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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Poland by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Poland country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1PKNORLENSymbol: PKN.WA$ 14.951 billion
Fourteen Billion Nine Hundred Fifty One Million Four Hundred Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Three
$5.815 billion more than DINOPL
more by 63.65%
#2DINOPLSymbol: DNP.WA$ 9.136 billion
Nine Billion One Hundred Thirty Six Million Eighty Six Thousand Five Hundred Thirty
$1.105 billion more than PKOBP
more by 13.76%
Consumer Defensive
#3PKOBPSymbol: PKO.WA$ 8.030 billion
Eight Billion Thirty Million Six Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Two
$1.289 billion more than PGNIG
more by 19.13%
Financial Services
#4PGNIGSymbol: PGN.WA$ 6.741 billion
Six Billion Seven Hundred Forty One Million Fifty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Four
$391.799 million more than SANPL
more by 6.17%
#5SANPLSymbol: SPL.WA$ 6.349 billion
Six Billion Three Hundred Forty Nine Million Two Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Six
$1.018 billion more than KGHM
more by 19.11%
Financial Services
#6KGHMSymbol: KGH.WA$ 5.330 billion
Five Billion Three Hundred Thirty Million Five Hundred Six Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Nine
$455.719 million more than PEKAO
more by 9.35%
Basic Materials
#7PEKAOSymbol: PEO.WA$ 4.874 billion
Four Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Four Million Seven Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Five Hundred Eighty One
$194.334 million more than INGBSK
more by 4.15%
Financial Services
#8INGBSKSymbol: ING.WA$ 4.680 billion
Four Billion Six Hundred Eighty Million Four Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Two Hundred Fourteen
$411.289 million more than PZU
more by 9.63%
Financial Services
#9PZUSymbol: PZU.WA$ 4.269 billion
Four Billion Two Hundred Sixty Nine Million One Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Six
$356.818 million more than LPP
more by 9.12%
Financial Services
#10LPPSymbol: LPP.WA$ 3.912 billion
Three Billion Nine Hundred Twelve Million Three Hundred Forty Four Thousand Ninety
$737.031 million more than PGE
more by 23.21%
Consumer Cyclical
#11PGESymbol: PGE.WA$ 3.175 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Seventy Five Million Three Hundred Twelve Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Four
$209.057 million more than CDPROJEKT
more by 7.05%
#12CDPROJEKTSymbol: CDR.WA$ 2.966 billion
Two Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Six Million Two Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Five
$199.829 million more than MBANK
more by 7.22%
Communication Services
#13MBANKSymbol: MBK.WA$ 2.766 billion
Two Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Six Million Four Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Five Hundred One
$377.547 million more than HANDLOWY
more by 15.8%
Financial Services
#14HANDLOWYSymbol: BHW.WA$ 2.388 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Eighty Eight Million Eight Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Six Hundred Nine
$331.116 million more than CYFRPLSAT
more by 16.09%
Financial Services
#15CYFRPLSATSymbol: CPS.WA$ 2.057 billion
Two Billion Fifty Seven Million Seven Hundred Sixty One Thousand Ninety Eight
$120.350 million more than ORANGEPL
more by 6.21%
Communication Services
#16ORANGEPLSymbol: OPL.WA$ 1.937 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Seven Million Four Hundred Ten Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Four
$116.102 million more than INTERCARS
more by 6.37%
Communication Services
#17INTERCARSSymbol: CAR.WA$ 1.821 billion
One Billion Eight Hundred Twenty One Million Three Hundred Eight Thousand One Hundred Forty Five
$75.990 million more than BUDIMEX
more by 4.35%
Consumer Cyclical
#18BUDIMEXSymbol: BDX.WA$ 1.745 billion
One Billion Seven Hundred Forty Five Million Three Hundred Seventeen Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Eight
$35.729 million more than BNPPPL
more by 2.09%
#19BNPPPLSymbol: BNP.WA$ 1.709 billion
One Billion Seven Hundred Nine Million Five Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Four
$293.901 million more than ASSECOPOL
more by 20.76%
Financial Services
#20ASSECOPOLSymbol: ACP.WA$ 1.415 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Fifteen Million Six Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Forty One