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Companies analyzed: 39,200

South America Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from South America continent rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextCountry
#1BRASIL ON NMSymbol: BBAS3.SA$ 84.520 billion
Eighty Four Billion Five Hundred Twenty Million Four Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Four
$6.081 billion more than ITAUUNIBANCOON N1
more by 7.75%
#2ITAUUNIBANCOON N1Symbol: ITUB3.SA$ 78.438 billion
Seventy Eight Billion Four Hundred Thirty Eight Million Five Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Three
$43.712 billion more than BTGP BANCO ON N2
more by 125.88%
#3BTGP BANCO ON N2Symbol: BPAC3.SA$ 34.726 billion
Thirty Four Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Six Million Four Hundred Seventeen Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Two
$6.284 billion more than BRADESCO ON EJ N1
more by 22.1%
#4BRADESCO ON EJ N1Symbol: BBDC3.SA$ 28.441 billion
Twenty Eight Billion Four Hundred Forty One Million Six Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Five Hundred Five
$7.378 billion more than SANTANDER BRON
more by 35.03%
#5SANTANDER BRONSymbol: SANB3.SA$ 21.062 billion
Twenty One Billion Sixty Two Million Eight Hundred Twenty Thousand Six Hundred Three
$626.972 million more than XP Inc.
more by 3.07%
#6XP Inc.Symbol: XP$ 20.435 billion
Twenty Billion Four Hundred Thirty Five Million Eight Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Six
$4.734 billion more than BCO CREDITO INVERS
more by 30.15%
#7BCO CREDITO INVERSSymbol: BCI.SN$ 15.701 billion
Fifteen Billion Seven Hundred One Million Seven Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Nineteen
$4.269 billion more than SCOTIABANK CHILE
more by 37.34%
Eleven Billion Four Hundred Thirty Two Million Four Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Four Hundred Eighty One
$788.470 million more than PETROBRAS ON N2
more by 7.41%
#9PETROBRAS ON N2Symbol: PETR3.SA$ 10.644 billion
Ten Billion Six Hundred Forty Four Million Twenty One Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Eight
$515.388 million more than ITAU CORPBANCA
more by 5.09%
#10ITAU CORPBANCASymbol: ITAUCORP.SN$ 10.128 billion
Ten Billion One Hundred Twenty Eight Million Six Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Two
$4.176 billion more than GRUPO AVAL ACCIONE
more by 70.16%
#11GRUPO AVAL ACCIONESymbol: PFAVAL.CL$ 5.952 billion
Five Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Two Million Four Hundred Eleven Thousand One Hundred Seventy Seven
$1.211 billion more than VALE ON NM
more by 25.54%
#12VALE ON NMSymbol: VALE3.SA$ 4.741 billion
Four Billion Seven Hundred Forty One Million Three Hundred Forty Seven Thousand One
$267.054 million more than Centrais Electricas Brasileiras
more by 5.97%
#13Centrais Electricas BrasileirasSymbol: EBR-B$ 4.474 billion
Four Billion Four Hundred Seventy Four Million Two Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Four Hundred Twenty One
$213.779 million more than MARFRIG ON NM
more by 5.02%
#14MARFRIG ON NMSymbol: MRFG3.SA$ 4.260 billion
Four Billion Two Hundred Sixty Million Five Hundred Thirteen Thousand Fifty Eight
$19.745 million more than NU HLDGS CL.A DL-,000066
more by 0.47%
#15NU HLDGS CL.A DL-,000066Symbol: M1Z.MU$ 4.240 billion
Four Billion Two Hundred Forty Million Seven Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand
$479.821 million more than Credicorp Ltd.
more by 12.76%
#16Credicorp Ltd.Symbol: BAP$ 3.760 billion
Three Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Million Nine Hundred Forty Six Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Four
$155.543 million more than Sociedad Quimica y Minera S.A.
more by 4.31%
#17Sociedad Quimica y Minera S.A.Symbol: SQM$ 3.605 billion
Three Billion Six Hundred Five Million Four Hundred Two Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty
$193.424 million more than ECOPETROL SA
more by 5.67%
#18ECOPETROL SASymbol: ECOPETROL.CL$ 3.411 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Eleven Million Nine Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Sixty Four
$47.997 million more than BANCO DAVIVIENDA S
more by 1.43%
#19BANCO DAVIVIENDA SSymbol: PFDAVVNDA.CL$ 3.363 billion
Three Billion Three Hundred Sixty Three Million Nine Hundred Eighty Thousand Eighty Nine
$133.895 million more than SUZANO S.A. ON NM
more by 4.15%
#20SUZANO S.A. ON NMSymbol: SUZB3.SA$ 3.230 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Thirty Million Eighty Four Thousand Five Hundred Sixty