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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top New Zealand Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from New Zealand country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1Fonterra Co-operative Group LimSymbol: FCG.NZ$ 1.032 billion
One Billion Thirty Two Million Two Hundred
$112.952 million more than SPARK NEW ZEALAND LTD SPON ADR
more by 12.29%
Consumer Defensive
#2SPARK NEW ZEALAND LTD SPON ADR Symbol: SPKKY$ 919.047 million
Nine Hundred Nineteen Million Forty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Five
$348.732 million more than MERIDIAN FPO NZX
more by 61.15%
Communication Services
#3MERIDIAN FPO NZXSymbol: MEZ.AX$ 570.315 million
Five Hundred Seventy Million Three Hundred Fifteen Thousand Nine Hundred
$4.320 million more than FLETBUILD FPO NZX
more by 0.76%
#4FLETBUILD FPO NZXSymbol: FBU.AX$ 565.995 million
Five Hundred Sixty Five Million Nine Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Five
$95.052 million more than MERCURY NZ FPO NZX
more by 20.18%
Basic Materials
#5MERCURY NZ FPO NZXSymbol: MCY.AX$ 470.942 million
Four Hundred Seventy Million Nine Hundred Forty Two Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Five
$44.586 million more than Mainfreight Limited Ordinary Sh
more by 10.46%
#6Mainfreight Limited Ordinary ShSymbol: MFT.NZ$ 426.356 million
Four Hundred Twenty Six Million Three Hundred Fifty Six Thousand One Hundred Ninety Eight
$28.925 million more than Vector Limited (NS) Ordinary Sh
more by 7.28%
#7Vector Limited (NS) Ordinary ShSymbol: VCT.NZ$ 397.431 million
Three Hundred Ninety Seven Million Four Hundred Thirty One Thousand One Hundred Ninety Seven
$19.689 million more than CHORUS FPO NZX
more by 5.21%
#8CHORUS FPO NZXSymbol: CNU.AX$ 377.741 million
Three Hundred Seventy Seven Million Seven Hundred Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred
$65.425 million more than Genesis Energy Limited Ordinary
more by 20.95%
Communication Services
#9Genesis Energy Limited OrdinarySymbol: GNE.NZ$ 312.315 million
Three Hundred Twelve Million Three Hundred Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty
$61.537 million more than Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp
more by 24.54%
#10Fisher & Paykel Healthcare CorpSymbol: FPH.NZ$ 250.778 million
Two Hundred Fifty Million Seven Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Five Hundred Eighteen
$61.290 million more than AIR N.Z. FPO NZX
more by 32.35%
#11AIR N.Z. FPO NZXSymbol: AIZ.AX$ 189.488 million
One Hundred Eighty Nine Million Four Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Seventy Five
$9.752 million more than Contact Energy Limited Ordinary
more by 5.43%
#12Contact Energy Limited OrdinarySymbol: CEN.NZ$ 179.735 million
One Hundred Seventy Nine Million Seven Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty
$5.801 million more than Infratil Limited Ordinary Share
more by 3.34%
#13Infratil Limited Ordinary ShareSymbol: IFT.NZ$ 173.934 million
One Hundred Seventy Three Million Nine Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Five
$1.728 million more than AUCK AIRPT FPO NZX
more by 1%
#14AUCK AIRPT FPO NZXSymbol: AIA.AX$ 172.205 million
One Hundred Seventy Two Million Two Hundred Five Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Five
$29.099 million more than SKYCITY FPO NZX
more by 20.33%
#15SKYCITY FPO NZXSymbol: SKC.AX$ 143.106 million
One Hundred Forty Three Million One Hundred Six Thousand Seven Hundred Seven
$10.854 million more than VULCAN S FPO
more by 8.21%
Consumer Cyclical
#16VULCAN S FPOSymbol: VSL.AX$ 132.252 million
One Hundred Thirty Two Million Two Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Four
$8.045 million more than Port of Tauranga Ltd Ordinary S
more by 6.48%
Basic Materials
#17Port of Tauranga Ltd Ordinary SSymbol: POT.NZ$ 124.206 million
One Hundred Twenty Four Million Two Hundred Six Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Six
$. thousand more than The a2 Milk Company Limited Ord
more by 0.01%
#18The a2 Milk Company Limited OrdSymbol: ATM.NZ$ 124.199 million
One Hundred Twenty Four Million One Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Two Hundred Forty Nine
$3.062 million more than The Warehouse Group Limited Ord
more by 2.53%
Consumer Defensive
#19The Warehouse Group Limited OrdSymbol: WHS.NZ$ 121.136 million
One Hundred Twenty One Million One Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Nine
$16.340 million more than Briscoe Group Limited Ordinary
more by 15.59%
Consumer Cyclical
#20Briscoe Group Limited Ordinary Symbol: BGP.NZ$ 104.796 million
One Hundred Four Million Seven Hundred Ninety Six Thousand One Hundred Sixty Four
Consumer Cyclical