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Companies analyzed: 39,200

South Korea Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from South Korea country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1HANAFINANCIALGRSymbol: 086790.KS$ 135.400 billion
One Hundred Thirty Five Billion Four Hundred Million One Hundred Twenty One Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Seven
$48.173 billion more than SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95
more by 55.23%
Financial Services
#2SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95Symbol: SSU.F$ 87.227 billion
Eighty Seven Billion Two Hundred Twenty Seven Million Fifty Six Thousand One Hundred Thirty One
$1.589 billion more than IBK
more by 1.86%
#3IBKSymbol: 024110.KS$ 85.637 billion
Eighty Five Billion Six Hundred Thirty Seven Million Three Hundred Twenty One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Six
$7.285 billion more than KB Financial Group Inc
more by 9.3%
Financial Services
#4KB Financial Group IncSymbol: KB$ 78.351 billion
Seventy Eight Billion Three Hundred Fifty One Million Nine Hundred Sixteen Thousand Four Hundred Forty Two
$15.018 billion more than ShinhanGroup
more by 23.71%
Financial Services
#5ShinhanGroupSymbol: 055550.KS$ 63.333 billion
Sixty Three Billion Three Hundred Thirty Three Million Three Hundred Thirty Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Five
$18.034 billion more than Woori Financial Group Inc.
more by 39.81%
Financial Services
#6Woori Financial Group Inc.Symbol: WF$ 45.298 billion
Forty Five Billion Two Hundred Ninety Eight Million Eight Hundred Eighty Thousand Seven Hundred Nineteen
$376.679 million more than Meritz Financial
more by 0.84%
Financial Services
#7Meritz FinancialSymbol: 138040.KS$ 44.922 billion
Forty Four Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Two Million Two Hundred Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Four
$4.883 billion more than MIRAE ASSET SEC
more by 12.2%
Financial Services
#8MIRAE ASSET SECSymbol: 006800.KS$ 40.039 billion
Forty Billion Thirty Nine Million One Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Eighty
$9.476 billion more than DaouTech
more by 31.01%
#9DaouTechSymbol: 023590.KS$ 30.562 billion
Thirty Billion Five Hundred Sixty Two Million Two Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Five Hundred Fourteen
$6.264 billion more than HYUNDAI MOT.0,5N.VTG GDRS
more by 25.78%
#10HYUNDAI MOT.0,5N.VTG GDRSSymbol: HYU.F$ 24.297 billion
Twenty Four Billion Two Hundred Ninety Seven Million Nine Hundred Forty One Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Three
$1.726 billion more than NHIS
more by 7.65%
Consumer Cyclical
#11NHISSymbol: 005940.KS$ 22.571 billion
Twenty Two Billion Five Hundred Seventy One Million Three Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Two Hundred Forty Two
$1.171 billion more than MERITZ SECU
more by 5.48%
Financial Services
#12MERITZ SECUSymbol: 008560.KS$ 21.399 billion
Twenty One Billion Three Hundred Ninety Nine Million Five Hundred Eleven Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Four
$1.192 billion more than DGB Financial Group
more by 5.9%
Financial Services
#13DGB Financial GroupSymbol: 139130.KS$ 20.206 billion
Twenty Billion Two Hundred Six Million Five Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Four
$172.483 million more than SamsungSecu
more by 0.86%
Financial Services
#14SamsungSecuSymbol: 016360.KS$ 20.034 billion
Twenty Billion Thirty Four Million Fifty Thousand Four Hundred Seventeen
$931.369 million more than BNK Financial Group
more by 4.88%
Financial Services
#15BNK Financial GroupSymbol: 138930.KS$ 19.102 billion
Nineteen Billion One Hundred Two Million Six Hundred Eighty One Thousand One Hundred Seventy Eight
$1.231 billion more than SK
more by 6.89%
Financial Services
#16SKSymbol: 034730.KS$ 17.871 billion
Seventeen Billion Eight Hundred Seventy One Million Two Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand One Hundred Twenty Three
$2.412 billion more than KIA CORP.
more by 15.61%
#17KIA CORP.Symbol: 000270.KS$ 15.458 billion
Fifteen Billion Four Hundred Fifty Eight Million Three Hundred Forty Three Thousand Six Hundred One
$1.298 billion more than KIWOOM
more by 9.17%
Consumer Cyclical
#18KIWOOMSymbol: 039490.KS$ 14.159 billion
Fourteen Billion One Hundred Fifty Nine Million Nine Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand One Hundred
$733.340 million more than HANWHA LIFE
more by 5.46%
Financial Services
#19HANWHA LIFESymbol: 088350.KS$ 13.426 billion
Thirteen Billion Four Hundred Twenty Six Million Six Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Twenty One
$1.437 billion more than HMM
more by 11.99%
Financial Services
#20HMMSymbol: 011200.KS$ 11.989 billion
Eleven Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Nine Million Sixty Six Thousand Ninety Four