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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top United Arab Emirates Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from United Arab Emirates country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1ASTER DM HEALTHCARSymbol: ASTERDM.NS$ 189.945 million
One Hundred Eighty Nine Million Nine Hundred Forty Five Thousand Five Hundred Sixteen
$1.935 million more than SHELF DRILLING
more by 1.03%
#2SHELF DRILLINGSymbol: SHLF.OL$ 188.010 million
One Hundred Eighty Eight Million Ten Thousand
$52.753 million more than NETWORK INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS
more by 39%
One Hundred Thirty Five Million Two Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Two
$56.890 million more than Yalla Group Limited
more by 72.6%
#4Yalla Group LimitedSymbol: YALA$ 78.366 million
Seventy Eight Million Three Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Five Hundred Sixty
$15.137 million more than GULF MARINE SERVICES PLC
more by 23.94%
#5GULF MARINE SERVICES PLCSymbol: GMS.L$ 63.229 million
Sixty Three Million Two Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand
$9.926 million more than Brooge Energy Limited
more by 18.62%
#6Brooge Energy LimitedSymbol: BROG$ 53.302 million
Fifty Three Million Three Hundred Two Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Four
$41.729 million more than Ras Al Khaimah Co. for White Ce
more by 360.54%
#7Ras Al Khaimah Co. for White CeSymbol: RKWC.KW$ 11.573 million
Eleven Million Five Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty
$12.231 million more than 3POWER ENERGY GROUP INC
more by -1860.34%
Basic Materials
#83POWER ENERGY GROUP INCSymbol: PSPW$ -.657 million
Six Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Three
$11.558 million more than Anghami Inc.
more by -94.62%
#9Anghami Inc.Symbol: ANGH$ -12.216 million
Two Hundred Sixteen Thousand Two Hundred Four
$10.276 million more than LAMPRELL PLC LS -,05
more by -45.69%
Communication Services
#10LAMPRELL PLC LS -,05Symbol: L51.F$ -22.493 million
Four Hundred Ninety Three Thousand
$107.900 million more than Swvl Holdings Corp
more by -82.75%
#11Swvl Holdings CorpSymbol: SWVL$ -.130 billion
One Hundred Thirty Million Three Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Two