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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Lithuania country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Lithuania country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1AB "IGNITIS GRUPE"Symbol: IGN.IL$ 777.623 million
Seven Hundred Seventy Seven Million Six Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Four
$552.664 million more than Telia Lietuva
more by 245.67%
#2Telia LietuvaSymbol: TEL1L.VS$ 224.958 million
Two Hundred Twenty Four Million Nine Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Six
$37.853 million more than Linas Agro Group
more by 20.23%
Communication Services
#3Linas Agro GroupSymbol: LNA1L.VS$ 187.104 million
One Hundred Eighty Seven Million One Hundred Four Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Eight
$41.323 million more than Siauliu Bankas
more by 28.35%
Consumer Defensive
#4Siauliu BankasSymbol: SAB1L.VS$ 145.781 million
One Hundred Forty Five Million Seven Hundred Eighty One Thousand Ten
$27.497 million more than Apranga
more by 23.25%
Financial Services
#5AprangaSymbol: APG1L.VS$ 118.283 million
One Hundred Eighteen Million Two Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Seven
$61.209 million more than Amber Grid
more by 107.24%
Consumer Cyclical
#6Amber GridSymbol: AMG1L.VS$ 57.074 million
Fifty Seven Million Seventy Four Thousand Five Hundred Eighty
$. thousand more than Invalda INVL
more by 1.23%
#7Invalda INVLSymbol: IVL1L.VS$ 56.380 million
Fifty Six Million Three Hundred Eighty Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty One
$11.167 million more than Zemaitijos Pienas
more by 24.7%
Financial Services
#8Zemaitijos PienasSymbol: ZMP1L.VS$ 45.213 million
Forty Five Million Two Hundred Thirteen Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Nine
$1.793 million more than BALTIC CLASSIFIEDS GROUP PLC
more by 4.13%
Consumer Defensive
Forty Three Million Four Hundred Twenty Thousand Four Hundred Ninety One
$8.450 million more than Grigeo
more by 24.17%
Communication Services
#10GrigeoSymbol: GRG1L.VS$ 34.969 million
Thirty Four Million Nine Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Six Hundred Eighty
$4.560 million more than Pieno Zvaigzdes
more by 15%
Basic Materials
#11Pieno ZvaigzdesSymbol: PZV1L.VS$ 30.409 million
Thirty Million Four Hundred Nine Thousand One Hundred Ten
$4.622 million more than Vilkyskiu Pienine
more by 17.92%
Consumer Defensive
#12Vilkyskiu PienineSymbol: VLP1L.VS$ 25.786 million
Twenty Five Million Seven Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Six
$. thousand more than CITYSERV
more by 0.31%
Consumer Defensive
#13CITYSERVSymbol: CTS.WA$ 25.706 million
Twenty Five Million Seven Hundred Six Thousand One Hundred Eighty Nine
$4.097 million more than Klaipedos Nafta
more by 18.96%
#14Klaipedos NaftaSymbol: KNF1L.VS$ 21.608 million
Twenty One Million Six Hundred Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Four
$3.031 million more than Rokiskio Suris
more by 16.32%
#15Rokiskio SurisSymbol: RSU1L.VS$ 18.576 million
Eighteen Million Five Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Nine Hundred Twelve
$2.302 million more than AUGA group
more by 14.14%
Consumer Defensive
#16AUGA groupSymbol: AUG1L.VS$ 16.274 million
Sixteen Million Two Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty
$. thousand more than Kauno Energija
more by 4.67%
Consumer Defensive
#17Kauno EnergijaSymbol: KNR1L.VS$ 15.548 million
Fifteen Million Five Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Eighteen
$1.218 million more than Novaturas
more by 8.5%
#18NovaturasSymbol: NTU1L.VS$ 14.329 million
Fourteen Million Three Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Nine
$1.403 million more than Panevezio Statybos Trestas
more by 10.86%
Consumer Cyclical
#19Panevezio Statybos TrestasSymbol: PTR1L.VS$ 12.926 million
Twelve Million Nine Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Five
$8.588 million more than Utenos Trikotazas
more by 198.02%
#20Utenos TrikotazasSymbol: UTR1L.VS$ 4.337 million
Four Million Three Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty One
Consumer Cyclical