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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Portugal by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Portugal country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
Twenty One Billion Five Hundred Eighty Nine Million Three Hundred Nineteen Thousand Six Hundred Eighty
$7.326 billion more than J.MARTINS,SGPS
more by 51.36%
#2J.MARTINS,SGPSSymbol: JMT.LS$ 14.263 billion
Fourteen Billion Two Hundred Sixty Three Million One Hundred Fifty Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty
$6.146 billion more than GALP ENERGIA-NOM
more by 75.72%
Consumer Defensive
#3GALP ENERGIA-NOMSymbol: GALP.LS$ 8.117 billion
Eight Billion One Hundred Seventeen Million One Hundred Eight Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Four
$4.932 billion more than B.C.P.-BCO COMERCIAL PORTUGUES
more by 154.92%
#4B.C.P.-BCO COMERCIAL PORTUGUESSymbol: BCP.LS$ 3.184 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Eighty Four Million One Hundred Forty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Fourteen
$661.598 million more than THE NAVIGATOR COMP
more by 26.23%
Financial Services
#5THE NAVIGATOR COMPSymbol: NVG.LS$ 2.522 billion
Two Billion Five Hundred Twenty Two Million Five Hundred Forty Six Thousand Five Hundred Nineteen
$201.190 million more than NOS, SGPS, SA
more by 8.67%
Basic Materials
#6NOS, SGPS, SASymbol: NOS.LS$ 2.321 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Twenty One Million Three Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Six
$325.041 million more than SONAE
more by 16.28%
Communication Services
#7SONAESymbol: SON.LS$ 1.996 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Six Million Three Hundred Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred Nine
$176.670 million more than REN
more by 9.71%
Consumer Cyclical
#8RENSymbol: RENE.LS$ 1.819 billion
One Billion Eight Hundred Nineteen Million Six Hundred Forty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Three
$425.779 million more than Corticeira Amorim-SGPS
more by 30.55%
#9Corticeira Amorim-SGPSSymbol: COR.LS$ 1.393 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Ninety Three Million Eight Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Five
$235.009 million more than SEMAPA
more by 20.28%
Basic Materials
#10SEMAPASymbol: SEM.LS$ 1.158 billion
One Billion One Hundred Fifty Eight Million Eight Hundred Fifty Four Thousand Six Hundred Eighteen
$98.012 million more than ALTRI SGPS
more by 9.24%
Basic Materials
#11ALTRI SGPSSymbol: ALTR.LS$ 1.060 billion
One Billion Sixty Million Eight Hundred Forty One Thousand Eight Hundred Nineteen
$61.653 million more than GREENVOLT ENERGIAS RENOVAVEIS
more by 6.17%
Basic Materials
Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Million One Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy
$137.443 million more than SONAECOM,SGPS
more by 15.95%
#13SONAECOM,SGPSSymbol: SNC.LS$ 861.745 million
Eight Hundred Sixty One Million Seven Hundred Forty Five Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Five
$326.844 million more than CTT-CORREIOS DE PORTUGAL, SA
more by 61.1%
#14CTT-CORREIOS DE PORTUGAL, SASymbol: CTT.LS$ 534.901 million
Five Hundred Thirty Four Million Nine Hundred One Thousand Three Hundred
$37.407 million more than MOTA ENGIL
more by 7.52%
#15MOTA ENGILSymbol: EGL.LS$ 497.493 million
Four Hundred Ninety Seven Million Four Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Three
$190.349 million more than Ibersol-SGPS
more by 61.97%
#16Ibersol-SGPSSymbol: IBS.LS$ 307.144 million
Three Hundred Seven Million One Hundred Forty Four Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Two
$119.199 million more than RAMADA INVESTIMENTOS E INDUSTRI
more by 63.42%
Consumer Cyclical
One Hundred Eighty Seven Million Nine Hundred Forty Four Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Nine
$27.427 million more than Toyota Caetano
more by 17.09%
Basic Materials
#18Toyota CaetanoSymbol: SCT.LS$ 160.517 million
One Hundred Sixty Million Five Hundred Seventeen Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Six
$10.565 million more than Novabase, SGPS - Nom.
more by 7.05%
Consumer Cyclical
#19Novabase, SGPS - Nom.Symbol: NBA.LS$ 149.951 million
One Hundred Forty Nine Million Nine Hundred Fifty One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Two
$5.331 million more than VAA VISTA ALEGRE
more by 3.69%
#20VAA VISTA ALEGRESymbol: VAF.LS$ 144.620 million
One Hundred Forty Four Million Six Hundred Twenty Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Two
Consumer Cyclical