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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Poland Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Poland country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1PZUSymbol: PZU.WA$ 11.466 billion
Eleven Billion Four Hundred Sixty Six Million Six Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Four
$1.826 billion more than PEKAO
more by 18.95%
Financial Services
#2PEKAOSymbol: PEO.WA$ 9.640 billion
Nine Billion Six Hundred Forty Million Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred Six
$156.006 million more than PKOBP
more by 1.64%
Financial Services
#3PKOBPSymbol: PKO.WA$ 9.484 billion
Nine Billion Four Hundred Eighty Four Million Ten Thousand Two Hundred Fifty One
$2.847 billion more than PKNORLEN
more by 42.9%
Financial Services
#4PKNORLENSymbol: PKN.WA$ 6.636 billion
Six Billion Six Hundred Thirty Six Million Seven Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Five
$525.532 million more than SANPL
more by 8.6%
#5SANPLSymbol: SPL.WA$ 6.111 billion
Six Billion One Hundred Eleven Million Two Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Seven
$2.538 billion more than MBANK
more by 71.04%
Financial Services
#6MBANKSymbol: MBK.WA$ 3.572 billion
Three Billion Five Hundred Seventy Two Million Nine Hundred Five Thousand Six Hundred Three
$18.902 million more than PGNIG
more by 0.53%
Financial Services
#7PGNIGSymbol: PGN.WA$ 3.554 billion
Three Billion Five Hundred Fifty Four Million Three Thousand One Hundred Eighteen
$96.411 million more than TAURONPE
more by 2.79%
#8TAURONPESymbol: TPE.WA$ 3.457 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Fifty Seven Million Five Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Forty Seven
$22.134 million more than BNPPPL
more by 0.64%
#9BNPPPLSymbol: BNP.WA$ 3.435 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Thirty Five Million Four Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Three
$993.839 million more than CYFRPLSAT
more by 40.7%
Financial Services
#10CYFRPLSATSymbol: CPS.WA$ 2.441 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Forty One Million Six Hundred Seventeen Thousand Six Hundred Seventy One
$120.967 million more than INGBSK
more by 5.21%
Communication Services
#11INGBSKSymbol: ING.WA$ 2.320 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Twenty Million Six Hundred Fifty Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Six
$127.528 million more than HANDLOWY
more by 5.81%
Financial Services
#12HANDLOWYSymbol: BHW.WA$ 2.193 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Ninety Three Million One Hundred Twenty Two Thousand One Hundred Eleven
$103.279 million more than PGE
more by 4.94%
Financial Services
#13PGESymbol: PGE.WA$ 2.089 billion
Two Billion Eighty Nine Million Eight Hundred Forty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Five
$321.810 million more than ORANGEPL
more by 18.2%
#14ORANGEPLSymbol: OPL.WA$ 1.768 billion
One Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Eight Million Thirty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Three
$4.749 million more than KGHM
more by 0.27%
Communication Services
#15KGHMSymbol: KGH.WA$ 1.763 billion
One Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Three Million Two Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Six
$192.999 million more than GRUPAAZOTY
more by 12.29%
Basic Materials
#16GRUPAAZOTYSymbol: ATT.WA$ 1.570 billion
One Billion Five Hundred Seventy Million Two Hundred Eighty Four Thousand One Hundred Seventy Three
$1.262 million more than ENERGA
more by 0.08%
Basic Materials
#17ENERGASymbol: ENG.WA$ 1.569 billion
One Billion Five Hundred Sixty Nine Million Twenty One Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Three
$197.992 million more than GTC
more by 14.44%
#18GTCSymbol: GTC.WA$ 1.371 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Seventy One Million Twenty Nine Thousand Six Hundred Forty
$189.042 million more than ENEA
more by 15.99%
Real Estate
#19ENEASymbol: ENA.WA$ 1.181 billion
One Billion One Hundred Eighty One Million Nine Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Three
$26.529 million more than LPP
more by 2.3%
#20LPPSymbol: LPP.WA$ 1.155 billion
One Billion One Hundred Fifty Five Million Four Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Thirty One
Consumer Cyclical