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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Kuwait Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Kuwait country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1National Bank of KuwaitSymbol: NBK.KW$ 20.672 billion
Twenty Billion Six Hundred Seventy Two Million Nine Hundred Thousand Two Hundred Five
$8.122 billion more than Kuwait Finance House
more by 64.72%
Financial Services
#2Kuwait Finance HouseSymbol: KFH.KW$ 12.550 billion
Twelve Billion Five Hundred Fifty Million Four Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Six
$7.908 billion more than Kuwait Projects Holding
more by 170.37%
Financial Services
#3Kuwait Projects HoldingSymbol: KPROJ.KW$ 4.641 billion
Four Billion Six Hundred Forty One Million Nine Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety One
$1.093 billion more than Boubyan Bank
more by 30.8%
Financial Services
#4Boubyan BankSymbol: BOUBYAN.KW$ 3.548 billion
Three Billion Five Hundred Forty Eight Million Nine Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Six
$617.404 million more than Commercial Bank of Kuwait
more by 21.06%
Financial Services
#5Commercial Bank of KuwaitSymbol: CBK.KW$ 2.931 billion
Two Billion Nine Hundred Thirty One Million Five Hundred Fifty One Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty One
$228.452 million more than Burgan Bank
more by 8.45%
Financial Services
#6Burgan BankSymbol: BURG.KW$ 2.703 billion
Two Billion Seven Hundred Three Million Ninety Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Two
$277.435 million more than Ahli United Bank - Kuwait
more by 11.44%
Financial Services
#7Ahli United Bank - KuwaitSymbol: ALMUTAHED.KW$ 2.425 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Twenty Five Million Six Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Nine
$77.256 million more than Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait
more by 3.29%
Financial Services
#8Al Ahli Bank of KuwaitSymbol: ABK.KW$ 2.348 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Forty Eight Million Four Hundred Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Two
$123.323 million more than Gulf Bank KSCP
more by 5.54%
Financial Services
#9Gulf Bank KSCPSymbol: GBK.KW$ 2.225 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Twenty Five Million Eighty Four Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Five
$685.343 million more than National Industries Group Holdi
more by 44.51%
Financial Services
#10National Industries Group HoldiSymbol: NIND.KW$ 1.539 billion
One Billion Five Hundred Thirty Nine Million Seven Hundred Forty One Thousand Two Hundred Nine
$82.115 million more than Warba Bank
more by 5.63%
#11Warba BankSymbol: WARBABANK.KW$ 1.457 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Fifty Seven Million Six Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Thirteen
$130.394 million more than Kuwait International Bank
more by 9.82%
Financial Services
#12Kuwait International BankSymbol: KIB.KW$ 1.327 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Twenty Seven Million Two Hundred Thirty One Thousand Fifty Four
$506.356 million more than Mobile Telecommunications
more by 61.69%
Financial Services
#13Mobile TelecommunicationsSymbol: ZAIN.KW$ 820.874 million
Eight Hundred Twenty Million Eight Hundred Seventy Four Thousand One Hundred Eighty Two
$43.899 million more than Gulf Insurance Group
more by 5.65%
Communication Services
#14Gulf Insurance GroupSymbol: GINS.KW$ 776.974 million
Seven Hundred Seventy Six Million Nine Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Eight Hundred Six
$260.427 million more than National Mobile Telecommunicati
more by 50.42%
Financial Services
#15National Mobile TelecommunicatiSymbol: OOREDOO.KW$ 516.547 million
Five Hundred Sixteen Million Five Hundred Forty Seven Thousand One Hundred Thirty Eight
$35.605 million more than Kuwait Investment Co KSCP
more by 7.4%
Communication Services
#16Kuwait Investment Co KSCPSymbol: KINV.KW$ 480.941 million
Four Hundred Eighty Million Nine Hundred Forty One Thousand Four Hundred Two
$7.648 million more than Agility Public Warehousing
more by 1.62%
Financial Services
#17Agility Public WarehousingSymbol: AGLTY.KW$ 473.293 million
Four Hundred Seventy Three Million Two Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Six
$74.789 million more than Kuwait Financial Centre
more by 18.77%
#18Kuwait Financial CentreSymbol: MARKAZ.KW$ 398.503 million
Three Hundred Ninety Eight Million Five Hundred Three Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Six
$40.754 million more than Independent Petroleum Group KSC
more by 11.39%
Financial Services
#19Independent Petroleum Group KSCSymbol: IPG.KW$ 357.748 million
Three Hundred Fifty Seven Million Seven Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Three
$32.781 million more than Mabanee Co K.P.S.C
more by 10.09%
#20Mabanee Co K.P.S.CSymbol: MABANEE.KW$ 324.966 million
Three Hundred Twenty Four Million Nine Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Three
Real Estate