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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Netherlands Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Netherlands country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1ING Group, N.V.Symbol: ING$ 133.336 billion
One Hundred Thirty Three Billion Three Hundred Thirty Six Million Five Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Nine
$61.447 billion more than ABN AMRO BANK N.V.
more by 85.48%
Financial Services
#2ABN AMRO BANK N.V.Symbol: ABN.AS$ 71.888 billion
Seventy One Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Eight Million Nine Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Thirty Two
$49.355 billion more than AEGON N.V.
more by 219.03%
Financial Services
#3AEGON N.V.Symbol: AEG$ 22.533 billion
Twenty Two Billion Five Hundred Thirty Three Million Four Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty One
$2.947 billion more than AIRBUS SE
more by 15.05%
Financial Services
#4AIRBUS SESymbol: AIR.DE$ 19.586 billion
Nineteen Billion Five Hundred Eighty Six Million Three Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Nine Hundred Twelve
$3.712 billion more than PROSUS
more by 23.39%
#5PROSUSSymbol: PRX.AS$ 15.873 billion
Fifteen Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Three Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Two
$7.367 billion more than EXOR N.V.
more by 86.61%
Communication Services
#6EXOR N.V.Symbol: EYX.F$ 8.506 billion
Eight Billion Five Hundred Six Million Three Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Four Hundred Thirteen
$588.450 million more than ASML Holding N.V. - New York Re
more by 7.43%
Consumer Cyclical
#7ASML Holding N.V. - New York ReSymbol: ASML$ 7.917 billion
Seven Billion Nine Hundred Seventeen Million Nine Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Eight
$28.654 million more than NN GROUP
more by 0.36%
#8NN GROUPSymbol: NN.AS$ 7.889 billion
Seven Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Nine Million Two Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Five
$2.646 billion more than FLOW TRADERS
more by 50.47%
Financial Services
#9FLOW TRADERSSymbol: FLOW.AS$ 5.242 billion
Five Billion Two Hundred Forty Two Million Nine Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Sixteen
$1.339 billion more than V LANSCHOT KEMPEN
more by 34.31%
Financial Services
#10V LANSCHOT KEMPENSymbol: VLK.AS$ 3.903 billion
Three Billion Nine Hundred Three Million Five Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Three Hundred Forty Nine
$58.533 million more than NXP Semiconductors N.V.
more by 1.52%
Financial Services
#11NXP Semiconductors N.V.Symbol: NXPI$ 3.844 billion
Three Billion Eight Hundred Forty Four Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Six
$403.164 million more than KONINKLIJKE AHOLD DELHAIZE NV S
more by 11.71%
Three Billion Four Hundred Forty One Million Eight Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty One
$474.366 million more than HEINEKEN
more by 15.99%
Consumer Defensive
#13HEINEKENSymbol: HEIA.AS$ 2.967 billion
Two Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Seven Million Four Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty One
more by 0%
Consumer Defensive
#14HEINEKEN HOLDINGSymbol: HEIO.AS$ 2.967 billion
Two Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Seven Million Four Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty One
$515.469 million more than VEON Ltd.
more by 21.02%
Consumer Defensive
#15VEON Ltd.Symbol: VEON$ 2.452 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Fifty Two Million
$42.607 million more than ASR NEDERLAND
more by 1.77%
Communication Services
#16ASR NEDERLANDSymbol: ASRNL.AS$ 2.409 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Nine Million Three Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Three Hundred One
$28.792 million more than OCI N.V.
more by 1.21%
Financial Services
#17OCI N.V.Symbol: OCI.AS$ 2.380 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Eighty Million Six Hundred Thousand Sixty Four
$209.463 million more than JUST EAT TAKEAWAY.COM N.V.
more by 9.65%
Basic Materials
#18JUST EAT TAKEAWAY.COM N.V.Symbol: TKWY.AS$ 2.171 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Seventy One Million One Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Seven
$254.354 million more than AKZO NOBEL NV SPON ADS EACH REP
more by 13.27%
Consumer Cyclical
#19AKZO NOBEL NV SPON ADS EACH REPSymbol: AKZOY$ 1.916 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Sixteen Million Seven Hundred Eighty One Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Six
$148.598 million more than KONINKLIJKE DSM NV ADR-EACH 4 C
more by 8.4%
Basic Materials
#20KONINKLIJKE DSM NV ADR-EACH 4 CSymbol: RDSMY$ 1.768 billion
One Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Eight Million One Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Two Hundred Fifty
Basic Materials