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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Spain country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Spain country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1Banco Santander, S.A. SponsoredSymbol: SAN$ 44.377 billion
Forty Four Billion Three Hundred Seventy Seven Million One Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Six Hundred Three
$19.524 billion more than Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
more by 78.56%
Financial Services
#2Banco Bilbao Vizcaya ArgentariaSymbol: BBVA$ 24.852 billion
Twenty Four Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Two Million Four Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Fifty Four
$821.461 million more than Telefonica SA
more by 3.42%
Financial Services
#3Telefonica SASymbol: TEF$ 24.030 billion
Twenty Four Billion Thirty Million Nine Hundred Sixty Five Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty
$2.312 billion more than ACCIONES IBERDROLA
more by 10.65%
Communication Services
#4ACCIONES IBERDROLASymbol: IBE.MC$ 21.718 billion
Twenty One Billion Seven Hundred Eighteen Million One Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Nine
$1.764 billion more than INDITEX INH. EO 0,03
more by 8.84%
#5INDITEX INH. EO 0,03Symbol: IXD1.F$ 19.953 billion
Nineteen Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Three Million Seven Hundred Sixty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Eight
$143.003 million more than REPSOL SA SPON ADR-EACH CNV INT
more by 0.72%
Consumer Cyclical
#6REPSOL SA SPON ADR-EACH CNV INTSymbol: REPYY$ 19.810 billion
Nineteen Billion Eight Hundred Ten Million Seven Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Five
$8.324 billion more than CAIXABANK, S.A.
more by 72.47%
#7CAIXABANK, S.A.Symbol: CABK.MC$ 11.486 billion
Eleven Billion Four Hundred Eighty Six Million Four Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand One Hundred Thirteen
$465.016 million more than ACS,ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCION
more by 4.22%
Financial Services
Eleven Billion Twenty One Million Four Hundred Sixty Two Thousand One Hundred Eighty Three
$903.726 million more than ENDESA INH. EO 1,20
more by 8.93%
#9ENDESA INH. EO 1,20Symbol: ENA.DE$ 10.117 billion
Ten Billion One Hundred Seventeen Million Seven Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Five Hundred Ten
$655.878 million more than ACCIONA, S.A.
more by 6.93%
#10ACCIONA, S.A.Symbol: ANA.MC$ 9.461 billion
Nine Billion Four Hundred Sixty One Million Eight Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Eight Hundred
$2.181 billion more than NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, S.A.
more by 29.97%
#11NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, S.A.Symbol: NTGY.MC$ 7.280 billion
Seven Billion Two Hundred Eighty Million Two Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Six Hundred Eighty One
$544.056 million more than FERROVIAL, S.A.
more by 8.08%
#12FERROVIAL, S.A.Symbol: FER.MC$ 6.736 billion
Six Billion Seven Hundred Thirty Six Million One Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Nine Hundred Fifteen
$969.840 million more than INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDATED AIRL
more by 16.82%
Five Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Six Million Three Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Three
$487.396 million more than FOMENT.CON.CONTR.INH.EO 1
more by 9.23%
#14FOMENT.CON.CONTR.INH.EO 1Symbol: FCC.F$ 5.278 billion
Five Billion Two Hundred Seventy Eight Million Nine Hundred Sixty Thousand Two Hundred Twenty One
$642.750 million more than BANCO DE SABADELL
more by 13.86%
#15BANCO DE SABADELLSymbol: SAB.MC$ 4.636 billion
Four Billion Six Hundred Thirty Six Million Two Hundred Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Seven
$253.530 million more than SACYR, S.A.
more by 5.78%
Financial Services
#16SACYR, S.A.Symbol: SCYR.MC$ 4.382 billion
Four Billion Three Hundred Eighty Two Million Six Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Four
$138.698 million more than GESTAMP AUTOMOCION, S.A.
more by 3.27%
#17GESTAMP AUTOMOCION, S.A.Symbol: GEST.MC$ 4.243 billion
Four Billion Two Hundred Forty Three Million Nine Hundred Eighty Thousand Three Hundred Ninety One
$468.373 million more than AENA, S.M.E., S.A.
more by 12.41%
Consumer Cyclical
#18AENA, S.M.E., S.A.Symbol: AENA.MC$ 3.775 billion
Three Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Five Million Six Hundred Six Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Two
$460.939 million more than ACERINOX, S.A.
more by 13.91%
#19ACERINOX, S.A.Symbol: ACX.MC$ 3.314 billion
Three Billion Three Hundred Fourteen Million Six Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Two
$208.225 million more than CELLNEX TELECOM, S.A.
more by 6.7%
Basic Materials
#20CELLNEX TELECOM, S.A.Symbol: CLNX.MC$ 3.106 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Six Million Four Hundred Forty One Thousand Five Hundred Sixty
Real Estate