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List of Most Profitable Companies in The World 2023

AMZN and GOOG are among the most profitable companies in the world.

The following list is updated daily and contains the top global companies with the highest profit in different industries, from the giant tech leaders to the top oil companies in the world.

Companies Ranked by Earnings (Top 15)

The global business landscape is characterized by some of the most profitable companies in the world. The companies listed below have achieved high profitability by excelling in different industries, such as technology, oil and gas, finance, and retail. These corporations have significantly impacted the global economy and financial markets with massive revenues, profits, and capitalizations.

  1. Saudi Arabian Oil (2222. SR) - $ 247.297 billion
  2. (AMZN) - $ 225.152 billion
  3. Apple (AAPL) - $ 170.782 billion
  4. Alphabet, Inc. (GOOG) - $ 156.633 billion
  5. Walmart Inc. (WMT) - $ 147.568 billion
  6. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) - $ 135.620 billion
  7. Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) - $ 133.715 billion
  8. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) - $ 122.306 billion
  9. PetroChina Company (PTRCY) - $ 120.933 billion
  10. Chevron Corporation (CVX) - $ 98.886 billion
  11. Royal Dutch Shell (SHEL) - $ 97.308 billion
  12. China Construction Bank (0939. HK) - $ 94.038 billion
  13. Meta Platforms, Inc. (META) - $ 92.855 billion
  14. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (IDCBF)
  15. Bank of American Corporation (BAC) - $ 92.407 billion

πŸ“ Notes

AMZN and GOOG are among the most profitable companies in the world.
AMZN and GOOG are among the most profitable companies in the world.

The most profitable company in the world is Saudi Arabian Oil, also known as Aramco, with a profit of $Β 247.297 billion in 2023. On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the profitability of some companies, such as ExxonMobil, PetroChina, and Royal Dutch Shell. Data shows that companies saw a 50% decline in sales.

Technology giants such as Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, continue to dominate the global business landscape, with impressive financial performances in recent years. These companies have been able to capitalize on the digital transformation and have expanded their product offerings to cater to the changing needs of their customers.

Furthermore, the financial industry is represented by JPMorgan Chase, Berkshire Hathaway, and the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, among others. These companies have maintained high profitability by offering their clients various financial products and services.


In conclusion, the companies listed in this article have demonstrated their ability to generate substantial profits by excelling in their respective industries. Their impressive financial performances have made them some of the world's most valuable and influential companies. As the business landscape evolves, it will be interesting to see how these companies adapt and maintain their positions as leaders in their respective industries.

List of the Largest Companies in the World rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextCountry
#1Saudi Arabian Oil Co.Symbol: 2222.SR$ 354.621 billion
Three Hundred Fifty Four Billion Six Hundred Twenty One Million Two Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty
$129.469 billion more than, Inc.
more by 57.5%
Saudi Arabia, Inc.Symbol: AMZN$ 225.152 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Five Billion One Hundred Fifty Two Million
$54.370 billion more than Apple Inc.
more by 31.84%
United States
#3Apple Inc.Symbol: AAPL$ 170.782 billion
One Hundred Seventy Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Two Million
$14.149 billion more than Alphabet Inc.
more by 9.03%
United States
#4Alphabet Inc.Symbol: GOOG$ 156.633 billion
One Hundred Fifty Six Billion Six Hundred Thirty Three Million
$9.065 billion more than Walmart Inc.
more by 6.14%
United States
#5Walmart Inc.Symbol: WMT$ 147.568 billion
One Hundred Forty Seven Billion Five Hundred Sixty Eight Million
$11.948 billion more than Microsoft Corporation
more by 8.81%
United States
#6Microsoft CorporationSymbol: MSFT$ 135.620 billion
One Hundred Thirty Five Billion Six Hundred Twenty Million
$1.905 billion more than Exxon Mobil Corporation
more by 1.42%
United States
#7Exxon Mobil CorporationSymbol: XOM$ 133.715 billion
One Hundred Thirty Three Billion Seven Hundred Fifteen Million
$11.409 billion more than JP Morgan Chase & Co.
more by 9.33%
United States
#8JP Morgan Chase & Co.Symbol: JPM$ 122.306 billion
One Hundred Twenty Two Billion Three Hundred Six Million
$1.372 billion more than PetroChina Company Limited
more by 1.14%
United States
#9PetroChina Company LimitedSymbol: PTRCY$ 120.933 billion
One Hundred Twenty Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Three Million Three Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Nine Hundred
$12.951 billion more than INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF C
more by 11.99%
#10INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: 601398.SS$ 107.981 billion
One Hundred Seven Billion Nine Hundred Eighty One Million Five Hundred Thirteen Thousand Twenty Four
more by 0%
#11INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: IDCBF$ 107.981 billion
One Hundred Seven Billion Nine Hundred Eighty One Million Five Hundred Thirteen Thousand Twenty Four
$9.095 billion more than Chevron Corporation
more by 9.2%
#12Chevron CorporationSymbol: CVX$ 98.886 billion
Ninety Eight Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Six Million
$1.578 billion more than Royal Dutch Shell PLC
more by 1.62%
United States
#13Royal Dutch Shell PLCSymbol: SHEL$ 97.308 billion
Ninety Seven Billion Three Hundred Eight Million
$2.364 billion more than CCB
more by 2.49%
United Kingdom
#14CCBSymbol: 0939.HK$ 94.943 billion
Ninety Four Billion Nine Hundred Forty Three Million Nine Hundred Two Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Two
$2.088 billion more than Meta Platforms, Inc.
more by 2.25%
#15Meta Platforms, Inc.Symbol: META$ 92.855 billion
Ninety Two Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Five Million
$448 million more than Bank of America Corporation
more by 0.48%
United States
#16Bank of America CorporationSymbol: BAC$ 92.407 billion
Ninety Two Billion Four Hundred Seven Million
$146 million more than TotalEnergies SE
more by 0.16%
United States
#17TotalEnergies SESymbol: TTE$ 92.261 billion
Ninety Two Billion Two Hundred Sixty One Million
$6.435 billion more than SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95
more by 7.5%
#18SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95Symbol: SSU.F$ 85.825 billion
Eighty Five Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Five Million Thirty Six Thousand Three Hundred Fifty
$235.036 million more than EQUINOR
more by 0.27%
South Korea
#19EQUINORSymbol: EQNR.OL$ 85.590 billion
Eighty Five Billion Five Hundred Ninety Million
$101.313 million more than JAPAN POST HLDGS CO LTD
more by 0.12%
#20JAPAN POST HLDGS CO LTDSymbol: 6178.T$ 85.488 billion
Eighty Five Billion Four Hundred Eighty Eight Million Six Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Seven