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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top North America continent Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from North America continent rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextCountry, Inc.Symbol: AMZN$ 225.152 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Five Billion One Hundred Fifty Two Million
$54.370 billion more than Apple Inc.
more by 31.84%
United States
#2Apple Inc.Symbol: AAPL$ 170.782 billion
One Hundred Seventy Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Two Million
$14.149 billion more than Alphabet Inc.
more by 9.03%
United States
#3Alphabet Inc.Symbol: GOOG$ 156.633 billion
One Hundred Fifty Six Billion Six Hundred Thirty Three Million
$9.065 billion more than Walmart Inc.
more by 6.14%
United States
#4Walmart Inc.Symbol: WMT$ 147.568 billion
One Hundred Forty Seven Billion Five Hundred Sixty Eight Million
$11.948 billion more than Microsoft Corporation
more by 8.81%
United States
#5Microsoft CorporationSymbol: MSFT$ 135.620 billion
One Hundred Thirty Five Billion Six Hundred Twenty Million
$1.905 billion more than Exxon Mobil Corporation
more by 1.42%
United States
#6Exxon Mobil CorporationSymbol: XOM$ 133.715 billion
One Hundred Thirty Three Billion Seven Hundred Fifteen Million
$11.409 billion more than JP Morgan Chase & Co.
more by 9.33%
United States
#7JP Morgan Chase & Co.Symbol: JPM$ 122.306 billion
One Hundred Twenty Two Billion Three Hundred Six Million
$23.420 billion more than Chevron Corporation
more by 23.68%
United States
#8Chevron CorporationSymbol: CVX$ 98.886 billion
Ninety Eight Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Six Million
$6.031 billion more than Meta Platforms, Inc.
more by 6.5%
United States
#9Meta Platforms, Inc.Symbol: META$ 92.855 billion
Ninety Two Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Five Million
$448 million more than Bank of America Corporation
more by 0.48%
United States
#10Bank of America CorporationSymbol: BAC$ 92.407 billion
Ninety Two Billion Four Hundred Seven Million
$9.193 billion more than Comcast Corporation
more by 11.05%
United States
#11Comcast CorporationSymbol: CMCSA$ 83.214 billion
Eighty Three Billion Two Hundred Fourteen Million
$3.597 billion more than UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
more by 4.52%
United States
#12UnitedHealth Group IncorporatedSymbol: UNH$ 79.617 billion
Seventy Nine Billion Six Hundred Seventeen Million
$1.915 billion more than Verizon Communications Inc.
more by 2.46%
United States
#13Verizon Communications Inc.Symbol: VZ$ 77.702 billion
Seventy Seven Billion Seven Hundred Two Million
$5.455 billion more than Wells Fargo & Company
more by 7.55%
United States
#14Wells Fargo & CompanySymbol: WFC$ 72.247 billion
Seventy Two Billion Two Hundred Forty Seven Million
$1.687 billion more than Citigroup, Inc.
more by 2.39%
United States
#15Citigroup, Inc.Symbol: C$ 70.560 billion
Seventy Billion Five Hundred Sixty Million
$667 million more than AT&T Inc.
more by 0.95%
United States
#16AT&T Inc.Symbol: T$ 69.893 billion
Sixty Nine Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Three Million
$3.660 billion more than Pfizer, Inc.
more by 5.53%
United States
#17Pfizer, Inc.Symbol: PFE$ 66.233 billion
Sixty Six Billion Two Hundred Thirty Three Million
$2.279 billion more than Johnson & Johnson
more by 3.56%
United States
#18Johnson & JohnsonSymbol: JNJ$ 63.954 billion
Sixty Three Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Four Million
$10.498 billion more than CVS Health Corporation
more by 19.64%
United States
#19CVS Health CorporationSymbol: CVS$ 53.456 billion
Fifty Three Billion Four Hundred Fifty Six Million
$678 million more than Home Depot, Inc. (The)
more by 1.28%
United States
#20Home Depot, Inc. (The)Symbol: HD$ 52.778 billion
Fifty Two Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Eight Million
United States