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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Netherlands by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Netherlands country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1ASML Holding N.V. - New York ReSymbol: ASML$ 252.683 billion
Two Hundred Fifty Two Billion Six Hundred Eighty Three Million Five Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Two
$32.542 billion more than PROSUS
more by 14.78%
#2PROSUSSymbol: PRX.AS$ 220.141 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Billion One Hundred Forty One Million One Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Fourteen
$117.568 billion more than AIRBUS SE
more by 114.62%
Communication Services
#3AIRBUS SESymbol: AIR.DE$ 102.572 billion
One Hundred Two Billion Five Hundred Seventy Two Million Eight Hundred Ninety Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Six
$41.900 billion more than HEINEKEN
more by 69.06%
#4HEINEKENSymbol: HEIA.AS$ 60.672 billion
Sixty Billion Six Hundred Seventy Two Million Four Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Four
$6.578 billion more than STELLANTIS
more by 12.16%
Consumer Defensive
#5STELLANTISSymbol: STLA.MI$ 54.094 billion
Fifty Four Billion Ninety Four Million Twenty Five Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Three
$6.495 billion more than ADYEN
more by 13.65%
Consumer Cyclical
#6ADYENSymbol: ADYEN.AS$ 47.598 billion
Forty Seven Billion Five Hundred Ninety Eight Million Three Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Five
$1.762 billion more than NXP Semiconductors N.V.
more by 3.84%
#7NXP Semiconductors N.V.Symbol: NXPI$ 45.836 billion
Forty Five Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Six Million Two Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Forty
$2.474 billion more than UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP
more by 5.71%
#8UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUPSymbol: UMG.AS$ 43.361 billion
Forty Three Billion Three Hundred Sixty One Million Six Hundred Nine Thousand Six Hundred Forty Five
$801.404 million more than ING Group, N.V.
more by 1.88%
Communication Services
#9ING Group, N.V.Symbol: ING$ 42.560 billion
Forty Two Billion Five Hundred Sixty Million Two Hundred Four Thousand Eight Hundred
$10.228 billion more than KONINKLIJKE AHOLD DELHAIZE NV S
more by 31.63%
Financial Services
Thirty Two Billion Three Hundred Thirty Two Million One Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Four Hundred
$1.293 billion more than WOLTERS KLUWER
more by 4.17%
Consumer Defensive
#11WOLTERS KLUWERSymbol: WKL.AS$ 31.038 billion
Thirty One Billion Thirty Eight Million Seven Hundred Ninety Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Four
$5.432 billion more than HEINEKEN HOLDING
more by 21.21%
#12HEINEKEN HOLDINGSymbol: HEIO.AS$ 25.606 billion
Twenty Five Billion Six Hundred Six Million Seven Hundred Eight Thousand One Hundred Fifty Three
$2.186 billion more than KONINKLIJKE DSM NV ADR-EACH 4 C
more by 9.34%
Consumer Defensive
#13KONINKLIJKE DSM NV ADR-EACH 4 CSymbol: RDSMY$ 23.419 billion
Twenty Three Billion Four Hundred Nineteen Million Nine Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Eight
$3.253 billion more than ARGENX SE
more by 16.13%
Basic Materials
#14ARGENX SESymbol: ARGX.BR$ 20.166 billion
Twenty Billion One Hundred Sixty Six Million Seven Hundred Sixty Five Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Eight
$1.293 billion more than EXOR N.V.
more by 6.85%
#15EXOR N.V.Symbol: EYX.F$ 18.873 billion
Eighteen Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Three Million Four Hundred Twelve Thousand Two Hundred Twelve
$1.447 billion more than ASM International N.V.
more by 8.31%
Consumer Cyclical
#16ASM International N.V.Symbol: ASM.AS$ 17.426 billion
Seventeen Billion Four Hundred Twenty Six Million Fifty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Four
$2.659 billion more than ABN AMRO BANK N.V.
more by 18.01%
#17ABN AMRO BANK N.V.Symbol: ABN.AS$ 14.766 billion
Fourteen Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Six Million Five Hundred Nineteen Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Seven
$145.376 million more than JDE PEET'S
more by 0.99%
Financial Services
#18JDE PEET'SSymbol: JDEP.AS$ 14.621 billion
Fourteen Billion Six Hundred Twenty One Million One Hundred Forty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy
$191.297 million more than Koninklijke Philips N.V. NY Reg
more by 1.33%
Consumer Defensive
#19Koninklijke Philips N.V. NY RegSymbol: PHG$ 14.429 billion
Fourteen Billion Four Hundred Twenty Nine Million Eight Hundred Forty Five Thousand Five Hundred Four
$332.672 million more than KPN KON
more by 2.36%
#20KPN KONSymbol: KPN.AS$ 14.097 billion
Fourteen Billion Ninety Seven Million One Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Seven
Communication Services