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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in South Korea country

List of the largest companies from South Korea country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95Symbol: SSU.F$ 228.789 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Eight Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Nine Million One Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Nine
$120.895 billion more than HYUNDAI MOT.0,5N.VTG GDRS
more by 112.05%
#2HYUNDAI MOT.0,5N.VTG GDRSSymbol: HYU.F$ 107.893 billion
One Hundred Seven Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Three Million Three Hundred Forty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Six
$10.524 billion more than SK
more by 10.81%
Consumer Cyclical
#3SKSymbol: 034730.KS$ 97.368 billion
Ninety Seven Billion Three Hundred Sixty Eight Million Three Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Five
$33.212 billion more than POSCO Holdings Inc.
more by 51.77%
#4POSCO Holdings Inc.Symbol: PKX$ 64.155 billion
Sixty Four Billion One Hundred Fifty Five Million Nine Hundred Six Thousand Nine Hundred Sixteen
$971.157 million more than LGELECTRONICS
more by 1.54%
Basic Materials
#5LGELECTRONICSSymbol: 066570.KS$ 63.184 billion
Sixty Three Billion One Hundred Eighty Four Million Seven Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Sixty One
$2.183 billion more than KIA CORP.
more by 3.58%
#6KIA CORP.Symbol: 000270.KS$ 61.001 billion
Sixty One Billion One Million Five Hundred Twenty Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Three
$6.019 billion more than SK Innovation
more by 10.95%
Consumer Cyclical
#7SK InnovationSymbol: 096770.KS$ 54.981 billion
Fifty Four Billion Nine Hundred Eighty One Million Nine Hundred Forty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Three
$1.029 billion more than Korea Electric Power Corporatio
more by 1.91%
#8Korea Electric Power CorporatioSymbol: KEP$ 53.952 billion
Fifty Three Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Two Million Nine Hundred Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty One
$7.103 billion more than ShinhanGroup
more by 15.16%
#9ShinhanGroupSymbol: 055550.KS$ 46.849 billion
Forty Six Billion Eight Hundred Forty Nine Million Four Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Two
$2.123 billion more than Hanwha
more by 4.75%
Financial Services
#10HanwhaSymbol: 000880.KS$ 44.726 billion
Forty Four Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Six Million Fifty Thousand Three Hundred Seventy
$4.746 billion more than HD HYUNDAI
more by 11.87%
#11HD HYUNDAISymbol: 267250.KS$ 39.979 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Nine Million Six Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Eight
$686.558 million more than Mobis
more by 1.75%
#12MobisSymbol: 012330.KS$ 39.293 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Two Hundred Ninety Three Million Sixty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Six
$1.953 billion more than SK hynix
more by 5.23%
Consumer Cyclical
#13SK hynixSymbol: 000660.KS$ 37.339 billion
Thirty Seven Billion Three Hundred Thirty Nine Million Eight Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Nine
$244.942 million more than LGCHEM
more by 0.66%
#14LGCHEMSymbol: 051910.KS$ 37.094 billion
Thirty Seven Billion Ninety Four Million Nine Hundred Fifty One Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Five
$1.218 billion more than MERITZ SECU
more by 3.4%
Basic Materials
#15MERITZ SECUSymbol: 008560.KS$ 35.876 billion
Thirty Five Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Six Million Four Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Forty
$3.202 billion more than Kogas
more by 9.8%
Financial Services
#16KogasSymbol: 036460.KS$ 32.673 billion
Thirty Two Billion Six Hundred Seventy Three Million Nine Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty
$. thousand more than SAMSUNG C&T(1PB)
more by 0%
#17SAMSUNG C&T(1PB)Symbol: 02826K.KS$ 32.673 billion
Thirty Two Billion Six Hundred Seventy Three Million Three Hundred Seventy One Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Five
$2.284 billion more than S-Oil
more by 7.52%
#18S-OilSymbol: 010950.KS$ 30.388 billion
Thirty Billion Three Hundred Eighty Eight Million Three Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Two
$409.351 million more than CJ
more by 1.37%
#19CJSymbol: 001040.KS$ 29.979 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Nine Million Twenty Three Thousand Three Hundred Fifty
$297.639 million more than POSCO INTERNATIONAL
more by 1%
#20POSCO INTERNATIONALSymbol: 047050.KS$ 29.681 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Six Hundred Eighty One Million Three Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Nine