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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Turkey Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Turkey country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1VAKIFLAR BANKASISymbol: VAKBN.IS$ 19.949 billion
Nineteen Billion Nine Hundred Forty Nine Million Six Hundred Forty One Thousand One Hundred Fifty Six
$40.182 million more than KOC HOLDING
more by 0.2%
Financial Services
#2KOC HOLDINGSymbol: KCHOL.IS$ 19.909 billion
Nineteen Billion Nine Hundred Nine Million Four Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Seven
$3.521 billion more than IS BANKASI (A)
more by 21.49%
#3IS BANKASI (A)Symbol: ISATR.IS$ 16.388 billion
Sixteen Billion Three Hundred Eighty Eight Million One Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Thirty One
$2.554 billion more than TURK HAVA YOLLARI
more by 18.47%
Financial Services
#4TURK HAVA YOLLARISymbol: THYAO.IS$ 13.833 billion
Thirteen Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Three Million One Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Eight
$1.258 billion more than YAPI VE KREDI BANK.
more by 10.01%
#5YAPI VE KREDI BANK.Symbol: YKBNK.IS$ 12.574 billion
Twelve Billion Five Hundred Seventy Four Million Nine Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Nine
$1.381 billion more than SABANCI HOLDING
more by 12.34%
Financial Services
#6SABANCI HOLDINGSymbol: SAHOL.IS$ 11.193 billion
Eleven Billion One Hundred Ninety Three Million Six Hundred Forty One Thousand Seventy Six
$878.489 million more than AKBANK
more by 8.52%
Financial Services
#7AKBANKSymbol: AKBNK.IS$ 10.315 billion
Ten Billion Three Hundred Fifteen Million One Hundred Fifty One Thousand Six Hundred Sixteen
$1.612 billion more than T. HALK BANKASI
more by 18.53%
Financial Services
#8T. HALK BANKASISymbol: HALKB.IS$ 8.702 billion
Eight Billion Seven Hundred Two Million Two Hundred Five Thousand Four
$947.626 million more than GARANTI BANKASI
more by 12.22%
Financial Services
#9GARANTI BANKASISymbol: GARAN.IS$ 7.754 billion
Seven Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Four Million Five Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Nine
$659.793 million more than QNB FINANSBANK
more by 9.3%
Financial Services
#10QNB FINANSBANKSymbol: QNBFB.IS$ 7.094 billion
Seven Billion Ninety Four Million Seven Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Six
$1.806 billion more than T.S.K.B.
more by 34.17%
Financial Services
#11T.S.K.B.Symbol: TSKB.IS$ 5.288 billion
Five Billion Two Hundred Eighty Eight Million Thirty Four Thousand One Hundred Eighty Six
$1.162 billion more than T. KALKINMA BANK.
more by 28.18%
Financial Services
#12T. KALKINMA BANK.Symbol: KLNMA.IS$ 4.125 billion
Four Billion One Hundred Twenty Five Million Five Hundred Six Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Two
$917.275 million more than PEGASUS
more by 28.59%
Financial Services
#13PEGASUSSymbol: PGSUS.IS$ 3.208 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Eight Million Two Hundred Thirty Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Seven
$349.022 million more than ANADOLU GRUBU HOLDING
more by 12.21%
#14ANADOLU GRUBU HOLDINGSymbol: AGHOL.IS$ 2.859 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Nine Million Two Hundred Eight Thousand One Hundred Sixty Six
$153.384 million more than ARCELIK
more by 5.67%
#15ARCELIKSymbol: ARCLK.IS$ 2.705 billion
Two Billion Seven Hundred Five Million Eight Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Five
$222.686 million more than SISE CAM
more by 8.97%
Consumer Cyclical
#16SISE CAMSymbol: SISE.IS$ 2.483 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Eighty Three Million One Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Four
$263.882 million more than TURK TELEKOM
more by 11.89%
Basic Materials
#17TURK TELEKOMSymbol: TTKOM.IS$ 2.219 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Nineteen Million Two Hundred Fifty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Forty One
$218.259 million more than TAV HAVALIMANLARI
more by 10.91%
Communication Services
Two Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Eight
$. thousand more than FORD OTOSAN
more by 0.01%
#19FORD OTOSANSymbol: FROTO.IS$ 2 billion
Two Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Four
$24.658 million more than ANADOLU EFES
more by 1.25%
Consumer Cyclical
#20ANADOLU EFESSymbol: AEFES.IS$ 1.976 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Six Million Seventy Thousand Forty Eight
Consumer Defensive