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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Jersey country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Jersey country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1TP ICAP GROUP PLCSymbol: TCAP.L$ 2.559 billion
Two Billion Five Hundred Fifty Nine Million Three Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Forty One
$1.594 billion more than MAN GROUP PLC
more by 165.22%
Financial Services
#2MAN GROUP PLCSymbol: EMG.L$ 965 million
Nine Hundred Sixty Five Million
$360.653 million more than BREEDON GROUP PLC
more by 59.68%
Financial Services
#3BREEDON GROUP PLCSymbol: BREE.L$ 604.346 million
Six Hundred Four Million Three Hundred Forty Six Thousand One Hundred Fourteen
$180.223 million more than YELLOW CAKE PLC
more by 42.49%
Basic Materials
#4YELLOW CAKE PLCSymbol: YCA.L$ 424.123 million
Four Hundred Twenty Four Million One Hundred Twenty Three Thousand
$. thousand more than NovoCure Limited
more by 0.13%
#5NovoCure LimitedSymbol: NVCR$ 423.584 million
Four Hundred Twenty Three Million Five Hundred Eighty Four Thousand
$179.814 million more than CENTAMIN PLC
more by 73.76%
#6CENTAMIN PLCSymbol: CEY.L$ 243.770 million
Two Hundred Forty Three Million Seven Hundred Seventy Thousand
$48.079 million more than GCP INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENTS
more by 24.57%
Basic Materials
One Hundred Ninety Five Million Six Hundred Ninety Thousand Three Hundred Five
$117.395 million more than WIZZ AIR HOLDINGS PLC
more by 149.94%
Financial Services
#8WIZZ AIR HOLDINGS PLCSymbol: WIZZ.L$ 78.295 million
Seventy Eight Million Two Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Twenty Nine
$14.300 million more than CoinShares International Ltd
more by 22.35%
#9CoinShares International LtdSymbol: CS.ST$ 63.994 million
Sixty Three Million Nine Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Six Hundred Ten
$14.052 million more than JERSEY ELECTRICITY PLC
more by 28.14%
Financial Services
#10JERSEY ELECTRICITY PLCSymbol: JEL.L$ 49.942 million
Forty Nine Million Nine Hundred Forty Two Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Seven
$18.679 million more than Marshall Monteagle plc
more by 59.75%
#11Marshall Monteagle plcSymbol: MMP.JO$ 31.263 million
Thirty One Million Two Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Three Hundred Forty Nine
$11.747 million more than WENTWORTH RESOURCES PLC
more by 60.19%
#12WENTWORTH RESOURCES PLCSymbol: WEN.L$ 19.516 million
Nineteen Million Five Hundred Sixteen Thousand
$11.024 million more than CIRCLE PROPERTY PLC
more by 129.82%
#13CIRCLE PROPERTY PLCSymbol: CRC.L$ 8.491 million
Eight Million Four Hundred Ninety One Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Seven
$6.371 million more than TEAM PLC
more by 300.46%
Real Estate
#14TEAM PLCSymbol: TEAM.L$ 2.120 million
Two Million One Hundred Twenty Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Six
$. thousand more than T42 IOT TRACKING SOLUTIONS PLC
more by 74.53%
Financial Services
#15T42 IOT TRACKING SOLUTIONS PLCSymbol: TRAC.L$ 1.215 million
One Million Two Hundred Fifteen Thousand
$. thousand more than ASEANA PROPERTIES LIMITED
more by 257.35%
Three Hundred Forty Thousand
$. thousand more than I(X) NET ZERO PLC
more by 60506.06%
Real Estate
#17I(X) NET ZERO PLCSymbol: IX.L$ 561
Five Hundred Sixty One
$1.043 million more than BION PLC
more by -100.05%
Financial Services
#18BION PLCSymbol: BION.L$ -1.042 million
Forty Two Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Eight
$2.744 million more than INVINITY ENERGY SYSTEMS PLC
more by -72.47%
Financial Services
#19INVINITY ENERGY SYSTEMS PLCSymbol: IES.L$ -3.787 million
Seven Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighteen
$. thousand more than BH MACRO LIMITED
more by -6.58%
#20BH MACRO LIMITEDSymbol: BHMG.L$ -4.054 million
Fifty Four Thousand
Financial Services