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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Singapore Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Singapore country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1DBS GROUP HLDGS LTDSymbol: DBSDF$ 102.815 billion
One Hundred Two Billion Eight Hundred Fifteen Million Eight Hundred Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty One
$60.470 billion more than UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LTD
more by 142.8%
Financial Services
#2UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LTDSymbol: UOVEF$ 42.345 billion
Forty Two Billion Three Hundred Forty Five Million Six Hundred Twelve Thousand Six Hundred Four
$11.916 billion more than Wilmar Intl
more by 39.16%
Financial Services
#3Wilmar IntlSymbol: F34.SI$ 30.429 billion
Thirty Billion Four Hundred Twenty Nine Million One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Eight
$2.115 billion more than OCBC Bank
more by 7.47%
Consumer Defensive
#4OCBC BankSymbol: O39.SI$ 28.313 billion
Twenty Eight Billion Three Hundred Thirteen Million Eight Hundred Ninety One Thousand Three Hundred Ninety
$13.155 billion more than BOC AVIATION
more by 86.79%
Financial Services
#5BOC AVIATIONSymbol: 2588.HK$ 15.158 billion
Fifteen Billion One Hundred Fifty Eight Million Two Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Four
$2.399 billion more than FRASERS PROPERTY LIMITED
more by 18.8%
#6FRASERS PROPERTY LIMITEDSymbol: TQ5.SI$ 12.759 billion
Twelve Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Nine Million Seventy Five Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty
$629.335 million more than Olam Group
more by 5.19%
Real Estate
#7Olam GroupSymbol: VC2.SI$ 12.129 billion
Twelve Billion One Hundred Twenty Nine Million Seven Hundred Forty Thousand Seventy Six
$370.001 million more than SIA
more by 3.15%
Consumer Defensive
#8SIASymbol: C6L.SI$ 11.759 billion
Eleven Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Nine Million Seven Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Three
$2.375 billion more than CapitaLandInvest
more by 25.31%
#9CapitaLandInvestSymbol: 9CI.SI$ 9.384 billion
Nine Billion Three Hundred Eighty Four Million Two Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Five
more by 12.52%
Real Estate
Eight Billion Three Hundred Forty Million Twenty Three Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Six
$550.955 million more than KEPPEL CORP SPON ADR-EACH CNV I
more by 7.07%
Communication Services
#11KEPPEL CORP SPON ADR-EACH CNV ISymbol: KPELY$ 7.789 billion
Seven Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Nine Million Sixty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Two
$61.847 million more than CITY DEVELOPMENTS SPND ADR-EACH
more by 0.8%
Seven Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Seven Million Two Hundred Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Four
$479.172 million more than CAPITALAND INTEGRATED COM TRUST
more by 6.61%
Real Estate
Seven Billion Two Hundred Forty Eight Million Forty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Five
$640.775 million more than Yanlord Land
more by 9.7%
Real Estate
#14Yanlord LandSymbol: Z25.SI$ 6.607 billion
Six Billion Six Hundred Seven Million Two Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Sixty Eight
$503.472 million more than Jardine C&C
more by 8.25%
Real Estate
#15Jardine C&CSymbol: C07.SI$ 6.103 billion
Six Billion One Hundred Three Million Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Eight
$620.061 million more than Sembcorp Ind
more by 11.31%
Consumer Cyclical
#16Sembcorp IndSymbol: U96.SI$ 5.483 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Eighty Three Million Seven Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Two
$423.086 million more than CapLand Ascendas REIT
more by 8.36%
#17CapLand Ascendas REITSymbol: A17U.SI$ 5.060 billion
Five Billion Sixty Million Six Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Nine
$44.271 million more than Mapletree PanAsia Com Tr
more by 0.88%
Real Estate
#18Mapletree PanAsia Com TrSymbol: N2IU.SI$ 5.016 billion
Five Billion Sixteen Million Three Hundred Eighty One Thousand Three Hundred Ninety
$145.687 million more than ST Engineering
more by 2.99%
Real Estate
#19ST EngineeringSymbol: S63.SI$ 4.870 billion
Four Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Million Six Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Six
$355.693 million more than Flex Ltd.
more by 7.88%
#20Flex Ltd.Symbol: FLEX$ 4.514 billion
Four Billion Five Hundred Fourteen Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Eight