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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Spain Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Spain country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1Banco Santander, S.A. SponsoredSymbol: SAN$ 463.025 billion
Four Hundred Sixty Three Billion Twenty Five Million Two Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty
$322.637 billion more than Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
more by 229.82%
Financial Services
#2Banco Bilbao Vizcaya ArgentariaSymbol: BBVA$ 140.387 billion
One Hundred Forty Billion Three Hundred Eighty Seven Million Four Hundred Seventy Thousand Five Hundred Seventy
$128.079 billion more than CAIXABANK, S.A.
more by 1040.59%
Financial Services
#3CAIXABANK, S.A.Symbol: CABK.MC$ 12.308 billion
Twelve Billion Three Hundred Eight Million Two Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Four
$1.077 billion more than ACS,ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCION
more by 9.59%
Financial Services
Eleven Billion Two Hundred Thirty One Million Two Hundred Eleven Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Nine
$360.104 million more than INDITEX INH. EO 0,03
more by 3.31%
#5INDITEX INH. EO 0,03Symbol: IXD1.F$ 10.871 billion
Ten Billion Eight Hundred Seventy One Million One Hundred Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety One
$16.173 million more than REPSOL SA SPON ADR-EACH CNV INT
more by 0.15%
Consumer Cyclical
#6REPSOL SA SPON ADR-EACH CNV INTSymbol: REPYY$ 10.854 billion
Ten Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Four Million Nine Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Forty
$541.236 million more than INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDATED AIRL
more by 5.25%
Ten Billion Three Hundred Thirteen Million Six Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty
$1.942 billion more than MAPFRE S.A. NOM. EO -,10
more by 23.21%
#8MAPFRE S.A. NOM. EO -,10Symbol: CMAB.F$ 8.371 billion
Eight Billion Three Hundred Seventy One Million Sixty Five Thousand Three Hundred Thirty One
$114.500 million more than Telefonica SA
more by 1.39%
Financial Services
#9Telefonica SASymbol: TEF$ 8.256 billion
Eight Billion Two Hundred Fifty Six Million Five Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Eight
$97.733 million more than BANCO DE SABADELL
more by 1.2%
Communication Services
#10BANCO DE SABADELLSymbol: SAB.MC$ 8.158 billion
Eight Billion One Hundred Fifty Eight Million Eight Hundred Thirty One Thousand One Hundred Sixty
$99.570 million more than ACCIONES IBERDROLA
more by 1.24%
Financial Services
#11ACCIONES IBERDROLASymbol: IBE.MC$ 8.059 billion
Eight Billion Fifty Nine Million Two Hundred Sixty Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Three
$192.902 million more than BANKINTER, S.A.
more by 2.45%
#12BANKINTER, S.A.Symbol: BKT.MC$ 7.866 billion
Seven Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Six Million Three Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Five
$665.314 million more than UNICAJA BANCO, S.A.
more by 9.24%
Financial Services
#13UNICAJA BANCO, S.A.Symbol: UNI.MC$ 7.201 billion
Seven Billion Two Hundred One Million Forty Four Thousand Sixty Seven
$1.711 billion more than FERROVIAL, S.A.
more by 31.17%
Financial Services
#14FERROVIAL, S.A.Symbol: FER.MC$ 5.490 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Ninety Million Six Hundred Twenty Eight
$1.092 billion more than NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, S.A.
more by 24.83%
#15NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, S.A.Symbol: NTGY.MC$ 4.397 billion
Four Billion Three Hundred Ninety Seven Million Eight Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Seven
$1.526 billion more than ACCIONA, S.A.
more by 53.17%
#16ACCIONA, S.A.Symbol: ANA.MC$ 2.871 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Seventy One Million One Hundred Forty Five Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Five
$578.527 million more than GRUPO CATALANA OCCIDENTE, S.A.
more by 25.23%
#17GRUPO CATALANA OCCIDENTE, S.A.Symbol: GCO.MC$ 2.292 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Ninety Two Million Six Hundred Seventeen Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Three
$141.900 million more than AMADEUS IT GROUP, S.A.
more by 6.6%
Financial Services
#18AMADEUS IT GROUP, S.A.Symbol: AMS.MC$ 2.150 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Fifty Million Seven Hundred Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Eight
$219.740 million more than SACYR, S.A.
more by 11.38%
Consumer Cyclical
#19SACYR, S.A.Symbol: SCYR.MC$ 1.930 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Million Nine Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Three Hundred Nine
$1.272 million more than GESTAMP AUTOMOCION, S.A.
more by 0.07%
#20GESTAMP AUTOMOCION, S.A.Symbol: GEST.MC$ 1.929 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Nine Million Seven Hundred Five Thousand One Hundred Eighty One
Consumer Cyclical