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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Jersey Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Jersey country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1MAN GROUP PLCSymbol: EMG.L$ 820 million
Eight Hundred Twenty Million
$508.908 million more than CENTAMIN PLC
more by 163.59%
Financial Services
#2CENTAMIN PLCSymbol: CEY.L$ 311.091 million
Three Hundred Eleven Million Ninety One Thousand Eight
$31.936 million more than BREEDON GROUP PLC
more by 11.44%
Basic Materials
#3BREEDON GROUP PLCSymbol: BREE.L$ 279.154 million
Two Hundred Seventy Nine Million One Hundred Fifty Four Thousand One Hundred Sixty Seven
$219.539 million more than JTC PLC
more by 368.27%
Basic Materials
#4JTC PLCSymbol: JTC.L$ 59.614 million
Fifty Nine Million Six Hundred Fourteen Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Five
$17.879 million more than Caledonia Mining Corporation Pl
more by 42.84%
Financial Services
#5Caledonia Mining Corporation PlSymbol: CMCL$ 41.734 million
Forty One Million Seven Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Two
$5.718 million more than CoinShares International Ltd
more by 15.88%
Basic Materials
#6CoinShares International LtdSymbol: CS.ST$ 36.016 million
Thirty Six Million Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred Forty Two
$10.133 million more than JERSEY ELECTRICITY PLC
more by 39.15%
Financial Services
#7JERSEY ELECTRICITY PLCSymbol: JEL.L$ 25.882 million
Twenty Five Million Eight Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Six Hundred Eight
$4.120 million more than Group Limited
more by 18.93%
Utilities Group LimitedSymbol: GAMB$ 21.762 million
Twenty One Million Seven Hundred Sixty Two Thousand
$6.089 million more than WENTWORTH RESOURCES PLC
more by 38.85%
Consumer Cyclical
#9WENTWORTH RESOURCES PLCSymbol: WEN.L$ 15.673 million
Fifteen Million Six Hundred Seventy Three Thousand
$12.374 million more than CIRCLE PROPERTY PLC
more by 375.21%
#10CIRCLE PROPERTY PLCSymbol: CRC.L$ 3.298 million
Three Million Two Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand One Hundred Forty Six
$2.078 million more than Marshall Monteagle plc
more by 170.49%
Real Estate
#11Marshall Monteagle plcSymbol: MMP.JO$ 1.219 million
One Million Two Hundred Nineteen Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Three
$1.397 million more than GOLDSTONE RESOURCES LIMITED
more by -783.35%
One Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Four
$. thousand more than IQ-AI LIMITED
more by -60.12%
Basic Materials
#13IQ-AI LIMITEDSymbol: IQAI.L$ -.447 million
Four Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Four
$. thousand more than AUDIOBOOM GROUP PLC
more by -31.17%
#14AUDIOBOOM GROUP PLCSymbol: BOOM.L$ -.650 million
Six Hundred Fifty Thousand
$. thousand more than TEAM PLC
more by -47.92%
Communication Services
#15TEAM PLCSymbol: TEAM.L$ -1.247 million
Two Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Eight
$. thousand more than T42 IOT TRACKING SOLUTIONS PLC
more by -32.65%
Financial Services
#16T42 IOT TRACKING SOLUTIONS PLCSymbol: TRAC.L$ -1.853 million
Eight Hundred Fifty Three Thousand
$3.391 million more than ROYAL ROAD MINERALS LIMITED
more by -64.67%
#17ROYAL ROAD MINERALS LIMITEDSymbol: RYR.V$ -5.244 million
Two Hundred Forty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Four
$2.723 million more than I(X) NET ZERO PLC
more by -34.18%
Basic Materials
#18I(X) NET ZERO PLCSymbol: IX.L$ -7.968 million
Nine Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Three Hundred Fifteen
$5.691 million more than BION PLC
more by -41.67%
Financial Services
#19BION PLCSymbol: BION.L$ -13.659 million
Six Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Seven
$3.488 million more than ASEANA PROPERTIES LIMITED
more by -20.34%
Financial Services
#20ASEANA PROPERTIES LIMITEDSymbol: ASPL.L$ -17.148 million
One Hundred Forty Eight Thousand
Real Estate