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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Malaysia country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Malaysia country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
Five Billion Five Hundred Fifty One Million Eight Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand One Hundred Twelve
$3.634 billion more than TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD LVL1 SPN
more by 189.54%
Financial Services
One Billion Nine Hundred Seventeen Million Four Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety
$420.776 million more than GENTING BERHAD
more by 28.11%
#3GENTING BERHADSymbol: GEBHF$ 1.496 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Ninety Six Million Seven Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Two
$115.983 million more than IHH
more by 8.4%
Consumer Cyclical
#4IHHSymbol: Q0F.SI$ 1.380 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Eighty Million Seven Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Twenty Seven
$570.228 million more than YTL CORP
more by 70.35%
#5YTL CORPSymbol: 1773.T$ 810.510 million
Eight Hundred Ten Million Five Hundred Ten Thousand One Hundred Twenty Nine
$445.619 million more than SIME DARBY BERHAD
more by 122.12%
#6SIME DARBY BERHADSymbol: SMEBF$ 364.890 million
Three Hundred Sixty Four Million Eight Hundred Ninety Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Two
$151.599 million more than TOP GLOVE CORP BHD SPON ADR EAC
more by 71.08%
Consumer Cyclical
#7TOP GLOVE CORP BHD SPON ADR EACSymbol: TGLVY$ 213.291 million
Two Hundred Thirteen Million Two Hundred Ninety One Thousand Four Hundred Nine
$118.832 million more than CAPITAL A BHD
more by 125.8%
#8CAPITAL A BHDSymbol: AIABF$ 94.459 million
Ninety Four Million Four Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Eight
$4.878 million more than Frencken
more by 5.45%
#9FrenckenSymbol: E28.SI$ 89.580 million
Eighty Nine Million Five Hundred Eighty Thousand Forty Two
$41.431 million more than JB Foods
more by 86.05%
#10JB FoodsSymbol: BEW.SI$ 48.149 million
Forty Eight Million One Hundred Forty Nine Thousand
$6.659 million more than PENTAMASTER
more by 16.05%
Consumer Defensive
#11PENTAMASTERSymbol: 1665.HK$ 41.489 million
Forty One Million Four Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Two
$1.745 million more than STEPPE CEMENT LTD
more by 4.39%
#12STEPPE CEMENT LTDSymbol: STCM.L$ 39.744 million
Thirty Nine Million Seven Hundred Forty Four Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Seven
$1.970 million more than MSC
more by 5.22%
Basic Materials
#13MSCSymbol: NPW.SI$ 37.773 million
Thirty Seven Million Seven Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Six Hundred Seventy
$6.052 million more than $ FortressMinerals
more by 19.08%
#14$ FortressMineralsSymbol: OAJ.SI$ 31.721 million
Thirty One Million Seven Hundred Twenty One Thousand Thirty Four
$4.175 million more than U.O. AUST FPO
more by 15.16%
Basic Materials
#15U.O. AUST FPOSymbol: UOS.AX$ 27.545 million
Twenty Seven Million Five Hundred Forty Five Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Five
$7.116 million more than SWANGCHAICHUAN
more by 34.83%
Real Estate
#16SWANGCHAICHUANSymbol: 2321.HK$ 20.428 million
Twenty Million Four Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty One
$3.073 million more than HENG HUP
more by 17.71%
Consumer Defensive
#17HENG HUPSymbol: 1891.HK$ 17.355 million
Seventeen Million Three Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Ten
$. thousand more than MOBILITYONE LIMITED
more by 4%
#18MOBILITYONE LIMITEDSymbol: MBO.L$ 16.687 million
Sixteen Million Six Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand One Hundred Ninety Eight
$1.017 million more than INFINITY L&T
more by 6.49%
#19INFINITY L&TSymbol: 1442.HK$ 15.669 million
Fifteen Million Six Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Six
$1.826 million more than CHANNEL MICRON
more by 13.19%
#20CHANNEL MICRONSymbol: 2115.HK$ 13.843 million
Thirteen Million Eight Hundred Forty Three Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Two