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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Switzerland country

List of the largest companies from Switzerland country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1GLENCORE PLCSymbol: GLEN.L$ 255.983 billion
Two Hundred Fifty Five Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Three Million Nine Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Two
$152.095 billion more than NESTLE N
more by 146.4%
Basic Materials
#2NESTLE NSymbol: NESN.SW$ 103.888 billion
One Hundred Three Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Eight Million Four Hundred Fifty Thousand Eight Hundred Sixteen
$31.078 billion more than ROCHE I
more by 42.69%
Consumer Goods
#3ROCHE ISymbol: RO.SW$ 72.809 billion
Seventy Two Billion Eight Hundred Nine Million Six Hundred Four Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Four
$20.981 billion more than NOVARTIS N
more by 40.48%
#4NOVARTIS NSymbol: NOVN.SW$ 51.827 billion
Fifty One Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Seven Million Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty
$5.924 billion more than SWISS RE N
more by 12.91%
#5SWISS RE NSymbol: SREN.SW$ 45.902 billion
Forty Five Billion Nine Hundred Two Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Two
$2.718 billion more than KUEHNE+NAGEL INT N
more by 6.3%
Financial Services
#6KUEHNE+NAGEL INT NSymbol: KNIN.SW$ 43.184 billion
Forty Three Billion One Hundred Eighty Four Million One Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Five
$453.185 million more than Chubb Limited
more by 1.06%
#7Chubb LimitedSymbol: CB$ 42.730 billion
Forty Two Billion Seven Hundred Thirty Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Eight
$692.998 million more than ZURICH INSURANCE N
more by 1.65%
Financial Services
#8ZURICH INSURANCE NSymbol: ZURN.SW$ 42.038 billion
Forty Two Billion Thirty Eight Million One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Four
$7.623 billion more than UBS GROUP N
more by 22.15%
Financial Services
#9UBS GROUP NSymbol: UBSG.SW$ 34.415 billion
Thirty Four Billion Four Hundred Fifteen Million One Thousand Six Hundred
$2.420 billion more than HOLCIM N
more by 7.57%
Financial Services
#10HOLCIM NSymbol: HOLN.SW$ 31.994 billion
Thirty One Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Four Million Ninety One Thousand One Hundred Seventy Seven
$2.548 billion more than ABB LTD N
more by 8.65%
Basic Materials
#11ABB LTD NSymbol: ABBN.SW$ 29.446 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Four Hundred Forty Six Million Six Hundred Forty
$4.114 billion more than ADECCO N
more by 16.24%
#12ADECCO NSymbol: ADEN.SW$ 25.331 billion
Twenty Five Billion Three Hundred Thirty One Million Nine Hundred Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Forty Nine
$2.753 billion more than RICHEMONT N
more by 12.2%
#13RICHEMONT NSymbol: CFR.SW$ 22.577 billion
Twenty Two Billion Five Hundred Seventy Seven Million Nine Hundred Eighty Thousand Thirty Seven
$6.240 billion more than CS GROUP N
more by 38.2%
Consumer Cyclical
#14CS GROUP NSymbol: CSGN.SW$ 16.337 billion
Sixteen Billion Three Hundred Thirty Seven Million Three Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Five
$33.385 million more than TE Connectivity Ltd. New Switze
more by 0.2%
Financial Services
#15TE Connectivity Ltd. New SwitzeSymbol: TEL$ 16.304 billion
Sixteen Billion Three Hundred Four Million
$176 million more than STMicroelectronics N.V.
more by 1.09%
#16STMicroelectronics N.V.Symbol: STM$ 16.128 billion
Sixteen Billion One Hundred Twenty Eight Million
$1.157 billion more than AMCOR PLC CDI 1:1
more by 7.73%
#17AMCOR PLC CDI 1:1Symbol: AMC.AX$ 14.970 billion
Fourteen Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Eight
$2.534 billion more than SCHINDLER N
more by 20.38%
Consumer Cyclical
#18SCHINDLER NSymbol: SCHN.SW$ 12.436 billion
Twelve Billion Four Hundred Thirty Six Million Three Hundred Sixty One Thousand Eight Hundred Six
$9.864 million more than DKSH N
more by 0.08%
#19DKSH NSymbol: DKSH.SW$ 12.426 billion
Twelve Billion Four Hundred Twenty Six Million Four Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Seven
$46.782 million more than ALSO N
more by 0.38%
#20ALSO NSymbol: ALSN.SW$ 12.379 billion
Twelve Billion Three Hundred Seventy Nine Million Seven Hundred Fourteen Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty One