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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Luxembourg country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Luxembourg country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1Arcelor Mittal NY Registry SharSymbol: MT$ 14.016 billion
Fourteen Billion Sixteen Million
$9.128 billion more than Tenaris S.A.
more by 186.78%
Basic Materials
#2Tenaris S.A.Symbol: TS$ 4.887 billion
Four Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Seven Million Three Hundred Twenty Three Thousand
$180.309 million more than RTL GROUP
more by 3.83%
#3RTL GROUPSymbol: RRTL.F$ 4.707 billion
Four Billion Seven Hundred Seven Million Thirteen Thousand One Hundred
$589.013 million more than Millicom International Cellular
more by 14.3%
Communication Services
#4Millicom International CellularSymbol: TIGO-SDB.ST$ 4.118 billion
Four Billion One Hundred Eighteen Million
$191 million more than Ternium S.A. Ternium S.A.
more by 4.86%
Communication Services
#5Ternium S.A. Ternium S.A.Symbol: TX$ 3.927 billion
Three Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Seven Million
$746.233 million more than SPOTIFY TECH. S.A. EUR 1
more by 23.46%
Basic Materials
#6SPOTIFY TECH. S.A. EUR 1Symbol: 639.F$ 3.180 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Eighty Million Seven Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty
$1.017 billion more than B&M EUROPEAN VALUE RETAIL S.A.
more by 47.06%
Communication Services
#7B&M EUROPEAN VALUE RETAIL S.A.Symbol: BME.L$ 2.162 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Sixty Two Million Eight Hundred Forty Four Thousand
$503.649 million more than EUROFINS SCIENT.
more by 30.36%
Consumer Defensive
#8EUROFINS SCIENT.Symbol: ERF.PA$ 1.659 billion
One Billion Six Hundred Fifty Nine Million One Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Nine Hundred Forty One
$53.794 million more than SAMSONITE
more by 3.35%
#9SAMSONITESymbol: 1910.HK$ 1.605 billion
One Billion Six Hundred Five Million Four Hundred Thousand
$10.451 million more than L'OCCITANE
more by 0.66%
Consumer Cyclical
#10L'OCCITANESymbol: 0973.HK$ 1.594 billion
One Billion Five Hundred Ninety Four Million Nine Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Seventeen
$93.704 million more than SES S.A. FDR A
more by 6.24%
Consumer Defensive
#11SES S.A. FDR ASymbol: SES.F$ 1.501 billion
One Billion Five Hundred One Million Two Hundred Forty Three Thousand Six Hundred Seventy
$418.630 million more than AROUNDTOWN SA
more by 38.67%
Communication Services
#12AROUNDTOWN SASymbol: 0RUH.IL$ 1.082 billion
One Billion Eighty Two Million Six Hundred Thirteen Thousand Thirteen
$132.513 million more than SOLUTIONS 30 SE
more by 13.95%
Real Estate
#13SOLUTIONS 30 SESymbol: S30.PA$ 950.099 million
Nine Hundred Fifty Million Ninety Nine Thousand One Hundred Eighty
$276.593 million more than Globant S.A.
more by 41.07%
#14Globant S.A.Symbol: GLOB$ 673.506 million
Six Hundred Seventy Three Million Five Hundred Six Thousand
$16.915 million more than REINET INVESTMENTS
more by 2.58%
#15REINET INVESTMENTSSymbol: REINA.AS$ 656.590 million
Six Hundred Fifty Six Million Five Hundred Ninety Thousand Two Hundred Eighty
$17.780 million more than Nexa Resources S.A.
more by 2.78%
Financial Services
#16Nexa Resources S.A.Symbol: NEXA$ 638.810 million
Six Hundred Thirty Eight Million Eight Hundred Ten Thousand
$17.473 million more than ALLEGRO
more by 2.81%
Basic Materials
#17ALLEGROSymbol: ALE.WA$ 621.336 million
Six Hundred Twenty One Million Three Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Seven Hundred Eight
$20.181 million more than SUSE S.A. DL 1
more by 3.36%
Consumer Cyclical
#18SUSE S.A. DL 1Symbol: SUSE.DE$ 601.155 million
Six Hundred One Million One Hundred Fifty Five Thousand
$8.155 million more than Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A.
more by 1.38%
#19Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A.Symbol: AMBP$ 593 million
Five Hundred Ninety Three Million
$83.272 million more than GLOBAL FASHION GRP EO-,01
more by 16.34%
Consumer Cyclical
#20GLOBAL FASHION GRP EO-,01Symbol: GFG.DE$ 509.727 million
Five Hundred Nine Million Seven Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand One Hundred Twenty Three
Consumer Cyclical