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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Taiwan Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Taiwan country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1CATHAY FINANCIAL HLDG COSymbol: 2882.TW$ 69.372 billion
Sixty Nine Billion Three Hundred Seventy Two Million Two Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Ninety
$9.631 billion more than FUBON FINANCIAL HLDG CO LTD
more by 16.12%
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#2FUBON FINANCIAL HLDG CO LTDSymbol: 2881.TW$ 59.740 billion
Fifty Nine Billion Seven Hundred Forty Million Eight Hundred Nine Thousand One Hundred Forty Six
$7.924 billion more than Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactur
more by 15.29%
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#3Taiwan Semiconductor ManufacturSymbol: TSM$ 51.816 billion
Fifty One Billion Eight Hundred Sixteen Million Five Hundred One Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Five
$16.406 billion more than HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY
more by 46.33%
#4HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRYSymbol: 2317.TW$ 35.409 billion
Thirty Five Billion Four Hundred Nine Million Nine Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Nine
$557.368 million more than CTBC FINANCIAL HOLDINGS COMPANY
more by 1.6%
#5CTBC FINANCIAL HOLDINGS COMPANYSymbol: 2891.TW$ 34.852 billion
Thirty Four Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Two Million Six Hundred Five Thousand Nine Hundred Three
$17.935 billion more than YUANTA FINANCIAL HOLDING CO. LT
more by 106.02%
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#6YUANTA FINANCIAL HOLDING CO. LTSymbol: 2885.TW$ 16.916 billion
Sixteen Billion Nine Hundred Sixteen Million Eight Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Four
$344.433 million more than SINOPAC FINANCIAL HLDGS CO LTD
more by 2.08%
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#7SINOPAC FINANCIAL HLDGS CO LTDSymbol: 2890.TW$ 16.572 billion
Sixteen Billion Five Hundred Seventy Two Million Three Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Six Hundred Forty Six
$84 million more than SHIN KONG FINANCIAL HLDG CO
more by 0.51%
Financial Services
#8SHIN KONG FINANCIAL HLDG COSymbol: 2888.TW$ 16.488 billion
Sixteen Billion Four Hundred Eighty Eight Million Three Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Six
$383.824 million more than TAIWAN COOPERATIVE FINANCIAL HL
more by 2.38%
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#9TAIWAN COOPERATIVE FINANCIAL HLSymbol: 5880.TW$ 16.104 billion
Sixteen Billion One Hundred Four Million Five Hundred Seventy Thousand Six Hundred Forty Four
$886.712 million more than E SUN FINANCIAL HOLDINGS
more by 5.83%
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#10E SUN FINANCIAL HOLDINGSSymbol: 2884.TW$ 15.217 billion
Fifteen Billion Two Hundred Seventeen Million Eight Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Six
$1.039 billion more than EVERGREEN MARINE CORP(TAIWAN)
more by 7.33%
Financial Services
#11EVERGREEN MARINE CORP(TAIWAN)Symbol: 2603.TW$ 14.178 billion
Fourteen Billion One Hundred Seventy Eight Million Six Hundred Ten Thousand Sixty One
$3.759 billion more than MEGA FINANCIAL HOLDING CO
more by 36.08%
#12MEGA FINANCIAL HOLDING COSymbol: 2886.TW$ 10.419 billion
Ten Billion Four Hundred Nineteen Million Three Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Eight
$1.028 billion more than FIRST FINANCIAL HOLDING CO LTD
more by 10.95%
Financial Services
#13FIRST FINANCIAL HOLDING CO LTDSymbol: 2892.TW$ 9.390 billion
Nine Billion Three Hundred Ninety Million Eight Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty
$14.965 million more than YANG MING MARINE TRANSPORT CORP
more by 0.16%
Financial Services
#14YANG MING MARINE TRANSPORT CORPSymbol: 2609.TW$ 9.375 billion
Nine Billion Three Hundred Seventy Five Million Eight Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Fifty Six
$246.311 million more than TAIWAN BUSINESS BANK
more by 2.7%
#15TAIWAN BUSINESS BANKSymbol: 2834.TW$ 9.129 billion
Nine Billion One Hundred Twenty Nine Million Five Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Six
$1.449 billion more than TAISHIN FINANCIAL HLDGS CO LTD
more by 18.88%
Financial Services
#16TAISHIN FINANCIAL HLDGS CO LTDSymbol: 2887.TW$ 7.679 billion
Seven Billion Six Hundred Seventy Nine Million Six Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Two Hundred Fifty
$458.056 million more than CHINA DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL HLD
more by 6.34%
Financial Services
#17CHINA DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL HLDSymbol: 2883.TW$ 7.221 billion
Seven Billion Two Hundred Twenty One Million Six Hundred Six Thousand Eighty Eight
$97.126 million more than QUANTA COMPUTER
more by 1.36%
Financial Services
#18QUANTA COMPUTERSymbol: 2382.TW$ 7.124 billion
Seven Billion One Hundred Twenty Four Million Four Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Six
$163.721 million more than CHANG HWA COMMERCIAL BANK LTD
more by 2.35%
#19CHANG HWA COMMERCIAL BANK LTDSymbol: 2801.TW$ 6.960 billion
Six Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Million Seven Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Forty Five
$579.951 million more than CHINA BILLS FINANCE CORP
more by 9.09%
Financial Services
#20CHINA BILLS FINANCE CORPSymbol: 2820.TW$ 6.380 billion
Six Billion Three Hundred Eighty Million Eight Hundred Seven Thousand One Hundred Fifty Nine
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