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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Latvia by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Latvia country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1Latvijas GazeSymbol: GZE1R.RG$ 378.985 million
Three Hundred Seventy Eight Million Nine Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Three
$299.864 million more than Amber Latvijas balzams
more by 379%
#2Amber Latvijas balzamsSymbol: BAL1R.RG$ 79.120 million
Seventy Nine Million One Hundred Twenty Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Three
$5.717 million more than DelfinGroup
more by 7.79%
Consumer Defensive
#3DelfinGroupSymbol: DGR1R.RG$ 73.403 million
Seventy Three Million Four Hundred Three Thousand One Hundred Twenty Two
$. thousand more than VIRSI-A
more by 1.23%
Financial Services
#4VIRSI-ASymbol: VIRSI.RG$ 72.514 million
Seventy Two Million Five Hundred Fourteen Thousand Two Hundred Thirty
$2.672 million more than MADARA Cosmetics
more by 3.83%
Consumer Cyclical
#5MADARA CosmeticsSymbol: MDARA.RG$ 69.842 million
Sixty Nine Million Eight Hundred Forty Two Thousand Ninety Four
$13.734 million more than INDEXO
more by 24.48%
Consumer Defensive
#6INDEXOSymbol: IDX1R.RG$ 56.107 million
Fifty Six Million One Hundred Seven Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Four
$13.565 million more than SAF Tehnika
more by 31.89%
Financial Services
#7SAF TehnikaSymbol: SAF1R.RG$ 42.541 million
Forty Two Million Five Hundred Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty One
$26.127 million more than HansaMatrix
more by 159.18%
#8HansaMatrixSymbol: HMX1R.RG$ 16.414 million
Sixteen Million Four Hundred Fourteen Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Eight
$5.574 million more than VEF
more by 51.43%
#9VEFSymbol: VEF1R.RG$ 10.839 million
Ten Million Eight Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Three
$. thousand more than Latvijas Juras medicinas centrs
more by 7.54%
Real Estate
#10Latvijas Juras medicinas centrsSymbol: LJM1R.RG$ 10.079 million
Ten Million Seventy Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Six
$6.849 million more than Siguldas CMAS
more by 212.07%
#11Siguldas CMASSymbol: SCM1R.RG$ 3.230 million
Three Million Two Hundred Thirty Thousand Thirteen
$2.034 million more than Ditton pievadkezu rupnica
more by 170.21%
Consumer Defensive
#12Ditton pievadkezu rupnicaSymbol: DPK1R.RG$ 1.195 million
One Million One Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Three
$. thousand more than Rigas kugu buvetava
more by 63.4%
Consumer Cyclical
#13Rigas kugu buvetavaSymbol: RKB1R.RG$ . thousand
Seven Hundred Thirty One Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Four