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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Taiwan country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Taiwan country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1Taiwan Semiconductor ManufacturSymbol: TSM$ 44.448 billion
Forty Four Billion Four Hundred Forty Eight Million Five Hundred Sixteen Thousand One Hundred Eighty
$31.259 billion more than HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY
more by 237.02%
#2HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRYSymbol: 2317.TW$ 13.188 billion
Thirteen Billion One Hundred Eighty Eight Million Eight Hundred Seven Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Three
$54.154 million more than EVERGREEN MARINE CORP(TAIWAN)
more by 0.41%
#3EVERGREEN MARINE CORP(TAIWAN)Symbol: 2603.TW$ 13.134 billion
Thirteen Billion One Hundred Thirty Four Million Six Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Twenty Four
$4.204 billion more than MEDIATEK INC
more by 47.08%
#4MEDIATEK INCSymbol: 2454.TW$ 8.930 billion
Eight Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Million Three Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Seven Hundred
$1.339 billion more than YANG MING MARINE TRANSPORT CORP
more by 17.65%
#5YANG MING MARINE TRANSPORT CORPSymbol: 2609.TW$ 7.590 billion
Seven Billion Five Hundred Ninety Million Seven Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty
$2.064 billion more than UNI-PRESIDENT ENTERPRISES CORP
more by 37.35%
#6UNI-PRESIDENT ENTERPRISES CORPSymbol: 1216.TW$ 5.526 billion
Five Billion Five Hundred Twenty Six Million Five Hundred Eighty One Thousand Sixty Three
$1.078 billion more than ASE TECHNOLOGY HOLDING CO LTD
more by 24.25%
Consumer Defensive
#7ASE TECHNOLOGY HOLDING CO LTDSymbol: 3711.TW$ 4.447 billion
Four Billion Four Hundred Forty Seven Million Nine Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Six
$280.203 million more than WAN HAI LINES
more by 6.72%
#8WAN HAI LINESSymbol: 2615.TW$ 4.167 billion
Four Billion One Hundred Sixty Seven Million Seven Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Four
$21.941 million more than UNITED MICRO ELECTRONICS
more by 0.53%
#9UNITED MICRO ELECTRONICSSymbol: 2303.TW$ 4.145 billion
Four Billion One Hundred Forty Five Million Eight Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Eight
$494.205 million more than DELTA ELECTRONIC
more by 13.53%
#10DELTA ELECTRONICSymbol: 2308.TW$ 3.651 billion
Three Billion Six Hundred Fifty One Million Six Hundred Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Nine
$425.843 million more than PRESIDENT CHAIN STORE CORP
more by 13.2%
#11PRESIDENT CHAIN STORE CORPSymbol: 2912.TW$ 3.225 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Twenty Five Million Seven Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Four
$587.853 million more than CHUNGHWA TELECOM
more by 22.28%
Consumer Defensive
#12CHUNGHWA TELECOMSymbol: 2412.TW$ 2.637 billion
Two Billion Six Hundred Thirty Seven Million Nine Hundred Twenty Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Two
$193.867 million more than ASUSTEK COMPUTER INC
more by 7.93%
Communication Services
#13ASUSTEK COMPUTER INCSymbol: 2357.TW$ 2.444 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Forty Four Million Fifty Three Thousand One Hundred Fifty Three
$106.339 million more than QUANTA COMPUTER
more by 4.55%
#14QUANTA COMPUTERSymbol: 2382.TW$ 2.337 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Thirty Seven Million Seven Hundred Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred Seventy One
$39.107 million more than WISTRON CORPORATION
more by 1.7%
#15WISTRON CORPORATIONSymbol: 3231.TW$ 2.298 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Ninety Eight Million Six Hundred Six Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Two
$10.990 million more than CTBC FINANCIAL HOLDINGS COMPANY
more by 0.48%
#16CTBC FINANCIAL HOLDINGS COMPANYSymbol: 2891.TW$ 2.287 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Eighty Seven Million Six Hundred Fifteen Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Eight
$157.875 million more than POU CHEN
more by 7.41%
Financial Services
#17POU CHENSymbol: 9904.TW$ 2.129 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Twenty Nine Million Seven Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Three
$112.735 million more than FIRST FINANCIAL HOLDING CO LTD
more by 5.59%
Consumer Cyclical
#18FIRST FINANCIAL HOLDING CO LTDSymbol: 2892.TW$ 2.017 billion
Two Billion Seventeen Million Four Thousand Four Hundred Two
$128.656 million more than PEGATRON CORPORATION
more by 6.81%
Financial Services
#19PEGATRON CORPORATIONSymbol: 4938.TW$ 1.888 billion
One Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Eight Million Three Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Forty
$79.939 million more than YUANTA FINANCIAL HOLDING CO. LT
more by 4.42%
#20YUANTA FINANCIAL HOLDING CO. LTSymbol: 2885.TW$ 1.808 billion
One Billion Eight Hundred Eight Million Four Hundred Eight Thousand Four Hundred Forty Two
Financial Services