion more than RIO TINTO PLC
more by 5.46%
Financial Services
#6RIO TINTO PLCSymbol: RIO.L$ 55.553 billion
Fifty Five Billion Five Hundred Fifty Three Million Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Eight
$6.367 billion more than VODAFONE GROUP PLC
more by 12.94%
Basic Materials
#7VODAFONE GROUP PLCSymbol: VOD.L$ 49.186 billion
Forty Nine Billion One Hundred Eighty Six Million Nine Hundred Twenty One Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Three
$5.346 billion more than Astrazeneca PLC
more by 12.2%
Communication Services
#8Astrazeneca PLCSymbol: AZN$ 43.840 billion
Forty Three Billion Eight Hundred Forty Million
$4.392 billion more than SAINSBURY (J) PLC
more by 11.14%
#9SAINSBURY (J) PLCSymbol: SBRY.L$ 39.447 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Four Hundred Forty Seven Million Forty Four Thousand Ninety Six
$2.279 billion more than COMPASS GROUP PLC
more by 6.13%
Consumer Defensive
#10COMPASS GROUP PLCSymbol: CPG.L$ 37.167 billion
Thirty Seven Billion One Hundred Sixty Seven Million Two Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Five
$734.050 million more than GSK plc
more by 2.01%
Consumer Cyclical
#11GSK plcSymbol: GSK$ 36.433 billion
Thirty Six Billion Four Hundred Thirty Three Million One Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Four
$1.315 billion more than ANGLO AMERICAN PLC
more by 3.75%
#12ANGLO AMERICAN PLCSymbol: AAL.L$ 35.117 billion
Thirty Five Billion One Hundred Seventeen Million Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Eighty
$476.100 million more than British American Tobacco Indus
more by 1.37%
Basic Materials
#13British American Tobacco IndusSymbol: BTI$ 34.641 billion
Thirty Four Billion Six Hundred Forty One Million Eight Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Five
$1.295 billion more than Linde plc
more by 3.89%
Consumer Defensive
#14Linde plcSymbol: LIN$ 33.346 billion
Thirty Three Billion Three Hundred Forty Six Million Eight Hundred Ninety Six
$3.164 billion more than Barclays PLC
more by 10.49%
Basic Materials
#15Barclays PLCSymbol: BCS$ 30.181 billion
Thirty Billion One Hundred Eighty One Million Two Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Eight
$170.226 million more than FERGUSON PLC
more by 0.57%
Financial Services
#16FERGUSON PLCSymbol: FERG.L$ 30.011 billion
Thirty Billion Eleven Million Eight Hundred Thirty Two
$271.956 million more than CENTRICA PLC
more by 0.91%
#17CENTRICA PLCSymbol: CNA.L$ 29.739 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Seven Hundred Thirty Nine Million Forty Four Thousand Five Hundred Forty Four
$2.608 billion more than NATIONAL GRID PLC
more by 9.61%
#18NATIONAL GRID PLCSymbol: NG.L$ 27.131 billion
Twenty Seven Billion One Hundred Thirty One Million Thirty Nine Thousand Ninety Seven
$502.311 million more than BAE SYSTEMS PLC
more by 1.89%
#19BAE SYSTEMS PLCSymbol: BA.L$ 26.628 billion
Twenty Six Billion Six Hundred Twenty Eight Million Seven Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety One
$722.775 million more than BT GROUP PLC
more by 2.79%
#20BT GROUP PLCSymbol: BT-A.L$ 25.905 billion
Twenty Five Billion Nine Hundred Five Million Nine Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Four Hundred Forty Eight
Communication Services