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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Mauritius country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Mauritius country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1ALPHAMIN RESOURCES CORP.Symbol: AFM.V$ 215.768 million
Two Hundred Fifteen Million Seven Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty
$109.466 million more than CAPITAL LIMITED
more by 102.98%
Basic Materials
#2CAPITAL LIMITEDSymbol: CAPD.L$ 106.302 million
One Hundred Six Million Three Hundred Two Thousand Twenty
$17.104 million more than African Rainbow Cap Inv
more by 19.18%
Basic Materials
#3African Rainbow Cap InvSymbol: AIL.JO$ 89.197 million
Eighty Nine Million One Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand One Hundred Eighty Six
$26.476 million more than GRIT REAL ESTATE INCOME GROUP L
more by 42.21%
Financial Services
#4GRIT REAL ESTATE INCOME GROUP LSymbol: GR1T.L$ 62.721 million
Sixty Two Million Seven Hundred Twenty One Thousand
$7.682 million more than Brait PLC
more by 13.96%
Real Estate
#5Brait PLCSymbol: BAT.JO$ 55.038 million
Fifty Five Million Thirty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Six
$26.855 million more than EPE Capital Partners Ltd
more by 95.29%
Financial Services
#6EPE Capital Partners LtdSymbol: EPE.JO$ 28.183 million
Twenty Eight Million One Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty One
$12.964 million more than 4Sight Holdings Ltd
more by 85.18%
Financial Services
#74Sight Holdings LtdSymbol: 4SI.JO$ 15.219 million
Fifteen Million Two Hundred Nineteen Thousand Six Hundred Seventy
$2.687 million more than Astoria Investments Ltd
more by 21.44%
#8Astoria Investments LtdSymbol: ARA.JO$ 12.532 million
Twelve Million Five Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Nine
$11.455 million more than Universal Partners Ltd
more by 1063.98%
Financial Services
#9Universal Partners LtdSymbol: UPL.JO$ 1.076 million
One Million Seventy Six Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Six
$1.085 million more than Go Life International Ld
more by -12360.26%
Financial Services
#10Go Life International LdSymbol: GLI.JO$ . thousand
Seven Hundred Eighty Two