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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Spain Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Spain country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1Banco Santander, S.A. SponsoredSymbol: SAN$ 386.398 billion
Three Hundred Eighty Six Billion Three Hundred Ninety Eight Million One Hundred Eighteen Thousand One Hundred Eighty Five
$327.194 billion more than CAIXABANK, S.A.
more by 552.66%
Financial Services
#2CAIXABANK, S.A.Symbol: CABK.MC$ 59.203 billion
Fifty Nine Billion Two Hundred Three Million Eight Hundred Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Eleven
$460.595 million more than Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
more by 0.78%
Financial Services
#3Banco Bilbao Vizcaya ArgentariaSymbol: BBVA$ 58.743 billion
Fifty Eight Billion Seven Hundred Forty Three Million Two Hundred Fourteen Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Five
$6.855 billion more than ACCIONES IBERDROLA
more by 13.21%
Financial Services
#4ACCIONES IBERDROLASymbol: IBE.MC$ 51.888 billion
Fifty One Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Eight Million Eighty Thousand Six Hundred Ninety One
$1.491 billion more than Telefonica SA
more by 2.96%
#5Telefonica SASymbol: TEF$ 50.396 billion
Fifty Billion Three Hundred Ninety Six Million Five Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Four
$21.588 billion more than BANCO DE SABADELL
more by 74.94%
Communication Services
#6BANCO DE SABADELLSymbol: SAB.MC$ 28.807 billion
Twenty Eight Billion Eight Hundred Seven Million Seven Hundred Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Three
$6.318 billion more than CELLNEX TELECOM, S.A.
more by 28.09%
Financial Services
#7CELLNEX TELECOM, S.A.Symbol: CLNX.MC$ 22.489 billion
Twenty Two Billion Four Hundred Eighty Nine Million Five Hundred Seventy One Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Six
$983.611 million more than INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDATED AIRL
more by 4.57%
Real Estate
Twenty One Billion Five Hundred Five Million Nine Hundred Sixty Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Four
$3.339 billion more than ENDESA INH. EO 1,20
more by 18.38%
#9ENDESA INH. EO 1,20Symbol: ENA.DE$ 18.166 billion
Eighteen Billion One Hundred Sixty Six Million Six Hundred Forty Thousand Five Hundred Sixty One
$624.173 million more than NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, S.A.
more by 3.56%
#10NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, S.A.Symbol: NTGY.MC$ 17.542 billion
Seventeen Billion Five Hundred Forty Two Million Four Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Fifteen
$4.369 billion more than REPSOL SA SPON ADR-EACH CNV INT
more by 33.17%
#11REPSOL SA SPON ADR-EACH CNV INTSymbol: REPYY$ 13.173 billion
Thirteen Billion One Hundred Seventy Three Million Two Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Eight Hundred One
$356.209 million more than FERROVIAL, S.A.
more by 2.78%
#12FERROVIAL, S.A.Symbol: FER.MC$ 12.817 billion
Twelve Billion Eight Hundred Seventeen Million Fifty Three Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Seven
$1.674 billion more than ACS,ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCION
more by 15.03%
Eleven Billion One Hundred Forty Two Million Five Hundred Fifty Thousand One Hundred Forty Eight
$615.970 million more than SACYR, S.A.
more by 5.85%
#14SACYR, S.A.Symbol: SCYR.MC$ 10.526 billion
Ten Billion Five Hundred Twenty Six Million Five Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand One Hundred Ninety
$1.535 billion more than AENA, S.M.E., S.A.
more by 17.08%
#15AENA, S.M.E., S.A.Symbol: AENA.MC$ 8.991 billion
Eight Billion Nine Hundred Ninety One Million Eighty Two Thousand Three Hundred Thirty One
$452.836 million more than ACCIONA, S.A.
more by 5.3%
#16ACCIONA, S.A.Symbol: ANA.MC$ 8.538 billion
Eight Billion Five Hundred Thirty Eight Million Two Hundred Forty Five Thousand Six Hundred Forty Four
$660.830 million more than BANKINTER, S.A.
more by 8.39%
#17BANKINTER, S.A.Symbol: BKT.MC$ 7.877 billion
Seven Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Seven Million Four Hundred Fifteen Thousand Six
$36.520 million more than EDP RENOVAVEIS
more by 0.47%
Financial Services
#18EDP RENOVAVEISSymbol: EDPR.LS$ 7.840 billion
Seven Billion Eight Hundred Forty Million Eight Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Six Hundred Twelve
$1.126 billion more than RED ELECTRICA CORPORACION, S.A.
more by 16.78%
#19RED ELECTRICA CORPORACION, S.A.Symbol: RED.MC$ 6.714 billion
Six Billion Seven Hundred Fourteen Million Seventy Seven Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Eight
$844.705 million more than INDITEX INH. EO 0,03
more by 14.39%
#20INDITEX INH. EO 0,03Symbol: IXD1.F$ 5.869 billion
Five Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Nine Million Three Hundred Seventy One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Four
Consumer Cyclical