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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Poland Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Poland country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1PKNORLENSymbol: PKN.WA$ 6.791 billion
Six Billion Seven Hundred Ninety One Million Three Hundred Thirty One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty One
$629.584 million more than PEKAO
more by 10.22%
#2PEKAOSymbol: PEO.WA$ 6.161 billion
Six Billion One Hundred Sixty One Million Seven Hundred Forty Six Thousand Six Hundred Forty Eight
$722.744 million more than MBANK
more by 13.29%
Financial Services
#3MBANKSymbol: MBK.WA$ 5.439 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Thirty Nine Million Two Thousand Three Hundred Eight
$287.133 million more than SANPL
more by 5.57%
Financial Services
#4SANPLSymbol: SPL.WA$ 5.151 billion
Five Billion One Hundred Fifty One Million Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Four
$563.227 million more than PKOBP
more by 12.27%
Financial Services
#5PKOBPSymbol: PKO.WA$ 4.588 billion
Four Billion Five Hundred Eighty Eight Million Six Hundred Forty One Thousand Five Hundred Forty Two
$387.084 million more than BNPPPL
more by 9.21%
Financial Services
#6BNPPPLSymbol: BNP.WA$ 4.201 billion
Four Billion Two Hundred One Million Five Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Sixty Nine
$1.333 billion more than INGBSK
more by 46.49%
Financial Services
#7INGBSKSymbol: ING.WA$ 2.868 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Million One Hundred Thirteen Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Nine
$53.328 million more than PGNIG
more by 1.89%
Financial Services
#8PGNIGSymbol: PGN.WA$ 2.814 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Fourteen Million Seven Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Nine
$740.425 million more than PGE
more by 35.69%
#9PGESymbol: PGE.WA$ 2.074 billion
Two Billion Seventy Four Million Three Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Seven
$634.081 million more than MILLENNIUM
more by 44.02%
#10MILLENNIUMSymbol: MIL.WA$ 1.440 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Forty Million Two Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Two Hundred Twelve
$134.054 million more than JSW
more by 10.26%
Financial Services
#11JSWSymbol: JSW.WA$ 1.306 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Six Million Two Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy
$267.842 million more than XTB
more by 25.79%
Basic Materials
#12XTBSymbol: XTB.WA$ 1.038 billion
One Billion Thirty Eight Million Three Hundred Eighty Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Eight
$175.417 million more than ASSECOPOL
more by 20.33%
Financial Services
#13ASSECOPOLSymbol: ACP.WA$ 862.962 million
Eight Hundred Sixty Two Million Nine Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Six
$61.340 million more than BUDIMEX
more by 7.65%
#14BUDIMEXSymbol: BDX.WA$ 801.622 million
Eight Hundred One Million Six Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty
$30.285 million more than ALIOR
more by 3.93%
#15ALIORSymbol: ALR.WA$ 771.336 million
Seven Hundred Seventy One Million Three Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Five
$310.516 million more than ENEA
more by 67.38%
Financial Services
#16ENEASymbol: ENA.WA$ 460.820 million
Four Hundred Sixty Million Eight Hundred Twenty Thousand Three Hundred Fifty
$63.516 million more than TAURONPE
more by 15.99%
#17TAURONPESymbol: TPE.WA$ 397.303 million
Three Hundred Ninety Seven Million Three Hundred Three Thousand Four Hundred Sixteen
$11.601 million more than KGHM
more by 3.01%
#18KGHMSymbol: KGH.WA$ 385.701 million
Three Hundred Eighty Five Million Seven Hundred One Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Three
$34.669 million more than ZEPAK
more by 9.88%
Basic Materials
#19ZEPAKSymbol: ZEP.WA$ 351.031 million
Three Hundred Fifty One Million Thirty One Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Eight
$4.515 million more than CYFRPLSAT
more by 1.3%
#20CYFRPLSATSymbol: CPS.WA$ 346.515 million
Three Hundred Forty Six Million Five Hundred Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty
Communication Services