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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Oceania Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Oceania continent rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextCountry
#1ANZ BANK FPOSymbol: ANZ.AX$ 198.433 billion
One Hundred Ninety Eight Billion Four Hundred Thirty Three Million Two Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Ninety Four
$64.087 billion more than NAT. BANK FPO
more by 47.7%
#2NAT. BANK FPOSymbol: NAB.AX$ 134.345 billion
One Hundred Thirty Four Billion Three Hundred Forty Five Million Six Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy
$13.107 billion more than MACQ GROUP FPO
more by 10.81%
#3MACQ GROUP FPOSymbol: MQG.AX$ 121.238 billion
One Hundred Twenty One Billion Two Hundred Thirty Eight Million One Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Two
$3.815 billion more than MACQINCOME NYR3QUT
more by 3.25%
#4MACQINCOME NYR3QUTSymbol: MBLPC.AX$ 117.422 billion
One Hundred Seventeen Billion Four Hundred Twenty Two Million Eight Hundred Sixty Four Thousand One Hundred Ninety Nine
$3.740 billion more than WESTPAC FPO
more by 3.29%
#5WESTPAC FPOSymbol: WBC.AX$ 113.682 billion
One Hundred Thirteen Billion Six Hundred Eighty Two Million Five Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Seventy Five
$2.574 billion more than CWLTH BANK FPO
more by 2.32%
#6CWLTH BANK FPOSymbol: CBA.AX$ 111.107 billion
One Hundred Eleven Billion One Hundred Seven Million Seven Hundred Twenty One Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Four
$99.853 billion more than CHALLENGER FPO
more by 887.26%
#7CHALLENGER FPOSymbol: CGF.AX$ 11.254 billion
Eleven Billion Two Hundred Fifty Four Million One Hundred Fifty Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Six
$1.320 billion more than BHP Group Limited
more by 13.29%
#8BHP Group LimitedSymbol: BHP$ 9.934 billion
Nine Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Four Million One Hundred Twenty Eight
$1.436 billion more than INSUR.AUST FPO
more by 16.9%
#9INSUR.AUST FPOSymbol: IAG.AX$ 8.497 billion
Eight Billion Four Hundred Ninety Seven Million Nine Hundred Twenty Thousand Four Hundred Forty Four
$631.851 million more than ASX FPO
more by 8.03%
#10ASX FPOSymbol: ASX.AX$ 7.866 billion
Seven Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Six Million Sixty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty One
$988.068 million more than WOODSIDE FPO
more by 14.37%
#11WOODSIDE FPOSymbol: WDS.AX$ 6.878 billion
Six Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Eight Million One Hundred Twenty Eight
$643.307 million more than SUNCORP FPO
more by 10.32%
#12SUNCORP FPOSymbol: SUN.AX$ 6.234 billion
Six Billion Two Hundred Thirty Four Million Six Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Seven Hundred Five
$658.823 million more than BEN ADE BK FPO
more by 11.82%
#13BEN ADE BK FPOSymbol: BEN.AX$ 5.575 billion
Five Billion Five Hundred Seventy Five Million Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Three
$302.868 million more than QBE INSUR. FPO
more by 5.74%
#14QBE INSUR. FPOSymbol: QBE.AX$ 5.272 billion
Five Billion Two Hundred Seventy Two Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Six
$1.272 billion more than FORTESCUE FPO
more by 31.79%
#15FORTESCUE FPOSymbol: FMG.AX$ 4 billion
Four Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Six
$1.199 billion more than QANTAS FPO
more by 42.79%
#16QANTAS FPOSymbol: QAN.AX$ 2.801 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred One Million Nine Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Eighty Seven
$380.602 million more than L1 LS FUND FPO
more by 15.72%
#17L1 LS FUND FPOSymbol: LSF.AX$ 2.421 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Twenty One Million Three Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Two Hundred Fifty One
$38.513 million more than BANK QLD FPO
more by 1.62%
#18BANK QLD FPOSymbol: BOQ.AX$ 2.382 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Eighty Two Million Eight Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Seven
$30.878 million more than SANTOS LIMITED SPON ADS EACH RE
more by 1.31%
Two Billion Three Hundred Fifty Two Million
$229.176 million more than MEDIBANK FPO
more by 10.8%
#20MEDIBANK FPOSymbol: MPL.AX$ 2.122 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Twenty Two Million Eight Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty