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Largest Companies by Revenue in Saudi Arabia country

List of the largest companies from Saudi Arabia country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1Saudi Arabian Oil Co.Symbol: 2222.SR$ 603.415 billion
Six Hundred Three Billion Four Hundred Fifteen Million Twenty Thousand Eighty Nine
$550.573 billion more than Saudi Basic Industries Corp.
more by 1041.94%
#2Saudi Basic Industries Corp.Symbol: 2010.SR$ 52.841 billion
Fifty Two Billion Eight Hundred Forty One Million One Hundred Eighty Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Eight
$33.650 billion more than Saudi Electricity Co.
more by 175.34%
Basic Materials
#3Saudi Electricity Co.Symbol: 5110.SR$ 19.190 billion
Nineteen Billion One Hundred Ninety Million Nine Hundred Thirty Thousand Eight Hundred Eleven
$1.237 billion more than Saudi Telecom Co.
more by 6.89%
#4Saudi Telecom Co.Symbol: 7010.SR$ 17.953 billion
Seventeen Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Three Million Four Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Sixty Two
$2.441 billion more than Rabigh Refining and Petrochemic
more by 15.74%
Communication Services
#5Rabigh Refining and PetrochemicSymbol: 2380.SR$ 15.512 billion
Fifteen Billion Five Hundred Twelve Million Two Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Five
$4.788 billion more than Saudi Arabian Mining Co.
more by 44.65%
#6Saudi Arabian Mining Co.Symbol: 1211.SR$ 10.723 billion
Ten Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Three Million Six Hundred Sixty Three Thousand One Hundred Eighty Seven
$2.385 billion more than The Saudi National Bank
more by 28.61%
Basic Materials
#7The Saudi National BankSymbol: 1180.SR$ 8.338 billion
Eight Billion Three Hundred Thirty Eight Million Three Hundred Fifteen Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Five
$828.731 million more than Savola Group
more by 11.04%
Financial Services
#8Savola GroupSymbol: 2050.SR$ 7.509 billion
Seven Billion Five Hundred Nine Million Five Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Five Hundred Twenty One
$434.399 million more than Al Rajhi Bank
more by 6.14%
Consumer Defensive
#9Al Rajhi BankSymbol: 1120.SR$ 7.075 billion
Seven Billion Seventy Five Million One Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Fifteen
$2.021 billion more than SABIC Agri-Nutrients Co.
more by 40%
Financial Services
#10SABIC Agri-Nutrients Co.Symbol: 2020.SR$ 5.053 billion
Five Billion Fifty Three Million Five Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Eight
$68.843 million more than Almarai Co.
more by 1.38%
Basic Materials
#11Almarai Co.Symbol: 2280.SR$ 4.984 billion
Four Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Four Million Seven Hundred Forty Five Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Seven
$812.943 million more than Etihad Etisalat Co.
more by 19.49%
Consumer Defensive
#12Etihad Etisalat Co.Symbol: 7020.SR$ 4.171 billion
Four Billion One Hundred Seventy One Million Eight Hundred One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Five
$456.393 million more than Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Ins
more by 12.28%
Communication Services
#13Bupa Arabia for Cooperative InsSymbol: 8210.SR$ 3.715 billion
Three Billion Seven Hundred Fifteen Million Four Hundred Eight Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Six
$332.436 million more than Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Co.
more by 9.83%
Financial Services
#14Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Co.Symbol: 2350.SR$ 3.382 billion
Three Billion Three Hundred Eighty Two Million Nine Hundred Seventy One Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Seven
$93.202 million more than Aldrees Petroleum and Transport
more by 2.83%
Basic Materials
#15Aldrees Petroleum and TransportSymbol: 4200.SR$ 3.289 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Eighty Nine Million Seven Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Seven
$12.361 million more than Riyad Bank
more by 0.38%
Consumer Cyclical
#16Riyad BankSymbol: 1010.SR$ 3.277 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Seventy Seven Million Four Hundred Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy One
$547.409 million more than Sahara International Petrochemi
more by 20.05%
Financial Services
#17Sahara International PetrochemiSymbol: 2310.SR$ 2.729 billion
Two Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Nine Million Nine Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Five
$68.723 million more than The Company for Cooperative Ins
more by 2.58%
Basic Materials
#18The Company for Cooperative InsSymbol: 8010.SR$ 2.661 billion
Two Billion Six Hundred Sixty One Million Two Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Two
$114.422 million more than Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Co.
more by 4.49%
Financial Services
#19Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Co.Symbol: 4001.SR$ 2.546 billion
Two Billion Five Hundred Forty Six Million Eight Hundred Fifty One Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Seven
$115.347 million more than Jarir Marketing Co.
more by 4.74%
Consumer Defensive
#20Jarir Marketing Co.Symbol: 4190.SR$ 2.431 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Thirty One Million Five Hundred Four Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Six
Consumer Cyclical