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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Sweden Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Sweden country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken sSymbol: SEB-A.ST$ 42.121 billion
Forty Two Billion One Hundred Twenty One Million Two Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand One Hundred Fifty Nine
$1.612 billion more than Swedbank AB ser A
more by 3.98%
Financial Services
#2Swedbank AB ser ASymbol: SWED-A.ST$ 40.508 billion
Forty Billion Five Hundred Eight Million Seven Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Twenty One
$34.234 billion more than Volvo Car AB ser. B
more by 545.66%
Financial Services
#3Volvo Car AB ser. BSymbol: VOLCAR-B.ST$ 6.273 billion
Six Billion Two Hundred Seventy Three Million Nine Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Two
$3.735 billion more than Investor AB ser. A
more by 147.11%
Consumer Cyclical
#4Investor AB ser. ASymbol: INVE-A.ST$ 2.538 billion
Two Billion Five Hundred Thirty Eight Million Nine Hundred Two Thousand Six Hundred Seven
$212.719 million more than SSAB AB ser. A
more by 9.14%
Financial Services
#5SSAB AB ser. ASymbol: SSAB-A.ST$ 2.326 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Twenty Six Million One Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Six
$1.032 billion more than Kinnevik AB ser. A
more by 79.81%
Basic Materials
#6Kinnevik AB ser. ASymbol: KINV-A.ST$ 1.293 billion
One Billion Two Hundred Ninety Three Million Six Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Fifty Six
$53.063 million more than SAAB AB ser. B
more by 4.28%
Financial Services
#7SAAB AB ser. BSymbol: SAAB-B.ST$ 1.240 billion
One Billion Two Hundred Forty Million Six Hundred Thirty Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty
$104.724 million more than Boliden AB
more by 9.22%
#8Boliden ABSymbol: BOL.ST$ 1.135 billion
One Billion One Hundred Thirty Five Million Nine Hundred Five Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Seven
$87.348 million more than SKF, AB ser. A
more by 8.33%
Basic Materials
#9SKF, AB ser. ASymbol: SKF-A.ST$ 1.048 billion
One Billion Forty Eight Million Five Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Two
$68.664 million more than Sandvik AB
more by 7.01%
#10Sandvik ABSymbol: SAND.ST$ 979.892 million
Nine Hundred Seventy Nine Million Eight Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Three
$6.015 million more than Polestar Automotive Holding UK
more by 0.62%
#11Polestar Automotive Holding UK Symbol: PSNY$ 973.876 million
Nine Hundred Seventy Three Million Eight Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Two
$38.359 million more than Skanska AB ser. B
more by 4.1%
Consumer Cyclical
#12Skanska AB ser. BSymbol: SKA-B.ST$ 935.517 million
Nine Hundred Thirty Five Million Five Hundred Seventeen Thousand Nine Hundred Six
$210.548 million more than Resurs Holding AB
more by 29.04%
#13Resurs Holding ABSymbol: RESURS.ST$ 724.969 million
Seven Hundred Twenty Four Million Nine Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven
$40.567 million more than Epiroc AB ser. A
more by 5.93%
Financial Services
#14Epiroc AB ser. ASymbol: EPI-A.ST$ 684.402 million
Six Hundred Eighty Four Million Four Hundred Two Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Eight
$. thousand more than Heimstaden AB Pref
more by 0.01%
#15Heimstaden AB PrefSymbol: HEIM-PREF.ST$ 684.308 million
Six Hundred Eighty Four Million Three Hundred Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Three
$1.261 million more than EQT AB
more by 0.18%
Real Estate
#16EQT ABSymbol: EQT.ST$ 683.047 million
Six Hundred Eighty Three Million Forty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Sixty
$29.847 million more than Avanza Bank Holding AB
more by 4.57%
Financial Services
#17Avanza Bank Holding ABSymbol: AZA.ST$ 653.199 million
Six Hundred Fifty Three Million One Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Two
$11.303 million more than Telia Company AB
more by 1.76%
Financial Services
#18Telia Company ABSymbol: TELIA.ST$ 641.895 million
Six Hundred Forty One Million Eight Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Seven
$47.895 million more than Autoliv, Inc.
more by 8.06%
Communication Services
#19Autoliv, Inc.Symbol: ALV$ 594 million
Five Hundred Ninety Four Million
$13.201 million more than Loomis AB
more by 2.27%
Consumer Cyclical
#20Loomis ABSymbol: LOOMIS.ST$ 580.798 million
Five Hundred Eighty Million Seven Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Three Hundred Fifty One