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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top United Kingdom Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from United Kingdom country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1Royal Dutch Shell PLCSymbol: SHEL$ 78.317 billion
Seventy Eight Billion Three Hundred Seventeen Million Two Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Two
$24.064 billion more than BP p.l.c.
more by 44.36%
#2BP p.l.c.Symbol: BP$ 54.252 billion
Fifty Four Billion Two Hundred Fifty Two Million Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Six
$31.899 billion more than RIO TINTO PLC
more by 142.71%
#3RIO TINTO PLCSymbol: RIO.L$ 22.353 billion
Twenty Two Billion Three Hundred Fifty Three Million Four Hundred Forty Eight
$7.490 billion more than British American Tobacco Indus
more by 50.4%
Basic Materials
#4British American Tobacco IndusSymbol: BTI$ 14.862 billion
Fourteen Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Two Million One Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Three Hundred Forty Four
$967.133 million more than Astrazeneca PLC
more by 6.96%
Consumer Defensive
#5Astrazeneca PLCSymbol: AZN$ 13.895 billion
Thirteen Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Five Million Sixty Four
$20.985 million more than VODAFONE GROUP PLC
more by 0.15%
#6VODAFONE GROUP PLCSymbol: VOD.L$ 13.874 billion
Thirteen Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Four Million Fourteen Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Five
$771.015 million more than ANGLO AMERICAN PLC
more by 5.88%
Communication Services
#7ANGLO AMERICAN PLCSymbol: AAL.L$ 13.102 billion
Thirteen Billion One Hundred Two Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Two
$1.332 billion more than Unilever PLC
more by 11.32%
Basic Materials
#8Unilever PLCSymbol: UL$ 11.770 billion
Eleven Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Million Forty Five Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Three
$227.268 million more than GSK plc
more by 1.97%
Consumer Defensive
#9GSK plcSymbol: GSK$ 11.542 billion
Eleven Billion Five Hundred Forty Two Million Seven Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Three
$602.189 million more than CENTRICA PLC
more by 5.5%
#10CENTRICA PLCSymbol: CNA.L$ 10.940 billion
Ten Billion Nine Hundred Forty Million Five Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Nine
$79.587 million more than Linde plc
more by 0.73%
#11Linde plcSymbol: LIN$ 10.860 billion
Ten Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Six Hundred Eighty
$3.316 billion more than NATIONAL GRID PLC
more by 43.96%
Basic Materials
#12NATIONAL GRID PLCSymbol: NG.L$ 7.544 billion
Seven Billion Five Hundred Forty Four Million Four Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Seven
$144.757 million more than BT GROUP PLC
more by 1.96%
#13BT GROUP PLCSymbol: BT-A.L$ 7.399 billion
Seven Billion Three Hundred Ninety Nine Million Six Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Two
$428.176 million more than DIAGEO PLC
more by 6.14%
Communication Services
#14DIAGEO PLCSymbol: DGE.L$ 6.971 billion
Six Billion Nine Hundred Seventy One Million Five Hundred One Thousand One Hundred Eleven
$2.299 billion more than TESCO PLC
more by 49.2%
Consumer Defensive
#15TESCO PLCSymbol: TSCO.L$ 4.672 billion
Four Billion Six Hundred Seventy Two Million Four Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Three
$188.945 million more than IMPERIAL BRANDS PLC
more by 4.21%
Consumer Defensive
#16IMPERIAL BRANDS PLCSymbol: IMB.L$ 4.483 billion
Four Billion Four Hundred Eighty Three Million Five Hundred Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Two
$86.549 million more than RECKITT BENCKISER GROUP PLC
more by 1.97%
Consumer Defensive
#17RECKITT BENCKISER GROUP PLCSymbol: RKT.L$ 4.396 billion
Four Billion Three Hundred Ninety Six Million Nine Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Seven
$68.264 million more than LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP PLC
more by 1.58%
Consumer Defensive
Four Billion Three Hundred Twenty Eight Million Six Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Five
$264.893 million more than ASHTEAD GROUP PLC
more by 6.52%
Financial Services
#19ASHTEAD GROUP PLCSymbol: AHT.L$ 4.063 billion
Four Billion Sixty Three Million Eight Hundred Thousand Sixty Four
$294.300 million more than HARBOUR ENERGY PLC SPON ADR EAC
more by 7.81%
Three Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Nine Million Four Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Four