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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Taiwan Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Taiwan country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRYSymbol: 2317.TW$ 36.527 billion
Thirty Six Billion Five Hundred Twenty Seven Million Two Hundred One Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Three
$7.551 billion more than Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactur
more by 26.06%
#2Taiwan Semiconductor ManufacturSymbol: TSM$ 28.976 billion
Twenty Eight Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Six Million One Hundred Forty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Nine
$5.746 billion more than CATHAY FINANCIAL HLDG CO
more by 24.74%
#3CATHAY FINANCIAL HLDG COSymbol: 2882.TW$ 23.229 billion
Twenty Three Billion Two Hundred Twenty Nine Million Five Hundred Sixty One Thousand Six Hundred Thirty One
$504.045 million more than MEGA FINANCIAL HOLDING CO
more by 2.22%
Financial Services
#4MEGA FINANCIAL HOLDING COSymbol: 2886.TW$ 22.725 billion
Twenty Two Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Five Million Five Hundred Sixteen Thousand One Hundred Thirteen
$2.245 billion more than CHAILEASE HOLDING COMPANY LIMIT
more by 10.96%
Financial Services
#5CHAILEASE HOLDING COMPANY LIMITSymbol: 5871.TW$ 20.480 billion
Twenty Billion Four Hundred Eighty Million Four Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Thirty
$3.500 billion more than FUBON FINANCIAL HLDG CO LTD
more by 20.62%
Financial Services
#6FUBON FINANCIAL HLDG CO LTDSymbol: 2881.TW$ 16.979 billion
Sixteen Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Nine Million Nine Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Three Hundred Forty Seven
$2.380 billion more than YUANTA FINANCIAL HOLDING CO. LT
more by 16.31%
Financial Services
#7YUANTA FINANCIAL HOLDING CO. LTSymbol: 2885.TW$ 14.599 billion
Fourteen Billion Five Hundred Ninety Nine Million One Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Seven
$236.117 million more than CTBC FINANCIAL HOLDINGS COMPANY
more by 1.64%
Financial Services
#8CTBC FINANCIAL HOLDINGS COMPANYSymbol: 2891.TW$ 14.362 billion
Fourteen Billion Three Hundred Sixty Two Million Eight Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Thirty One
$1.249 billion more than HUA NAN FINANCIAL HOLDINGS CO
more by 9.53%
Financial Services
#9HUA NAN FINANCIAL HOLDINGS COSymbol: 2880.TW$ 13.112 billion
Thirteen Billion One Hundred Twelve Million Nine Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Four Hundred Forty Eight
$3.068 billion more than E SUN FINANCIAL HOLDINGS
more by 30.54%
Financial Services
#10E SUN FINANCIAL HOLDINGSSymbol: 2884.TW$ 10.044 billion
Ten Billion Forty Four Million Nine Hundred Four Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Nine
$266.035 million more than FAR EASTERN NEW CENTURY CORPORA
more by 2.72%
Financial Services
#11FAR EASTERN NEW CENTURY CORPORASymbol: 1402.TW$ 9.778 billion
Nine Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Eight Million Eight Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Four
$186.590 million more than IBF FINANCIAL HOLDINGS CO LTD
more by 1.95%
Consumer Cyclical
#12IBF FINANCIAL HOLDINGS CO LTDSymbol: 2889.TW$ 9.592 billion
Nine Billion Five Hundred Ninety Two Million Two Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Three
$269.115 million more than TAIWAN COOPERATIVE FINANCIAL HL
more by 2.89%
Financial Services
#13TAIWAN COOPERATIVE FINANCIAL HLSymbol: 5880.TW$ 9.323 billion
Nine Billion Three Hundred Twenty Three Million One Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Seven
$622.959 million more than TAIWAN HIGH SPEED RAIL CORP
more by 7.16%
Financial Services
#14TAIWAN HIGH SPEED RAIL CORPSymbol: 2633.TW$ 8.700 billion
Eight Billion Seven Hundred Million Two Hundred Three Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Four
$658.842 million more than YULON MOTOR CO
more by 8.19%
#15YULON MOTOR COSymbol: 2201.TW$ 8.041 billion
Eight Billion Forty One Million Three Hundred Sixty Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Four
$24.070 million more than CHINA DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL HLD
more by 0.3%
Consumer Cyclical
#16CHINA DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL HLDSymbol: 2883.TW$ 8.017 billion
Eight Billion Seventeen Million Two Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Five
$27.537 million more than CHINA STEEL CORP
more by 0.34%
Financial Services
#17CHINA STEEL CORPSymbol: 2002.TW$ 7.989 billion
Seven Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Nine Million Seven Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Six
$260.932 million more than TAISHIN FINANCIAL HLDGS CO LTD
more by 3.38%
Basic Materials
#18TAISHIN FINANCIAL HLDGS CO LTDSymbol: 2887.TW$ 7.728 billion
Seven Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Eight Million Eight Hundred Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Three
$67.641 million more than O-BANK CO LTD
more by 0.88%
Financial Services
#19O-BANK CO LTDSymbol: 2897.TW$ 7.661 billion
Seven Billion Six Hundred Sixty One Million One Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Three
$214.562 million more than HOTAI MOTOR CO
more by 2.88%
Financial Services
#20HOTAI MOTOR COSymbol: 2207.TW$ 7.446 billion
Seven Billion Four Hundred Forty Six Million Six Hundred Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred Forty Two
Consumer Cyclical