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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Poland Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Poland country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1PKNORLENSymbol: PKN.WA$ 9.070 billion
Nine Billion Seventy Million One Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred
$3.532 billion more than PGNIG
more by 63.79%
#2PGNIGSymbol: PGN.WA$ 5.537 billion
Five Billion Five Hundred Thirty Seven Million Seven Hundred Ninety Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Nine
$3.083 billion more than PZU
more by 125.63%
#3PZUSymbol: PZU.WA$ 2.454 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Fifty Four Million Three Hundred Ninety Five Thousand One Hundred Forty
$65.945 million more than JSW
more by 2.76%
Financial Services
#4JSWSymbol: JSW.WA$ 2.388 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Eighty Eight Million Four Hundred Fifty Thousand Five
$99.822 million more than PGE
more by 4.36%
Basic Materials
#5PGESymbol: PGE.WA$ 2.288 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Eighty Eight Million Six Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Four
$789.938 million more than KGHM
more by 52.71%
#6KGHMSymbol: KGH.WA$ 1.498 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Ninety Eight Million Six Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Eighty
$678.846 million more than GRUPAAZOTY
more by 82.8%
Basic Materials
#7GRUPAAZOTYSymbol: ATT.WA$ 819.842 million
Eight Hundred Nineteen Million Eight Hundred Forty Two Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Three
$79.656 million more than ENERGA
more by 10.76%
Basic Materials
#8ENERGASymbol: ENG.WA$ 740.185 million
Seven Hundred Forty Million One Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Three
$52.242 million more than ENEA
more by 7.59%
#9ENEASymbol: ENA.WA$ 687.943 million
Six Hundred Eighty Seven Million Nine Hundred Forty Three Thousand Two Hundred Three
$29.397 million more than TAURONPE
more by 4.46%
#10TAURONPESymbol: TPE.WA$ 658.545 million
Six Hundred Fifty Eight Million Five Hundred Forty Five Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Eight
$32.113 million more than ORANGEPL
more by 5.13%
#11ORANGEPLSymbol: OPL.WA$ 626.432 million
Six Hundred Twenty Six Million Four Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Seven Hundred One
$69.520 million more than LPP
more by 12.48%
Communication Services
#12LPPSymbol: LPP.WA$ 556.911 million
Five Hundred Fifty Six Million Nine Hundred Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Two
$8.862 million more than CYFRPLSAT
more by 1.62%
Consumer Cyclical
#13CYFRPLSATSymbol: CPS.WA$ 548.049 million
Five Hundred Forty Eight Million Forty Nine Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Two
$82.159 million more than ASSECOPOL
more by 17.64%
Communication Services
#14ASSECOPOLSymbol: ACP.WA$ 465.889 million
Four Hundred Sixty Five Million Eight Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Forty Eight
$88.986 million more than DINOPL
more by 23.61%
#15DINOPLSymbol: DNP.WA$ 376.903 million
Three Hundred Seventy Six Million Nine Hundred Three Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Five
$52.685 million more than PULAWY
more by 16.25%
Consumer Defensive
#16PULAWYSymbol: ZAP.WA$ 324.217 million
Three Hundred Twenty Four Million Two Hundred Seventeen Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Six
$19.582 million more than KRUK
more by 6.43%
Basic Materials
#17KRUKSymbol: KRU.WA$ 304.635 million
Three Hundred Four Million Six Hundred Thirty Five Thousand One Hundred Thirty Six
$45.838 million more than INTERCARS
more by 17.71%
Financial Services
#18INTERCARSSymbol: CAR.WA$ 258.796 million
Two Hundred Fifty Eight Million Seven Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Three Hundred Eighteen
$18.541 million more than KETY
more by 7.72%
Consumer Cyclical
#19KETYSymbol: KTY.WA$ 240.254 million
Two Hundred Forty Million Two Hundred Fifty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty One
$35.882 million more than BOGDANKA
more by 17.56%
Basic Materials
#20BOGDANKASymbol: LWB.WA$ 204.372 million
Two Hundred Four Million Three Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Two Hundred Five