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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Macau country

List of the largest companies from Macau country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1SANDS CHINA LTDSymbol: 1928.HK$ 1.604 billion
One Billion Six Hundred Four Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Six
$596.645 million more than MGM CHINA
more by 59.17%
Consumer Cyclical
#2MGM CHINASymbol: 2282.HK$ 1.008 billion
One Billion Eight Million Three Hundred Fifty Four Thousand One Hundred Thirty Two
$165.889 million more than WYNN MACAU
more by 19.69%
Consumer Cyclical
#3WYNN MACAUSymbol: 1128.HK$ 842.464 million
Eight Hundred Forty Two Million Four Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Three Hundred Twenty
$695.726 million more than MACAU LEGEND
more by 474.13%
Consumer Cyclical
#4MACAU LEGENDSymbol: 1680.HK$ 146.737 million
One Hundred Forty Six Million Seven Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty
$36.916 million more than INFINITY DEV
more by 33.62%
Consumer Cyclical
#5INFINITY DEVSymbol: 0640.HK$ 109.821 million
One Hundred Nine Million Eight Hundred Twenty One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty One
$19.185 million more than Deswell Industries, Inc.
more by 21.17%
Basic Materials
#6Deswell Industries, Inc.Symbol: DSWL$ 90.636 million
Ninety Million Six Hundred Thirty Six Thousand
$19.279 million more than BOARDWARE INTEL
more by 27.02%
#7BOARDWARE INTELSymbol: 1204.HK$ 71.356 million
Seventy One Million Three Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Two Hundred Sixty
$67.489 million more than LINIU TECHNOLOGY GROUP
more by 1745.19%
#8LINIU TECHNOLOGY GROUPSymbol: LINUF$ 3.867 million
Three Million Eight Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand One Hundred Forty Three
$2.080 million more than YING HAI GROUP
more by 116.5%
Consumer Cyclical
#9YING HAI GROUPSymbol: 8668.HK$ 1.786 million
One Million Seven Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Five
$1.008 million more than ASIA PIONEER
more by 129.7%
Consumer Cyclical
#10ASIA PIONEERSymbol: 8400.HK$ . thousand
Seven Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Two
Consumer Cyclical