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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in North America continent

List of the largest companies from North America continent rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextCountry
#1Walmart Inc.Symbol: WMT$ 611.289 billion
Six Hundred Eleven Billion Two Hundred Eighty Nine Million Six Thousand Eighty
$97.306 billion more than, Inc.
more by 18.93%
United States, Inc.Symbol: AMZN$ 513.982 billion
Five Hundred Thirteen Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Two Million Nine Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Eight
$111.765 billion more than Exxon Mobil Corporation
more by 27.79%
United States
#3Exxon Mobil CorporationSymbol: XOM$ 402.217 billion
Four Hundred Two Billion Two Hundred Seventeen Million Nine Thousand One Hundred Fifty Two
$14.679 billion more than Apple Inc.
more by 3.79%
United States
#4Apple Inc.Symbol: AAPL$ 387.537 billion
Three Hundred Eighty Seven Billion Five Hundred Thirty Seven Million Ten Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Eight
$63.375 billion more than UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
more by 19.55%
United States
#5UnitedHealth Group IncorporatedSymbol: UNH$ 324.161 billion
Three Hundred Twenty Four Billion One Hundred Sixty One Million Nine Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Two
$2.532 billion more than CVS Health Corporation
more by 0.79%
United States
#6CVS Health CorporationSymbol: CVS$ 321.628 billion
Three Hundred Twenty One Billion Six Hundred Twenty Eight Million Nine Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Four
$19.539 billion more than Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
more by 6.47%
United States
#7Berkshire Hathaway Inc.Symbol: BRK-A$ 302.089 billion
Three Hundred Two Billion Eighty Nine Million Eleven Thousand Two Hundred
$19.253 billion more than Alphabet Inc.
more by 6.81%
United States
#8Alphabet Inc.Symbol: GOOG$ 282.836 billion
Two Hundred Eighty Two Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Six Million Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty
$8.933 billion more than McKesson Corporation
more by 3.26%
United States
#9McKesson CorporationSymbol: MCK$ 273.902 billion
Two Hundred Seventy Three Billion Nine Hundred Two Million Nine Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Four Hundred Eight
$29.600 billion more than Chevron Corporation
more by 12.12%
United States
#10Chevron CorporationSymbol: CVX$ 244.302 billion
Two Hundred Forty Four Billion Three Hundred Two Million Four Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Four
$2.496 billion more than AmerisourceBergen Corporation
more by 1.03%
United States
#11AmerisourceBergen CorporationSymbol: ABC$ 241.805 billion
Two Hundred Forty One Billion Eight Hundred Five Million Thirty Three Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Two
$7.415 billion more than Costco Wholesale Corporation
more by 3.16%
United States
#12Costco Wholesale CorporationSymbol: COST$ 234.389 billion
Two Hundred Thirty Four Billion Three Hundred Eighty Nine Million Nine Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Five Hundred Twenty
$30.295 billion more than Microsoft Corporation
more by 14.84%
United States
#13Microsoft CorporationSymbol: MSFT$ 204.093 billion
Two Hundred Four Billion Ninety Three Million Nine Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Fifty Six
$11.082 billion more than Cardinal Health, Inc.
more by 5.74%
United States
#14Cardinal Health, Inc.Symbol: CAH$ 193.011 billion
One Hundred Ninety Three Billion Eleven Million Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Eight
$12.990 billion more than Cigna Corporation
more by 7.22%
United States
#15Cigna CorporationSymbol: CI$ 180.021 billion
One Hundred Eighty Billion Twenty One Million Two Thousand Two Hundred Forty
$1.785 billion more than Marathon Petroleum Corporation
more by 1%
United States
#16Marathon Petroleum CorporationSymbol: MPC$ 178.235 billion
One Hundred Seventy Eight Billion Two Hundred Thirty Five Million Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Two Hundred Eight
$7.047 billion more than Valero Energy Corporation
more by 4.12%
United States
#17Valero Energy CorporationSymbol: VLO$ 171.188 billion
One Hundred Seventy One Billion One Hundred Eighty Eight Million Nine Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Forty Eight
$1.198 billion more than Phillips 66
more by 0.71%
United States
#18Phillips 66Symbol: PSX$ 169.989 billion
One Hundred Sixty Nine Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Nine Million Nine Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Five Hundred Forty Four
$11.932 billion more than Ford Motor Company
more by 7.55%
United States
#19Ford Motor CompanySymbol: F$ 158.057 billion
One Hundred Fifty Eight Billion Fifty Seven Million Five Thousand Fifty Six
$654 million more than Home Depot, Inc. (The)
more by 0.42%
United States
#20Home Depot, Inc. (The)Symbol: HD$ 157.403 billion
One Hundred Fifty Seven Billion Four Hundred Three Million Four Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Eight
United States