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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Sweden Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Sweden country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1Telia Company ABSymbol: TELIA.ST$ 2.575 billion
Two Billion Five Hundred Seventy Five Million Five Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Eight
$104.954 million more than Volvo Car AB ser. B
more by 4.25%
Communication Services
#2Volvo Car AB ser. BSymbol: VOLCAR-B.ST$ 2.470 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Seventy Million Five Hundred Eighty One Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Seven
$150.376 million more than Sandvik AB
more by 6.48%
Consumer Cyclical
#3Sandvik ABSymbol: SAND.ST$ 2.320 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Twenty Million Two Hundred Five Thousand Ninety Five
$219.282 million more than ASSA ABLOY AB ser. B
more by 10.44%
#4ASSA ABLOY AB ser. BSymbol: ASSA-B.ST$ 2.100 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Million Nine Hundred Twenty Two Thousand One Hundred Fifty Eight
$56.922 million more than Boliden AB
more by 2.78%
#5Boliden ABSymbol: BOL.ST$ 2.043 billion
Two Billion Forty Three Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Three
$148.584 million more than Hexagon AB ser. B
more by 7.84%
Basic Materials
#6Hexagon AB ser. BSymbol: HEXA-B.ST$ 1.895 billion
One Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Five Million Four Hundred Fifteen Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Two
$39.193 million more than Essity AB ser. A
more by 2.11%
#7Essity AB ser. ASymbol: ESSITY-A.ST$ 1.856 billion
One Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Six Million Two Hundred Twenty Two Thousand One Hundred Seven
$672.538 million more than Epiroc AB ser. A
more by 56.82%
Consumer Defensive
#8Epiroc AB ser. ASymbol: EPI-A.ST$ 1.183 billion
One Billion One Hundred Eighty Three Million Six Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Five Hundred Thirteen
$20.198 million more than SKF, AB ser. A
more by 1.74%
#9SKF, AB ser. ASymbol: SKF-A.ST$ 1.163 billion
One Billion One Hundred Sixty Three Million Four Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Eighty Three
$125.794 million more than Evolution AB
more by 12.12%
#10Evolution ABSymbol: EVO.ST$ 1.037 billion
One Billion Thirty Seven Million Six Hundred Ninety Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Two
$102.690 million more than Autoliv, Inc.
more by 10.98%
Consumer Cyclical
#11Autoliv, Inc.Symbol: ALV$ 935 million
Nine Hundred Thirty Five Million
$31.098 million more than Skanska AB ser. B
more by 3.44%
Consumer Cyclical
#12Skanska AB ser. BSymbol: SKA-B.ST$ 903.901 million
Nine Hundred Three Million Nine Hundred One Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Three
$57.502 million more than Fastighets AB Balder ser. B
more by 6.79%
#13Fastighets AB Balder ser. BSymbol: BALD-B.ST$ 846.399 million
Eight Hundred Forty Six Million Three Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Seven
$7.441 million more than Intrum AB
more by 0.89%
Real Estate
#14Intrum ABSymbol: INTRUM.ST$ 838.957 million
Eight Hundred Thirty Eight Million Nine Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Seven
$28.764 million more than EQT AB
more by 3.55%
Financial Services
#15EQT ABSymbol: EQT.ST$ 810.193 million
Eight Hundred Ten Million One Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Six
$14.821 million more than Svenska Cellulosa AB SCA ser. B
more by 1.86%
Financial Services
#16Svenska Cellulosa AB SCA ser. BSymbol: SCA-B.ST$ 795.371 million
Seven Hundred Ninety Five Million Three Hundred Seventy One Thousand Nine Hundred Two
$4.252 million more than Billerud Aktiebolag
more by 0.54%
Basic Materials
#17Billerud AktiebolagSymbol: BILL.ST$ 791.119 million
Seven Hundred Ninety One Million One Hundred Nineteen Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Six
$1.932 million more than Lundbergföretagen AB, L E ser.
more by 0.24%
Basic Materials
#18Lundbergföretagen AB, L E ser.Symbol: LUND-B.ST$ 789.186 million
Seven Hundred Eighty Nine Million One Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty
$6.910 million more than Embracer Group AB ser. B
more by 0.88%
Financial Services
#19Embracer Group AB ser. BSymbol: EMBRAC-B.ST$ 782.276 million
Seven Hundred Eighty Two Million Two Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Eight
$25.948 million more than Holmen AB ser. A
more by 3.43%
Communication Services
#20Holmen AB ser. ASymbol: HOLM-A.ST$ 756.328 million
Seven Hundred Fifty Six Million Three Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand One Hundred Six
Basic Materials