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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Malaysia Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Malaysia country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
Twenty One Billion Six Hundred Eighty Five Million Eight Hundred Nine Thousand Eleven
$77.265 million more than TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD LVL1 SPN
more by 0.36%
Financial Services
Twenty One Billion Six Hundred Eight Million Five Hundred Forty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Five
$11.737 billion more than YTL CORP
more by 118.9%
#3YTL CORPSymbol: 1773.T$ 9.871 billion
Nine Billion Eight Hundred Seventy One Million Two Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Fifty Eight
$994.452 million more than GENTING BERHAD
more by 11.2%
#4GENTING BERHADSymbol: GEBHF$ 8.876 billion
Eight Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Six Million Eight Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Four
$4.891 billion more than CAPITAL A BHD
more by 122.76%
Consumer Cyclical
#5CAPITAL A BHDSymbol: AIABF$ 3.984 billion
Three Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Four Million Eight Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Four Hundred Twenty One
$1.575 billion more than IHH
more by 65.39%
#6IHHSymbol: Q0F.SI$ 2.409 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Nine Million Four Hundred Seventeen Thousand Six Hundred Nine
$1.107 billion more than SIME DARBY BERHAD
more by 85.13%
#7SIME DARBY BERHADSymbol: SMEBF$ 1.301 billion
One Billion Three Hundred One Million Four Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Seven
$1.118 billion more than JB Foods
more by 609.51%
Consumer Cyclical
#8JB FoodsSymbol: BEW.SI$ 183.431 million
One Hundred Eighty Three Million Four Hundred Thirty One Thousand Eight
$15.910 million more than CAA RESOURCES
more by 9.5%
Consumer Defensive
#9CAA RESOURCESSymbol: 2112.HK$ 167.520 million
One Hundred Sixty Seven Million Five Hundred Twenty Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Two
$1.519 million more than U.O. AUST FPO
more by 0.92%
Basic Materials
#10U.O. AUST FPOSymbol: UOS.AX$ 166.001 million
One Hundred Sixty Six Million One Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Six
$54.226 million more than Frencken
more by 48.51%
Real Estate
#11FrenckenSymbol: E28.SI$ 111.774 million
One Hundred Eleven Million Seven Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Six Hundred Five
$22.796 million more than TOP GLOVE CORP BHD SPON ADR EAC
more by 25.62%
#12TOP GLOVE CORP BHD SPON ADR EACSymbol: TGLVY$ 88.978 million
Eighty Eight Million Nine Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Four Hundred Sixty
$9.922 million more than Aspen
more by 12.55%
#13AspenSymbol: 1F3.SI$ 79.056 million
Seventy Nine Million Fifty Six Thousand Three Hundred Six
$2.823 million more than MSC
more by 3.7%
Real Estate
#14MSCSymbol: NPW.SI$ 76.232 million
Seventy Six Million Two Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Seven
$3.984 million more than $ Hatten Land
more by 5.51%
#15$ Hatten LandSymbol: PH0.SI$ 72.247 million
Seventy Two Million Two Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Nine
$33.476 million more than LINOCRAFT HLDGS
more by 86.35%
Real Estate
#16LINOCRAFT HLDGSSymbol: 8383.HK$ 38.771 million
Thirty Eight Million Seven Hundred Seventy One Thousand Ten
$2.394 million more than INFINITY L&T
more by 6.58%
Consumer Cyclical
#17INFINITY L&TSymbol: 1442.HK$ 36.376 million
Thirty Six Million Three Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Thirty Six
$18.388 million more than $ FortressMinerals
more by 102.23%
#18$ FortressMineralsSymbol: OAJ.SI$ 17.987 million
Seventeen Million Nine Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Seventy Four
$2.775 million more than GEMILANG INTL
more by 18.24%
Basic Materials
#19GEMILANG INTLSymbol: 6163.HK$ 15.212 million
Fifteen Million Two Hundred Twelve Thousand
$1.676 million more than HENG HUP
more by 12.39%
Consumer Cyclical
#20HENG HUPSymbol: 1891.HK$ 13.535 million
Thirteen Million Five Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Four Hundred Four