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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Malaysia Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Malaysia country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
Twenty Nine Billion Three Hundred Forty Five Million Five Hundred One Thousand Seven Hundred Five
$24.394 billion more than GENTING BERHAD
more by 492.76%
Financial Services
#2GENTING BERHADSymbol: GEBHF$ 4.950 billion
Four Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Million Six Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand One Hundred Eighty Four
$2.110 billion more than YTL CORP
more by 74.29%
Consumer Cyclical
#3YTL CORPSymbol: 1773.T$ 2.840 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Forty Million Four Hundred Thirty One Thousand Six Hundred Sixteen
$36.786 million more than TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD LVL1 SPN
more by 1.31%
Two Billion Eight Hundred Three Million Six Hundred Forty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty
$1.913 billion more than IHH
more by 214.79%
#5IHHSymbol: Q0F.SI$ 890.629 million
Eight Hundred Ninety Million Six Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Fifty
$302.394 million more than SIME DARBY BERHAD
more by 51.41%
#6SIME DARBY BERHADSymbol: SMEBF$ 588.234 million
Five Hundred Eighty Eight Million Two Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty One
$52.490 million more than U.O. AUST FPO
more by 9.8%
Consumer Cyclical
#7U.O. AUST FPOSymbol: UOS.AX$ 535.744 million
Five Hundred Thirty Five Million Seven Hundred Forty Four Thousand Thirty Seven
$370.626 million more than TOP GLOVE CORP BHD SPON ADR EAC
more by 224.46%
Real Estate
#8TOP GLOVE CORP BHD SPON ADR EACSymbol: TGLVY$ 165.117 million
One Hundred Sixty Five Million One Hundred Seventeen Thousand One Hundred Sixty Four
$27.788 million more than CAPITAL A BHD
more by 20.23%
#9CAPITAL A BHDSymbol: AIABF$ 137.328 million
One Hundred Thirty Seven Million Three Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty
$13.264 million more than Frencken
more by 10.69%
#10FrenckenSymbol: E28.SI$ 124.064 million
One Hundred Twenty Four Million Sixty Four Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Two
$50.930 million more than PENTAMASTER
more by 69.64%
#11PENTAMASTERSymbol: 1665.HK$ 73.133 million
Seventy Three Million One Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty
$22.837 million more than $ SouthernAlliance
more by 45.4%
#12$ SouthernAllianceSymbol: QNS.SI$ 50.296 million
Fifty Million Two Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Three
$15.424 million more than JB Foods
more by 44.23%
Basic Materials
#13JB FoodsSymbol: BEW.SI$ 34.872 million
Thirty Four Million Eight Hundred Seventy Two Thousand
$1.241 million more than MSC
more by 3.69%
Consumer Defensive
#14MSCSymbol: NPW.SI$ 33.630 million
Thirty Three Million Six Hundred Thirty Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Three
$11.871 million more than RIMBACO
more by 54.56%
#15RIMBACOSymbol: 1953.HK$ 21.758 million
Twenty One Million Seven Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Four
$1.764 million more than JBB BUILDERS
more by 8.82%
#16JBB BUILDERSSymbol: 1903.HK$ 19.994 million
Nineteen Million Nine Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Six Hundred Forty Five
$2.215 million more than Starbox Group Holdings Ltd.
more by 12.46%
#17Starbox Group Holdings Ltd.Symbol: STBX$ 17.778 million
Seventeen Million Seven Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Six
$. thousand more than FRONT D V FPO
more by 0.06%
Communication Services
#18FRONT D V FPOSymbol: FDV.AX$ 17.767 million
Seventeen Million Seven Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Five
$. thousand more than CHANNEL MICRON
more by 2.48%
Communication Services
#19CHANNEL MICRONSymbol: 2115.HK$ 17.337 million
Seventeen Million Three Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Five
$2.013 million more than MBV INTL
more by 13.14%
#20MBV INTLSymbol: 1957.HK$ 15.323 million
Fifteen Million Three Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Three
Consumer Cyclical