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The Largest Tech Companies in the World by Market Capitalization

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Explore our definitive list of the largest technology companies ranked by market capitalization, showcasing the top global tech giants and their staggering financial prowess. This comprehensive guide provides you with the essential data on market cap, company rankings, and country of origin.

Topping the chart is Apple Inc. (AAPL), with an impressive market cap of $2.453 trillion, followed by Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) at $2.031 trillion. These U.S.-based tech titans dominate the industry, with NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) securing the third spot with a $626.189 billion market cap. The list also features international giants like Taiwan's Semiconductor Manufactur (TSM) and South Korea's SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95 (SSU.F), demonstrating the global reach of the technology sector.

In addition to market cap, our table provides you with the difference in market capitalization between each consecutive company. This insight reveals the competitive landscape and potential growth opportunities within the tech sector, essential information for investors, analysts, and anyone interested in the industry.

Stay informed and make strategic decisions with our comprehensive ranking of the top technology companies. This invaluable resource helps you stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving tech world, enabling you to make informed decisions and uncover potential investment opportunities.

List of the largest companies from Technology sector rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextCountry
#1Apple Inc.Symbol: AAPL$ 2.497 trillion
Two Trillion Four Hundred Ninety Seven Billion One Hundred Seventy Million Three Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Six
$470.298 billion more than Microsoft Corporation
more by 23.2%
United States
#2Microsoft CorporationSymbol: MSFT$ 2.026 trillion
Two Trillion Twenty Six Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Two Million Three Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Two Hundred Forty Eight
$1.367 trillion more than NVIDIA Corporation
more by 207.3%
United States
#3NVIDIA CorporationSymbol: NVDA$ 659.582 billion
Six Hundred Fifty Nine Billion Five Hundred Eighty Two Million Five Hundred Fifty Thousand Sixteen
$179.247 billion more than Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactur
more by 37.32%
United States
#4Taiwan Semiconductor ManufacturSymbol: TSM$ 480.334 billion
Four Hundred Eighty Billion Three Hundred Thirty Four Million Seven Hundred Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Six
$155.543 billion more than SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95
more by 47.89%
#5SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95Symbol: SSU.F$ 324.791 billion
Three Hundred Twenty Four Billion Seven Hundred Ninety One Million Three Hundred Thirty Thousand One Hundred Thirteen
$61.745 billion more than Broadcom Inc.
more by 23.47%
South Korea
#6Broadcom Inc.Symbol: AVGO$ 263.045 billion
Two Hundred Sixty Three Billion Forty Five Million Six Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Fifty Six
$10.362 billion more than ASML Holding N.V. - New York Re
more by 4.1%
United States
#7ASML Holding N.V. - New York ReSymbol: ASML$ 252.683 billion
Two Hundred Fifty Two Billion Six Hundred Eighty Three Million Five Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Two
$15.371 billion more than Oracle Corporation
more by 6.48%
#8Oracle CorporationSymbol: ORCL$ 237.312 billion
Two Hundred Thirty Seven Billion Three Hundred Twelve Million Four Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Four
$34.733 billion more than Cisco Systems, Inc.
more by 17.15%
United States
#9Cisco Systems, Inc.Symbol: CSCO$ 202.579 billion
Two Hundred Two Billion Five Hundred Seventy Nine Million Two Hundred Forty Seven Thousand One Hundred Four
$16.069 billion more than Salesforce, Inc.
more by 8.62%
United States
#10Salesforce, Inc.Symbol: CRM$ 186.510 billion
One Hundred Eighty Six Billion Five Hundred Ten Million One Hundred Twenty Eight
$20.638 billion more than Adobe Inc.
more by 12.44%
United States
#11Adobe Inc.Symbol: ADBE$ 165.871 billion
One Hundred Sixty Five Billion Eight Hundred Seventy One Million Five Hundred Seventeen Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Six
$3.506 billion more than Accenture plc
more by 2.16%
United States
#12Accenture plcSymbol: ACN$ 162.364 billion
One Hundred Sixty Two Billion Three Hundred Sixty Four Million Five Hundred Seventy One Thousand Six Hundred Forty Eight
$2.382 billion more than Texas Instruments Incorporated
more by 1.49%
#13Texas Instruments IncorporatedSymbol: TXN$ 159.982 billion
One Hundred Fifty Nine Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Two Million Five Hundred Fifty One Thousand Forty
$2.743 billion more than Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
more by 1.74%
United States
#14Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.Symbol: AMD$ 157.239 billion
One Hundred Fifty Seven Billion Two Hundred Thirty Nine Million Four Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Seventy Two
$14.570 billion more than SAP SE
more by 10.21%
United States
#15SAP SESymbol: SAP$ 142.668 billion
One Hundred Forty Two Billion Six Hundred Sixty Eight Million Seven Hundred Forty Two Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Six
$4.383 billion more than TATA CONSULTANCY S
more by 3.17%
#16TATA CONSULTANCY SSymbol: TCS.NS$ 138.285 billion
One Hundred Thirty Eight Billion Two Hundred Eighty Five Million One Hundred Sixty Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven
$2.288 billion more than QUALCOMM Incorporated
more by 1.68%
#17QUALCOMM IncorporatedSymbol: QCOM$ 135.996 billion
One Hundred Thirty Five Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Six Million Five Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Four
$19.622 billion more than Intel Corporation
more by 16.86%
United States
#18Intel CorporationSymbol: INTC$ 116.373 billion
One Hundred Sixteen Billion Three Hundred Seventy Three Million Eight Hundred Seven Thousand One Hundred Four
$168.853 million more than Intuit Inc.
more by 0.15%
United States
#19Intuit Inc.Symbol: INTU$ 116.204 billion
One Hundred Sixteen Billion Two Hundred Four Million Nine Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Six Hundred
$3.139 billion more than KEYENCE CORP
more by 2.78%
United States
#20KEYENCE CORPSymbol: 6861.T$ 113.065 billion
One Hundred Thirteen Billion Sixty Five Million Three Hundred Fifteen Thousand One Hundred Sixty One