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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Sweden by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Sweden country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1Investor AB ser. ASymbol: INVE-A.ST$ 58.468 billion
Fifty Eight Billion Four Hundred Sixty Eight Million Seven Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Nine
$801.077 million more than ATLAS COPCO AB ADR-CNV INTO 1 S
more by 1.39%
Financial Services
#2ATLAS COPCO AB ADR-CNV INTO 1 SSymbol: ATLKY$ 57.667 billion
Fifty Seven Billion Six Hundred Sixty Seven Million Six Hundred Seventy Thousand Sixteen
$17.988 billion more than VOLVO A FRIA
more by 45.34%
#3VOLVO A FRIASymbol: VOL3.F$ 39.678 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Six Hundred Seventy Eight Million Nine Hundred Forty One Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Seven
$10.298 billion more than Hexagon AB ser. B
more by 35.05%
#4Hexagon AB ser. BSymbol: HEXA-B.ST$ 29.379 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Three Hundred Seventy Nine Million Nine Hundred Seventy Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Five
$2.460 billion more than Evolution AB
more by 9.14%
#5Evolution ABSymbol: EVO.ST$ 26.919 billion
Twenty Six Billion Nine Hundred Nineteen Million Seven Hundred Seventy Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Nine
$439.405 million more than ASSA ABLOY AB ser. B
more by 1.66%
Consumer Cyclical
#6ASSA ABLOY AB ser. BSymbol: ASSA-B.ST$ 26.480 billion
Twenty Six Billion Four Hundred Eighty Million Three Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Five
$1.370 billion more than Sandvik AB
more by 5.46%
#7Sandvik ABSymbol: SAND.ST$ 25.110 billion
Twenty Five Billion One Hundred Ten Million Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Seven
$1.388 billion more than EQT AB
more by 5.85%
#8EQT ABSymbol: EQT.ST$ 23.721 billion
Twenty Three Billion Seven Hundred Twenty One Million Four Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Eight
$451.829 million more than Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken s
more by 1.94%
Financial Services
#9Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken sSymbol: SEB-A.ST$ 23.269 billion
Twenty Three Billion Two Hundred Sixty Nine Million Five Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Seven Hundred Seventeen
$1.748 billion more than Epiroc AB ser. A
more by 8.13%
Financial Services
#10Epiroc AB ser. ASymbol: EPI-A.ST$ 21.520 billion
Twenty One Billion Five Hundred Twenty Million Eight Hundred Nineteen Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Two
$657.403 million more than NIBE Industrier AB ser. B
more by 3.15%
#11NIBE Industrier AB ser. BSymbol: NIBE-B.ST$ 20.863 billion
Twenty Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Three Million Four Hundred Fifteen Thousand Nine Hundred Eleven
$1.133 billion more than Swedbank AB ser A
more by 5.75%
#12Swedbank AB ser ASymbol: SWED-A.ST$ 19.729 billion
Nineteen Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Nine Million Four Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty
$41.964 million more than Essity AB ser. A
more by 0.21%
Financial Services
#13Essity AB ser. ASymbol: ESSITY-A.ST$ 19.687 billion
Nineteen Billion Six Hundred Eighty Seven Million Four Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Five
$864.459 million more than HENNES + MAURITZ B SK-125
more by 4.59%
Consumer Defensive
#14HENNES + MAURITZ B SK-125Symbol: HMSB.DE$ 18.823 billion
Eighteen Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Three Million Five Thousand One Hundred Two
$444.293 million more than SVENSKA HDLSBKN B SK1,433
more by 2.42%
Consumer Cyclical
#15SVENSKA HDLSBKN B SK1,433Symbol: SVHG.F$ 18.378 billion
Eighteen Billion Three Hundred Seventy Eight Million Seven Hundred Eleven Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Six
$427.221 million more than Ericsson
more by 2.38%
Financial Services
#16EricssonSymbol: ERIC$ 17.951 billion
Seventeen Billion Nine Hundred Fifty One Million Four Hundred Ninety Thousand Forty Eight
$1.436 billion more than Swedish Match AB
more by 8.7%
#17Swedish Match ABSymbol: SWMA.ST$ 16.514 billion
Sixteen Billion Five Hundred Fourteen Million Seven Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Eight
$2.858 billion more than ALFA LAVAL AB SK 2,5
more by 20.93%
Consumer Defensive
#18ALFA LAVAL AB SK 2,5Symbol: AA9.F$ 13.656 billion
Thirteen Billion Six Hundred Fifty Six Million One Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Nine
$1.077 billion more than Volvo Car AB ser. B
more by 8.57%
#19Volvo Car AB ser. BSymbol: VOLCAR-B.ST$ 12.578 billion
Twelve Billion Five Hundred Seventy Eight Million Three Hundred Eighty Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Two
$396.207 million more than Latour, Investmentab. ser. B
more by 3.25%
Consumer Cyclical
#20Latour, Investmentab. ser. BSymbol: LATO-B.ST$ 12.182 billion
Twelve Billion One Hundred Eighty Two Million One Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Four Hundred Nineteen
Financial Services