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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Saudi Arabia Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Saudi Arabia country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1Saudi Arabian Oil Co.Symbol: 2222.SR$ 135.575 billion
One Hundred Thirty Five Billion Five Hundred Seventy Five Million Eight Hundred Six Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Seven
$122.591 billion more than Saudi Basic Industries Corp.
more by 944.15%
#2Saudi Basic Industries Corp.Symbol: 2010.SR$ 12.984 billion
Twelve Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Four Million Three Hundred Nineteen Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Seven
$558.912 million more than Riyad Bank
more by 4.5%
Basic Materials
#3Riyad BankSymbol: 1010.SR$ 12.425 billion
Twelve Billion Four Hundred Twenty Five Million Four Hundred Six Thousand Six Hundred Three
$1.573 billion more than The Saudi National Bank
more by 14.5%
Financial Services
#4The Saudi National BankSymbol: 1180.SR$ 10.851 billion
Ten Billion Eight Hundred Fifty One Million Five Hundred Twenty Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Two
$2.815 billion more than Al Rajhi Bank
more by 35.03%
Financial Services
#5Al Rajhi BankSymbol: 1120.SR$ 8.036 billion
Eight Billion Thirty Six Million Ninety Nine Thousand Three Hundred Nineteen
$430.941 million more than Saudi Telecom Co.
more by 5.67%
Financial Services
#6Saudi Telecom Co.Symbol: 7010.SR$ 7.605 billion
Seven Billion Six Hundred Five Million One Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Twenty One
$3.234 billion more than Saudi Arabian Mining Co.
more by 73.99%
Communication Services
#7Saudi Arabian Mining Co.Symbol: 1211.SR$ 4.370 billion
Four Billion Three Hundred Seventy Million Nine Hundred Fifty Four Thousand Two Hundred Two
$912.665 million more than SABIC Agri-Nutrients Co.
more by 26.39%
Basic Materials
#8SABIC Agri-Nutrients Co.Symbol: 2020.SR$ 3.458 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Fifty Eight Million Two Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand One Hundred Eight
$9.829 million more than Arab National Bank
more by 0.29%
Basic Materials
#9Arab National BankSymbol: 1080.SR$ 3.448 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Forty Eight Million Four Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Four
$150.076 million more than Banque Saudi Fransi
more by 4.55%
Financial Services
#10Banque Saudi FransiSymbol: 1050.SR$ 3.298 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Ninety Eight Million Three Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Nine
$657.256 million more than Bank Albilad
more by 24.89%
Financial Services
#11Bank AlbiladSymbol: 1140.SR$ 2.641 billion
Two Billion Six Hundred Forty One Million One Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Seven
$506.556 million more than Saudi Investment Bank
more by 23.73%
Financial Services
#12Saudi Investment BankSymbol: 1030.SR$ 2.134 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Thirty Four Million Five Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Thirteen
$413.393 million more than ACWA POWER Co.
more by 24.02%
Financial Services
#13ACWA POWER Co.Symbol: 2082.SR$ 1.721 billion
One Billion Seven Hundred Twenty One Million One Hundred Seventy Six Thousand One Hundred Twenty
$141.675 million more than Dar Alarkan Real Estate Develop
more by 8.97%
#14Dar Alarkan Real Estate DevelopSymbol: 4300.SR$ 1.579 billion
One Billion Five Hundred Seventy Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Eight
$21.824 million more than Saudi British Bank
more by 1.4%
Real Estate
#15Saudi British BankSymbol: 1060.SR$ 1.557 billion
One Billion Five Hundred Fifty Seven Million Six Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Three
$165.577 million more than Alinma Bank
more by 11.89%
Financial Services
#16Alinma BankSymbol: 1150.SR$ 1.392 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Ninety Two Million Ninety Nine Thousand Four Hundred Three
$213.037 million more than Rabigh Refining and Petrochemic
more by 18.07%
Financial Services
#17Rabigh Refining and PetrochemicSymbol: 2380.SR$ 1.179 billion
One Billion One Hundred Seventy Nine Million Sixty Two Thousand Ninety One
$137.122 million more than Bank Aljazira
more by 13.16%
#18Bank AljaziraSymbol: 1020.SR$ 1.041 billion
One Billion Forty One Million Nine Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand One Hundred Eighty Eight
$37.236 million more than National Industrialization Co.
more by 3.71%
Financial Services
#19National Industrialization Co.Symbol: 2060.SR$ 1.004 billion
One Billion Four Million Seven Hundred Two Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Five
$26.771 million more than Yanbu National Petrochemical Co
more by 2.74%
Basic Materials
#20Yanbu National Petrochemical CoSymbol: 2290.SR$ 977.931 million
Nine Hundred Seventy Seven Million Nine Hundred Thirty One Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Three
Basic Materials