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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Kuwait country

List of the largest companies from Kuwait country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1Mobile TelecommunicationsSymbol: ZAIN.KW$ 5.381 billion
Five Billion Three Hundred Eighty One Million Five Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Six Hundred Sixty
$17.473 million more than Independent Petroleum Group KSC
more by 0.33%
Communication Services
#2Independent Petroleum Group KSCSymbol: IPG.KW$ 5.364 billion
Five Billion Three Hundred Sixty Four Million One Hundred Twenty Five Thousand One Hundred Ninety Two
$2.033 billion more than Kuwait Finance House
more by 61.05%
#3Kuwait Finance HouseSymbol: KFH.KW$ 3.330 billion
Three Billion Three Hundred Thirty Million Seven Hundred Ninety One Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Eight
$122.244 million more than National Bank of Kuwait
more by 3.81%
Financial Services
#4National Bank of KuwaitSymbol: NBK.KW$ 3.208 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Eight Million Five Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Two
$1.030 billion more than Agility Public Warehousing
more by 47.32%
Financial Services
#5Agility Public WarehousingSymbol: AGLTY.KW$ 2.178 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Seventy Eight Million Seventeen Thousand Nine Hundred Thirteen
$156.550 million more than National Mobile Telecommunicati
more by 7.74%
#6National Mobile TelecommunicatiSymbol: OOREDOO.KW$ 2.021 billion
Two Billion Twenty One Million Four Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Six
$240.082 million more than Gulf Insurance Group
more by 13.48%
Communication Services
#7Gulf Insurance GroupSymbol: GINS.KW$ 1.781 billion
One Billion Seven Hundred Eighty One Million Three Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Two Hundred Eleven
$386.250 million more than Kuwait Projects Holding
more by 27.69%
Financial Services
#8Kuwait Projects HoldingSymbol: KPROJ.KW$ 1.395 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Ninety Five Million One Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Ten
$298.985 million more than Kuwait Telecommunications
more by 27.28%
Financial Services
#9Kuwait TelecommunicationsSymbol: STC.KW$ 1.096 billion
One Billion Ninety Six Million One Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Seven
$207.454 million more than Qurain Petrochemical Industries
more by 23.34%
Communication Services
#10Qurain Petrochemical IndustriesSymbol: ALQURAIN.KW$ 888.694 million
Eight Hundred Eighty Eight Million Six Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Three Hundred Sixteen
$79.023 million more than Mezzan Holding Co
more by 9.76%
Consumer Defensive
#11Mezzan Holding CoSymbol: MEZZAN.KW$ 809.670 million
Eight Hundred Nine Million Six Hundred Seventy Thousand Six Hundred Nine
$135.837 million more than Burgan Bank
more by 20.16%
Consumer Defensive
#12Burgan BankSymbol: BURG.KW$ 673.833 million
Six Hundred Seventy Three Million Eight Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Four Hundred Eighty One
$34.409 million more than Sultan Center Food
more by 5.38%
Financial Services
#13Sultan Center FoodSymbol: SULTAN.KW$ 639.423 million
Six Hundred Thirty Nine Million Four Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty One
$26.575 million more than Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Co
more by 4.34%
Consumer Defensive
#14Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive CoSymbol: ALG.KW$ 612.848 million
Six Hundred Twelve Million Eight Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Six
$19.366 million more than Jazeera Airways Co K.S.C.P
more by 3.26%
Consumer Cyclical
#15Jazeera Airways Co K.S.C.PSymbol: JAZEERA.KW$ 593.481 million
Five Hundred Ninety Three Million Four Hundred Eighty One Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Six
$84.476 million more than Oula Fuel Marketing
more by 16.6%
#16Oula Fuel MarketingSymbol: OULAFUEL.KW$ 509.004 million
Five Hundred Nine Million Four Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Nine
$2.025 million more than Boubyan Bank
more by 0.4%
#17Boubyan BankSymbol: BOUBYAN.KW$ 506.979 million
Five Hundred Six Million Nine Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Eight
$10.784 million more than Combined Group Contracting KSCP
more by 2.17%
Financial Services
#18Combined Group Contracting KSCPSymbol: CGC.KW$ 496.194 million
Four Hundred Ninety Six Million One Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Eight Hundred Fourteen
$3.352 million more than Gulf Bank KSCP
more by 0.68%
#19Gulf Bank KSCPSymbol: GBK.KW$ 492.842 million
Four Hundred Ninety Two Million Eight Hundred Forty Two Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Nine
$5.930 million more than Soor Fuel Marketing
more by 1.22%
Financial Services
#20Soor Fuel MarketingSymbol: SOOR.KW$ 486.911 million
Four Hundred Eighty Six Million Nine Hundred Eleven Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Six