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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Poland country

List of the largest companies from Poland country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1PKNORLENSymbol: PKN.WA$ 62.984 billion
Sixty Two Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Four Million Five Hundred Thirty Thousand Six Hundred Eleven
$35.031 billion more than PGNIG
more by 125.32%
#2PGNIGSymbol: PGN.WA$ 27.953 billion
Twenty Seven Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Three Million One Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Six Hundred Forty Seven
$11.711 billion more than PGE
more by 72.11%
#3PGESymbol: PGE.WA$ 16.241 billion
Sixteen Billion Two Hundred Forty One Million Five Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Two
$6.710 billion more than PZU
more by 70.42%
#4PZUSymbol: PZU.WA$ 9.530 billion
Nine Billion Five Hundred Thirty Million Five Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Four
$1.713 billion more than TAURONPE
more by 21.93%
Financial Services
#5TAURONPESymbol: TPE.WA$ 7.816 billion
Seven Billion Eight Hundred Sixteen Million Six Hundred Fourteen Thousand Four Hundred Forty One
$182.502 million more than KGHM
more by 2.39%
#6KGHMSymbol: KGH.WA$ 7.634 billion
Seven Billion Six Hundred Thirty Four Million One Hundred Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty One
$957.225 million more than EUROCASH
more by 14.34%
Basic Materials
#7EUROCASHSymbol: EUR.WA$ 6.676 billion
Six Billion Six Hundred Seventy Six Million Eight Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Nine
$212.231 million more than ENEA
more by 3.28%
Consumer Defensive
#8ENEASymbol: ENA.WA$ 6.464 billion
Six Billion Four Hundred Sixty Four Million Six Hundred Fifty Five Thousand One Hundred Seven
$804.054 million more than GRUPAAZOTY
more by 14.2%
#9GRUPAAZOTYSymbol: ATT.WA$ 5.660 billion
Five Billion Six Hundred Sixty Million Six Hundred Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Six
$1.155 billion more than JSW
more by 25.64%
Basic Materials
#10JSWSymbol: JSW.WA$ 4.505 billion
Four Billion Five Hundred Five Million Three Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Forty Four
$196.319 million more than ENERGA
more by 4.56%
Basic Materials
#11ENERGASymbol: ENG.WA$ 4.309 billion
Four Billion Three Hundred Nine Million Forty Three Thousand Seventy Five
$244.544 million more than DINOPL
more by 6.02%
#12DINOPLSymbol: DNP.WA$ 4.064 billion
Four Billion Sixty Four Million Four Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Two Hundred Eleven
$31.878 million more than LPP
more by 0.79%
Consumer Defensive
#13LPPSymbol: LPP.WA$ 4.032 billion
Four Billion Thirty Two Million Six Hundred Nineteen Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Nine
$184.942 million more than ASSECOPOL
more by 4.81%
Consumer Cyclical
#14ASSECOPOLSymbol: ACP.WA$ 3.847 billion
Three Billion Eight Hundred Forty Seven Million Six Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Six
$429.184 million more than ABPL
more by 12.55%
#15ABPLSymbol: ABE.WA$ 3.418 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Eighteen Million Four Hundred Ninety Two Thousand One Hundred Ninety Four
$157.300 million more than INTERCARS
more by 4.82%
#16INTERCARSSymbol: CAR.WA$ 3.261 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Sixty One Million One Hundred Ninety Two Thousand One Hundred Eighty Four
$131.742 million more than PKOBP
more by 4.21%
Consumer Cyclical
#17PKOBPSymbol: PKO.WA$ 3.129 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Twenty Nine Million Four Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety One
$245.891 million more than CYFRPLSAT
more by 8.53%
Financial Services
#18CYFRPLSATSymbol: CPS.WA$ 2.883 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Three Million Five Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Six
$45.465 million more than UNIMOT
more by 1.6%
Communication Services
#19UNIMOTSymbol: UNT.WA$ 2.838 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Eight Million Ninety Two Thousand Five Hundred Seventeen
$13.943 million more than ORANGEPL
more by 0.49%
#20ORANGEPLSymbol: OPL.WA$ 2.824 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Four Million One Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Six
Communication Services