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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Portugal Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Portugal country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1GALP ENERGIA-NOMSymbol: GALP.LS$ 3.519 billion
Three Billion Five Hundred Nineteen Million Four Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Three
$112.584 million more than EDP-ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL SA SPO
more by 3.3%
Three Billion Four Hundred Six Million Nine Hundred Five Thousand Fifty Seven
$2.120 billion more than J.MARTINS,SGPS
more by 164.82%
#3J.MARTINS,SGPSSymbol: JMT.LS$ 1.286 billion
One Billion Two Hundred Eighty Six Million Four Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Sixty Five
$416.181 million more than SEMAPA
more by 47.82%
Consumer Defensive
#4SEMAPASymbol: SEM.LS$ 870.296 million
Eight Hundred Seventy Million Two Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty
$110.334 million more than THE NAVIGATOR COMP
more by 14.52%
Basic Materials
#5THE NAVIGATOR COMPSymbol: NVG.LS$ 759.962 million
Seven Hundred Fifty Nine Million Nine Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Two Hundred Twenty
$152.226 million more than NOS, SGPS, SA
more by 25.05%
Basic Materials
#6NOS, SGPS, SASymbol: NOS.LS$ 607.735 million
Six Hundred Seven Million Seven Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Two
$128.782 million more than REN
more by 26.89%
Communication Services
#7RENSymbol: RENE.LS$ 478.953 million
Four Hundred Seventy Eight Million Nine Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Eight
$11.195 million more than SONAE
more by 2.39%
#8SONAESymbol: SON.LS$ 467.757 million
Four Hundred Sixty Seven Million Seven Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Eight
$69.405 million more than MOTA ENGIL
more by 17.42%
Consumer Cyclical
#9MOTA ENGILSymbol: EGL.LS$ 398.352 million
Three Hundred Ninety Eight Million Three Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Two
$129.970 million more than ALTRI SGPS
more by 48.43%
#10ALTRI SGPSSymbol: ALTR.LS$ 268.381 million
Two Hundred Sixty Eight Million Three Hundred Eighty One Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Five
$94.192 million more than Corticeira Amorim-SGPS
more by 54.08%
Basic Materials
#11Corticeira Amorim-SGPSSymbol: COR.LS$ 174.189 million
One Hundred Seventy Four Million One Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Forty Four
$31.162 million more than CTT-CORREIOS DE PORTUGAL, SA
more by 21.79%
Basic Materials
#12CTT-CORREIOS DE PORTUGAL, SASymbol: CTT.LS$ 143.026 million
One Hundred Forty Three Million Twenty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty
$47.510 million more than GREENVOLT ENERGIAS RENOVAVEIS
more by 49.74%
Ninety Five Million Five Hundred Sixteen Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Nine
$38.851 million more than Inapa-Inv.Part.Gestão
more by 68.56%
#14Inapa-Inv.Part.GestãoSymbol: INA.LS$ 56.664 million
Fifty Six Million Six Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Two
$10.459 million more than Toyota Caetano
more by 22.64%
Basic Materials
#15Toyota CaetanoSymbol: SCT.LS$ 46.205 million
Forty Six Million Two Hundred Five Thousand One Hundred Thirty One
$. thousand more than Estoril-Sol SGPS-Nominativas
more by 0.79%
Consumer Cyclical
#16Estoril-Sol SGPS-NominativasSymbol: ESON.LS$ 45.841 million
Forty Five Million Eight Hundred Forty One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Four
$7.955 million more than Ibersol-SGPS
more by 21%
Consumer Cyclical
#17Ibersol-SGPSSymbol: IBS.LS$ 37.886 million
Thirty Seven Million Eight Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Three Hundred Twelve
$6.395 million more than RAMADA INVESTIMENTOS E INDUSTRI
more by 20.31%
Consumer Cyclical
Thirty One Million Four Hundred Ninety Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Seven
$8.905 million more than SONAGI
more by 39.43%
Basic Materials
#19SONAGISymbol: SNG.LS$ 22.585 million
Twenty Two Million Five Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Three Hundred Ninety One
$5.484 million more than VAA VISTA ALEGRE
more by 32.07%
Real Estate
#20VAA VISTA ALEGRESymbol: VAF.LS$ 17.101 million
Seventeen Million One Hundred One Thousand Three Hundred Forty
Consumer Cyclical