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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Qatar by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Qatar country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1Qatar National Bank QPSCSymbol: QNBK.QA$ 39.852 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Two Million Six Hundred Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Three
$18.583 billion more than Industries Qatar QPSC
more by 87.38%
Financial Services
#2Industries Qatar QPSCSymbol: IQCD.QA$ 21.268 billion
Twenty One Billion Two Hundred Sixty Eight Million Seven Hundred Forty One Thousand One Hundred Twenty
$9.859 billion more than Qatar Islamic Bank QPSC
more by 86.42%
Basic Materials
#3Qatar Islamic Bank QPSCSymbol: QIBK.QA$ 11.409 billion
Eleven Billion Four Hundred Nine Million Three Hundred One Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Six
$3.226 billion more than Ooredoo QPSC
more by 39.43%
Financial Services
#4Ooredoo QPSCSymbol: ORDS.QA$ 8.182 billion
Eight Billion One Hundred Eighty Two Million Five Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Five Hundred Eighty One
$1.426 billion more than Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding
more by 21.12%
Communication Services
#5Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Symbol: MPHC.QA$ 6.755 billion
Six Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Five Million Nine Hundred Ninety Six Thousand One Hundred Forty One
$132.887 million more than Masraf Al Rayan QPSC
more by 2.01%
Basic Materials
#6Masraf Al Rayan QPSCSymbol: MARK.QA$ 6.623 billion
Six Billion Six Hundred Twenty Three Million One Hundred Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Five
$460.107 million more than Ezdan Holding Group QPSC
more by 7.47%
Financial Services
#7Ezdan Holding Group QPSCSymbol: ERES.QA$ 6.163 billion
Six Billion One Hundred Sixty Three Million One Thousand Four Hundred Twenty One
$1.178 billion more than Qatar Electricity and Water QPS
more by 23.63%
Real Estate
#8Qatar Electricity and Water QPSSymbol: QEWS.QA$ 4.984 billion
Four Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Four Million Eight Hundred Sixty One Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Six
$57.851 million more than Qatar Gas Transport Ltd QPSC
more by 1.17%
#9Qatar Gas Transport Ltd QPSCSymbol: QGTS.QA$ 4.927 billion
Four Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Seven Million Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Seven
$429.540 million more than Qatar Fuel QPSC
more by 9.55%
#10Qatar Fuel QPSCSymbol: QFLS.QA$ 4.497 billion
Four Billion Four Hundred Ninety Seven Million Four Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Six
$464.869 million more than Qatar International Islamic Ban
more by 11.53%
#11Qatar International Islamic BanSymbol: QIIK.QA$ 4.032 billion
Four Billion Thirty Two Million Five Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty One
$1.280 billion more than Barwa Real Estate QPSC
more by 46.54%
Financial Services
#12Barwa Real Estate QPSCSymbol: BRES.QA$ 2.751 billion
Two Billion Seven Hundred Fifty One Million Nine Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Three
$8.848 million more than Ahli BanK QPSC
more by 0.32%
Real Estate
#13Ahli BanK QPSCSymbol: ABQK.QA$ 2.743 billion
Two Billion Seven Hundred Forty Three Million One Hundred Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Five
$103.223 million more than Qatar Navigation QPSC
more by 3.91%
Financial Services
#14Qatar Navigation QPSCSymbol: QNNS.QA$ 2.639 billion
Two Billion Six Hundred Thirty Nine Million Eight Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Seven Hundred Forty One
$367.093 million more than Qatar Aluminium Manufacturing Q
more by 16.15%
#15Qatar Aluminium Manufacturing QSymbol: QAMC.QA$ 2.272 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Seventy Two Million Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Six Hundred Thirteen
$359.575 million more than Vodafone Qatar PQSC
more by 18.79%
Basic Materials
#16Vodafone Qatar PQSCSymbol: VFQS.QA$ 1.913 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Thirteen Million Two Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Nine
$133.150 million more than Estithmar Holding QPSC
more by 7.48%
Communication Services
#17Estithmar Holding QPSCSymbol: IGRD.QA$ 1.780 billion
One Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Million Seventy Three Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Four
$334.962 million more than Qatar Insurance QSPC
more by 23.18%
#18Qatar Insurance QSPCSymbol: QATI.QA$ 1.445 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Forty Five Million One Hundred Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Two
$28.010 million more than Aamal QPSC
more by 1.98%
Financial Services
#19Aamal QPSCSymbol: AHCS.QA$ 1.417 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Seventeen Million One Hundred One Thousand Four Hundred Seventeen
$74.226 million more than Doha Bank QPSC
more by 5.53%
#20Doha Bank QPSCSymbol: DHBK.QA$ 1.342 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Forty Two Million Eight Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Nine
Financial Services