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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Norway Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Norway country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1DNB BANK ASA NK 100Symbol: D1NC.F$ 114.808 billion
One Hundred Fourteen Billion Eight Hundred Eight Million Two Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Four Hundred Thirty One
$82.641 billion more than EQUINOR
more by 256.91%
Financial Services
#2EQUINORSymbol: EQNR.OL$ 32.167 billion
Thirty Two Billion One Hundred Sixty Seven Million Sixty Four
$16.275 billion more than SPAREBANK 1 SR-BANK
more by 102.42%
#3SPAREBANK 1 SR-BANKSymbol: SRBNK.OL$ 15.891 billion
Fifteen Billion Eight Hundred Ninety One Million Two Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy One
$3.786 billion more than SPAREBANKEN VEST
more by 31.29%
Financial Services
#4SPAREBANKEN VESTSymbol: SVEG.OL$ 12.104 billion
Twelve Billion One Hundred Four Million Two Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Ten
$355.750 million more than TELENOR ASA NK 6
more by 3.03%
Financial Services
#5TELENOR ASA NK 6Symbol: TEQ.F$ 11.748 billion
Eleven Billion Seven Hundred Forty Eight Million Five Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Ninety One
$4.582 billion more than SPAREBANKEN SØR
more by 63.94%
Communication Services
#6SPAREBANKEN SØRSymbol: SOR.OL$ 7.166 billion
Seven Billion One Hundred Sixty Six Million Two Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Two Hundred Eighty
$1.582 billion more than SPAREBANK 1 SMN
more by 28.34%
Financial Services
#7SPAREBANK 1 SMNSymbol: MING.OL$ 5.583 billion
Five Billion Five Hundred Eighty Three Million Seven Hundred Sixty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Seven
$170.208 million more than AKER BP NK 1
more by 3.14%
Financial Services
#8AKER BP NK 1Symbol: ARC.F$ 5.413 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Thirteen Million Five Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Forty Eight
$576.350 million more than SPAREBANK 1 ØSTLANDET
more by 11.91%
#9SPAREBANK 1 ØSTLANDETSymbol: SPOL.OL$ 4.837 billion
Four Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Seven Million Two Hundred Six Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Six
$549.100 million more than STOREBRAND
more by 12.81%
Financial Services
#10STOREBRANDSymbol: STB.OL$ 4.288 billion
Four Billion Two Hundred Eighty Eight Million One Hundred Five Thousand Six Hundred Five
$70.105 million more than YARA INTERNATIONAL NK1,70
more by 1.66%
Financial Services
#11YARA INTERNATIONAL NK1,70Symbol: IU2.F$ 4.217 billion
Four Billion Two Hundred Seventeen Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Two
$130.999 million more than WALLENIUS WILHELMSEN
more by 3.21%
Basic Materials
#12WALLENIUS WILHELMSENSymbol: WAWI.OL$ 4.087 billion
Four Billion Eighty Seven Million Sixty Four
$191.040 million more than ENTRA
more by 4.9%
#13ENTRASymbol: ENTRA.OL$ 3.895 billion
Three Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Five Million Nine Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand One Hundred Sixty Four
$411.539 million more than SPAREBANKEN MØRE
more by 11.81%
Real Estate
#14SPAREBANKEN MØRESymbol: MORG.OL$ 3.484 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Eighty Four Million Four Hundred Twenty Thousand One Hundred Fifty Nine
$110.526 million more than AKER
more by 3.28%
Financial Services
#15AKERSymbol: AKER.OL$ 3.373 billion
Three Billion Three Hundred Seventy Three Million Eight Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Three Hundred Eighty One
$208.658 million more than
more by 6.59%
#16Symbol: VAR.OL$ 3.165 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Sixty Five Million Two Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Four
$34.271 million more than NORSK HYDRO ASA ADR-EACH CNV IN
more by 1.09%
#17NORSK HYDRO ASA ADR-EACH CNV INSymbol: NHYDY$ 3.130 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Thirty Million Nine Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty One
$541.217 million more than MOWI
more by 20.9%
Basic Materials
#18MOWISymbol: MOWI.OL$ 2.589 billion
Two Billion Five Hundred Eighty Nine Million Seven Hundred Forty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Six
$142.317 million more than ADEVINTA
more by 5.81%
Consumer Defensive
#19ADEVINTASymbol: ADE.OL$ 2.447 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Forty Seven Million Four Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Eight
$74.678 million more than SCATEC ASA
more by 3.15%
Communication Services
#20SCATEC ASASymbol: SCATC.OL$ 2.372 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Seventy Two Million Seven Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Three